Fox News’ Twitter Acct Gets Hacked: “We Want To Make Out With Obama!!”

Assuming the account was hacked by a 13-year old techno-geek, Fox News’ Twitter account got fried with a butt-load of hilarity earlier today.

Of course, by the time you comb down to the bottom of the list, the language becomess obvious: The kid was obviously Ferris Bueller because his parents bought him a computer instead of a convertible…which is what they bought for his older-sister.  Also obvious; Bill O’Reilly will have to aim his sites on all of those “Not So Fair-And-Balanced” computer hackers out there who are willing to damage their reputation for…Umm…  Something or other.

In addition to those seen in the thumbnail, Media ITE (story source) included this juicy Tweet that bears mentioning:

“We want to make out with Barack Obama. That’s how much we love him.”

I haven’t laughed that hard since I fried a Novell file server in ’95 by renaming “syscon.exe” to “”. (Hint: Geek Humor Alert!)

FruitFly 6Fox News is claiming that the account didn’t belong to them (so no harm was done).  Meanwhile, they went out on a limb to clarify that they had a conversation with the Twitter-Dudes about the incident and that they had the account deleted (because it didn’t belong to them anyway).  It’s the power of “Fox News”: They have that kind of juice with Twitter!

Don’t believe me? Check it out…”jerkwad“!  h/t to mparent!  Good Eye, Dude!

Hitler Upset By Vikings Signing Bret Favre

Jim Weidt of Holyoke, MN is a Big Fat Douche!

From “Readers Write” in today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jim Weidt of Holyoke, MN says:

We have to vote yes on health care for Ted! For Ted! For Ted! Once again the Democrats will attempt to use their dead for political power. What a shame.

JIM WEIDT, Holyoke, Minn.

Awww, Now isn’t that a slice of American apple-pie laced with GOP hypocrisy?

FruitFly 6…Because it isn’t like the GOP has been carrying around that moth-ridden corpse of Ronald Reagan’s for the past five years.  Even before that Old Goat finished eating his last tin-can, the GOP was screaming to get his mug on Mount Rushmore for God’s sakes!

…Just taking “One for the Ol’ Gipper!”

Oh Dear… Teddy Kennedy Has Passed Away…

Sen Coburn Kicks a Desperate Woman to the Ditch: “Go Beg your Neighbors for Help”

Check this out, and watch to see Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) yank his WWJD bracelet off his wrist…

So, you heard the Senator, didn’t you?!  He promises that his office (The United States Government) will happily help this poor wretch of a woman, but he chastizes the audience and explains that the entire community should chip in and help her.  Quite clearly, he admonishes the woman and the audience that nobody should regard the government as an agent for help…for anything.  (Hint: I’ll assume that includes war, invasions and getting mugged; “The government should never be considered as a help-agent!”)

fruitfly21His advice directed at the rest of the audience is disengenuous by saying that the entire community should help her.

That’s a tragic-logic: “Pay your taxes so that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) can continue to receive federally subsidized health care, but the rest of you should pony-up some extra-cash to help out those of us who are the most unfortunate.”

It’s becoming high-time the modern-day Marie Antoinette face the guillotine and we’ll happily enjoy our cake.

By the way!  Before you run-off: Senator Coburn went on Fox Snot the next day with Greta Van Sustren and he explained that he and his staff was indeed – working with the woman and finding resources to offer her some help.   Sarcastically speaking: “It’s obvious – if you’re extra-super pathetic…Well, then of course a Republican will stoop down and help you out.  But the rest of you?!?!? Get back to work!”

Senator Tom Coburn’s follow-up:

Well, sure, we can help her. But remember, the first obligation is for her neighbors and us to help her here in Oklahoma. And we need reforms and we’re going to get reforms, but the answer is not having the government in control of those reforms.

And so she immediately — I invited her up to my office, and my case worker started working with her, and we’ll help her and her husband. But the fact is, is one of the things that makes our country great is that we, as individuals, should be helping everybody around us, rather than transferring that to the responsibility of the government. And the government’s never compassionate.

FruitFly 6
Well played Senator!  Making your office a welfare state is exactly what the GOP needs!

Best Video Explaining “Why We Need Health Care Reform Now!”

Found it from some liberal communist over at Minnesota Progressive Project.

Michele Bachmann is (Stupidly) Pro-Abortion!

If your clue-phone is ringing… Please don’t answer it.

I’m anti-Governmant regulating my marriage, too Representative Bachmann! You’re finally getting it!  Get your government-moralit out of our bedrooms!!  What’s it gonna-tae?!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Ol’ dairy-queen Doug Quint says:

“If I weren’t gay, I wouldn’t call it the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. And if I weren’t happy, I wouldn’t have the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. It would just be the big crabby ice cream truck.”

Queer as a three-dollar bill and sellin’ ice cream like there’s no tomorrow…  Now that is America.

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