Brass Rail Lounge Won’t Open Until Labor Day

Peter Hafiz must be pulling his hair out by now and the City of Minneapolis isn’t helping. By my calendar, the earliest he’s going to be able to open the Brass Rail Lounge will be September 1st.

In early May, he told me he had plans to open June 19th, provided the City signed off on his liquor license. He was hoping for a big Doo-Rah in time for Gay Pride 2009 at the end of the month. That was really quick, beings the personal tour he gave me and my fellow bartenders, the restrooms in the back were totally gutted.

Gay Pride 2009 came and went. He told me and my husband life-partner, and our friends on Gay Pride Sunday that he had hopes to open July 15th. His words; “…Hopefully by mid-July, the first of August at the latest.” Again, the conversation rotated on whether the City Council would sign his liquor license or not.

Since the City only deals with licensing issues on the third week of the month, he’s lost the window for that early August opening. From last Wednesday’s City Council meetings:

1. License Applications:

Grant Licenses recommended for approval.

(See separate Licenses Agenda – Not available in electronic format)

Action Taken: Approved.

2. Centre Village Shop (700 5th Av S):

Approve License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to Off-Sale Beer License.

Staff report: Centre Village Shop LSC

Action Taken: Approved.

3. Stub & Herbs (227 Oak St SE):

Approve License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to On-Sale Liquor Class C-1 with Sunday Sales License.

Staff report: Stub and Herbs LSC

Action Taken: Approved.

4. Zipp’s Liquor (2618 E Franklin Av):

Approve License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to Off-Sale Liquor License.

Staff report: Zipps Liquor LSC

Action Taken: Approved.

As you can see, Centre Village, Stub & Herbs and Zipp’s Liquor were the lucky few that managed to get their license signed off. That being said, the city won’t re-adress the licensing issue until the third week of August.

In my email this morning from a fellow-bartender, Peter Hafiz emailed him saying this:

From: Peter Hafiz <>
Date: July 24, 2009 9:22:11 PM CDT
To: Brad XXXX <>
Subject: Re: Checking in…..

Hey Brad nice hearing from you again, were hoping for a Quick signing from the city, which means in about 3 to 4 weeks, as you may know we went ahead and renovated the bathrooms which are taking some time, so keep in touch,

Work your index finger on your Gregorian calendar and that coincides with the first of September.

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