Help Fight Glenn Beck


He’s such a douche…

From Muckmakers, my newest Twiter-fan:

As with most media figures, the only way to really drive them into obscurity is through changing the way money flows around them. Once a whack-job ceases to turn over big profits for whatever company has bought him, said company ceases their pushing of that whack-job.

This is slowly happening with Glenn Beck. He’s already lost multiple major sponsors from his show after his recent remarks calling Obama a racist. Now it’s time to help round two. He recently put out a book, and there is a fan-fucking-tastic review of it on that points out how completely full of shit it is.

Good on ya, Buddy!

Rep Barney Frank: Gotta Love Him

FruitFly 6

…Trying to have a conversation with you is like trying to have an argument with a dining room table…

Ohmygawd – is that funnier than hell or what…ROFLMAO!