Massachusetts Elects Nude Porn-Star!!

Oh wait! That was the “Family Values Crowd” that was talking about that… I forgot!!

Hooray for the liberals in Massachusetts!! They’ve elected their first porn-star!!



Mayor Gives Glenn Blech the “Keys To The City”. The City Council Changes the Locks

fruitfly21This cracks me up: Glenn Blech has created a cult following of Helter Skelter Republicans who’ll do anything to pay homage to the Mormon wack-job. (Hint: Minnesota’s 6th Michele Bachmann (R) has proudly called for a mass suicide in order to avoid federally funded health care.)
Glenn Blech’s hometown Mt. Vernon, WA has a mayor who’s a member of that Helter Skelter group who’s drumming up a celebration to give Glenn Bleck the “Keys to the City”. A non-award of stupid homage towards a stupid person.

Glenn Beck will receive the key to his hometown of Mount Vernon, Wash. in a ceremony this Saturday.

Meanwhile, Mt. Vernon City Council voted unanimously to “change the keys to the city“, leaving the Mayor to give Glenn Blech nothing but a placebo and a chance to jack the Wack-Job off.

On Wednesday night, the City Council of this town of 32,000 distanced itself from Mayor Bud Norris, who plans to give the keys to the city to talk-show personality Glenn Blech on Saturday.

The seven-member council unanimously passed a resolution proposed by member Dale Ragan that stated, Mount Vernon City Council is in no way sponsoring the Mayor’s event on September 26, 2009 and is not connected to the Glenn Beck event in any manner.”

Oh thank God, they cleared that up! The mayor is a wack-job and the city-council has Pawlenty-sized Veto-Pen and they’re ready and waiting!

I’m setting up my Kool Aid stand right over here and I’m going to laugh my ass off.

Oh Yeah!!!

Selling A Bag Full Of “Dumb”

These vaccines really have the number 666 check this out!

This is the result of the Republican Party.  They’re the moon rocks of the insane.  At the 2:40 mark, you’ll observe the horrifying speaker talking about bio-medical bracelets being unloaded in Milwaukee, WI that will become permanent jewelry.  (Because piercing your tongue, your nose, your sex organs and your eyebrows were simply disposable fads from your youth!)

Selling fear is a specialty of the religiously insane.  Selling “dumb” is their preferred cuisine.

Oooh! Can I have two bags of Dumb, please?!!

My thanks to Patriot Boy, the Jesus General  (Oh thank God he’s a Hetero!)

King Tim Gets Talked Down: There’s No “Death Panel” In The Bill

Poor King Tim.  He has to come to grips by admitting after two minutes of trying to convince Joe Scarborough that there really are “death penels” in the Health Care Bill, caves and admits that there isn’t.

How embarrassing: Getting “schooled” by another Republican on national television.

From those Satan Worshiping liberals over at Crooks and Liars (with my own Satan Worshiping highlights, of course!):

Scarborough: But you know there are no death panels here though. Counseling is one thing. Having three people lining up saying “granny dies, grandpa lives”, that’s quite another. You can’t get there from here.

Pawlenty: Well what happens Joe, what you call it or label it, but I think the facts are these. When you have a system like the United Kingdom where there are breast cancer…

Scarborough: But we don’t. We don’t Governor with all due respect. This does not give us a system like the United Kingdom. I’m talking specifically about this bill. How does this bill get us to “death panels”? You don’t believe it does do you?

Pawlenty: Joe what if it becomes to expensive and then the trajectory of it is even close to what’s being predicted ten years out that they can no longer afford all that they promised and somebody has to say scale back the care. And the federal government is now empowered to do that. When you look at examples around the world where that takes place there are concerns about care being cut back by a federal government institution and we could have a legitimate debate about whether that’s good or not. I don’t think it is.

Scarborough: Governor, what in this bill though, let’s be specific, what in this bill leads us to that position, gives a bureaucrat that power ten years from now to make that decision. I know we’re going to have to make excruciating decisions on health care. You’ve talked about it before, over the next decade because we’ve run out of money in this country, but what in this bill specifically, what provision in this bill specifically would lead anybody to rationally believe a death panel might emerge in a decade, based on this legislation?
Pawlenty: Joe, there is nothing in the legislation that directly says that, it’s the indirect concerns that I’m trying to articulate that I think are at least worth raising.

Yeah, that’s true, Your Majesty!  It’s those same “indirect concerns” that I have when you’ve cut off medication for the mentally ill in downtown Minneapolis and St Paul that concerns me! For Gods Sakes, I think that’s well worth raising, you single-minded Royal Putz!!  He’ll block the poor and mentally ill from medications, and he’ll block the Federal Health Care bill from reaching the rest of us Minnesotans.  …And yet, he’s “pro-life”.

These Republicans are morons. Period. Their “Fear Card” has expired and all they have left is…



No Joe… You Lie!

Joe Wilson, (R-SC)

Joe Wilson, (R-SC)

It was just seven years ago when these Republicans were waiving their bony-fingers in front of our noses on the Bush Administration headed to war in Iraq to “look for Weapons of Mass Destruction.” If there were any Lefties who question the Bush Administration’s motives, these Republicans shouted them down by saying that we had to “respect the President of the United States” and that we were being “anti-American.

And here these Republicans can heckle the President of the United States like school-children publicly in the United States Congress and treat the speech like it was a hootenanny.

Joe Wilson (R-SC) can shout out and accuse the President of the United States of being a liar makes me want to vomit.  There isn’t a single Democrat in Congress who accused President Bush of being a liar in any major speech even though everybody knows he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

These Republicans have proven themselves to have become unhinged.  And Congressman Joe Wilson is your proof.

Congressman Wilson helped himself to politicize a serious problem in this country: Health CareInstead of coming up with ideas to improve our health care, Congressman Wilson would rather shout-out jeering remarks while the President speaks.

Congressman Wilson needs to hear from South Carolinians who are living without health care and heckle and jeer him for a taste of his own.. ehem… “medicine”.

This kind of behavior is deplorable.I don’t care if Congressman Wilson has apologized or not.  The GOP needs to get a grip.  They’re the weakest link for Team America.