Racism: It’s Awesome If You’re A Republican!

Watch this scene at a “town hall” meeting for Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO): An African-American woman rolls out a sign depicting Rosa Parks to speak her views on the health care debate.

A white guy (assumed a Republican) reaches over, grabs her sign and rips it up – destroying her voice and her imagry.

FruitFly 6Police arrive and grab the woman and escorts her out of the auditorium (!?!?!), while all of the white folks (again – presumably Republican folks) cheer and holler at the scene (again: ?!??!).

It’s disgusting. Watch the police later in the video, giggle about how they shouldn’t be harassing only black folks…

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  1. Hello Staff
    My name is Raymond Carnation. I along with two other white Philadelphia Police Officer that opposed racism against African Americans in the Philadelphia Police Department was retaliated against and fired 1999. This occurred under the command of William Colarulo now a Chief Inspector in the Philadelphia Police department. In May of 2008 we won our Precedential racism case and the jury awarded us $10 Million Dollars. The case is Myrna Moore vs. The City Of Philadelphia NOS. 03-1465 and NOS. 03-1473. Feel free to Google the case and my name for a better understanding.
    We are now experiencing extreme retaliation from this bias Federal Judge Mary A. McLaughlin, and still the City of Philadelphia after the verdict decision. This is now the second time we have been victimized by government agencies, the City of Philadelphia and now the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Court. They are trying to keep a tight lid on the police racism problem in Philadelphia. I believe the media as well as the public should be aware of this problem and scandal in Philadelphia. We are seeking national attention on this matter and would like to see Oprah, Dateline, or 20/20 take a interest. I hope you and your staff will give us the opportunity and privilege to tell our story. Together we will be able to properly address police racism, the cover up, and the disturbing behavior of Federal Judge Mary A. McLaughlin. Below are article written on our case. Thank you so much for your time and concern. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    Warmest Regards,
    Raymond Carnation
    email around4life@aol.com
    cell# (267) 231-8143


    Racism in Police Departments Must Be on the National Agenda

    By Keith Rushing
    I hope that the U.S. Department of Justice in the Barack Obama administration on will he do what no ne have done before: take serious measures to end the rampant racism and abuse of power in police departments across America. OF if course, we can’t expect miracles in the span of…
    URL to article: http://www .justdemocracy blog. org/?p=791

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