Joan Walsh Gets Attacked by Bill O’Reilly, Over Abortion

O’Reilly asked from the beginning:

“Do you think fetuses in the late term deserve any protecion (from the law) at all?!

Watch Joan Walsh screw-up by struggling with priorities…  She’s pathetic:

“Well Bill, you know.. Umm…

Bill O’Reilly is desperate for a black and white answer and Joan Walsh screws up with “IF”, “THEN”, and “ELSE”  conditional statement.  You can’t answer an “Either – Or” question with conditions. Shame on Walsh.  Her answer should have been simple:

“Bill, if your 10 year old daughter was incestuously raped by your 16-year old son, are you going to demand your daughter bring that pregnancy to full term?  Think about that Bill; your daughter is going into the fifth grade and she’ll be a mother!

fruitfly21Walsh should have yelled back just as loud as O’Reilly too. Here’s another one – (Joan Walsh is such an amateur… Jesus!):

“Bill, if the long anticipated pregnancy you and your wife looked forward to suddenly ended from fetal demise, do you think your wife should have the ability to have the dead carcas removed?

Pro-Lifers are constantly on this kick that too many women are simply skanky whores who are throwing their legs open and pullling babies out of their vagina with coat hangers like they didn’t have a care in the world.  And they do it because it’s easy.  What Pro-Lifers refuse to allow the general public to see is the ugly underbelly of our society that happens far too often  with sex and pregnancy.

Young girls do get raped, many times incestuously.

Pregnant women do get diagnosed with terminal cancer and are expected to die before carrying their pregnancy to full term.

Many women are victims of a naturally occurring condition called fetal demise, and doctors routinely will refuse to offer assistance out of fear of being labeled a “baby killer”.

Since these horrific issues are ignored, women’s needs and the plights of women’s lives are in peril at the expense of a religious zealotry.

Here’s another one Walsh could have used:

Bill – are you in favor of Capital Punishment?!

That’ll get ’em every time!

Kill ’em after they’ve been yanked out of the birth canal!  That way; we can all watch ’em die in the public arena!  Yee Haw!

…If you’re interested – Bill gets all pissed off at around 8:00 when he’s screaming and hollering and Joan Walsh is acting like a battered wife.  It’s a pathetic scene.  Joan Walsh falls all over herself trying to come up with excuses in exchange for the horrors of the obvious.

Bill O’Reilly yells in favor of legal rights for the unborn – and since he wasn’t born with a uteris, he feels like his opinion should count for something.