An Intersection in Irony: Obama’s DOMA and Loving v. Virginia

fructose_boostOnly smart people like John Aravosis from AmericaBlog can make a connection like this one:  President Obama’s DOJ letter addressed to the United States Supreme Court that supports DOMA and compares same-sex unions to the likes of incest (uncle marries niece or cousin marries another cousin) was filed on the exact same day as Loving v. Virginia; the case brought to the US Supreme Court on interracial marriage.

June 12, 1967:

Today is the 42nd anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case overturning Virginia’s ban on inter-racial marriages. The Obama people, working for the product of an inter-racial marriage, sure have an eye for irony.

Weird how that works, huh?  Forty years ago, the US Supreme Court ruled against the state trying to interfere with an interracial couple from marrying.  And now, we have an interracial president supporting heterosexual marriage by comparing same-sex relationships to incest in front of the very same US Supreme Court!

From Wockner, Aravosis said:

“A Democratic president of the United States of America, in the year 2009, and an African-American child of inter-racial parents no less, gave his lawyers the go ahead to compare our marriages to incest on the same day that 42 years ago the Supreme Court ruled in his parents’ favor in Loving v. Virginia. … We demand our rights, and we expect this president, who promised them in exchange for millions of our votes and millions of our donations, to deliver. And so help me God, we will continue to hold this president accountable for his broken promises and his betrayals.”

Openly gay writer Dan Savage notes:

“If this shit is ‘fierce advocacy,’ Mr. President, we’ll take benign neglect.”

Jesus– I need a quaalude and Alanis Morrisette’s “Isn’t it Ironic?”  Is she still alive? I thought she O/D’d on Meth or something…  Can you croak on too many quaaludes? Jesus.. I neeed a quaalude…  I never thought a President would think gay relationships equate to incest. A Democrat no less!  Jesus..I need a quaalude.    If someone can’t give me a quaalude – can anybody give me an umbrella drink?!?!

Obama: Same-Sex Cop-Out

From John Aravosis’ AmericaBlog:

Wilted Daisies


After filing a scathing homophic brief regarding DOMA and gay marriage with the US Supreme Court, the Gay Community reacted ferociously: namely – killing a mega-GLBT fund raiser for the Democratic Party scheduled for next week.  (Hint: Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled as keynote…And now the party’s Dead Before Arrival.  HRC Chairman, Joe Solmonese fired back at Obama’s Administration with a ferocious letter by noting Obama’s hypocracy regarding the Gay and Lesbian Community.

Hoping to kill this Queer P.R. nightmare, Obama issues a memo to extend health benefits to some same-sex federal employees.

Now, the blow-back continues as the Obama Administration throws out a second bone by insisting the Census Bureau include gay and lesbian couples in the questionnaire carried around by census employees.

Ann Rostow of the SF Bay Times blasts Obama with:

So thanks for nothing. Obama is the chagrined husband who thinks a bunch of flowers will excuse an infidelity. And to make it worse, instead of roses from the florist, he picks up wilted daisies from the drugstore.

h/t AmericaBlog, M. Rogers/Blog Active and Joe.My.God

Obama’s Plan for Gay Rights


(Of course; he’s gonna give same-sex benefits for Federal Employees tomorrow… So, we should all be thankful for our Daily Breadcrumbs!)
I sure hope Obama’s Presidential hand-soap will be able to wash the gay-stench from his Heterosexual Hands!

American Family Association’s “Burning Cross” for Christmas

Sometimes I don’t think they really get it. They’re really that stupid. Then there are those times where I think they really do get it – but they’re just that twisted to go ahead with it anyway.

John Aravosis of AmericaBlog found this from the uber-Homo Hater group the American Family Association who’s advertising for what they think would be a beautiful way to show your love of Christ and Christmas…

There’s nothing like showing the love of God with a burning cross in your front yard!!

What’s wrong with these people?!

They’re selling a “Christmas Cross” made out of pretty lights in order to make a statement! But what kind of statement is that?

Folks driving by see this house – what kind of conversation are they having about it?!

“Oh look Honey..? There’s that house where that nice African-American family moved into last Thursday… I wonder if they’re celebrating Kwanzaa this year…

Oh dear — Who lit a burning cross in their front yard”?!

Or perhaps it’s a little less subtle…

“Oh Honey! Do you remember me telling you about that beautiful gold menorah we had at the shop last week?! Well, Mrs. Goldstein came by yesterday and bought it for their family Hanukkah!! Isn’t that great?! …I wonder if she’ll need candles for it. Oh my Gawd!!

Who lit a burning cross in front of the Goldstein’s house?!!”

Or a gay slant…

“Honey! Did I tell you Robert and James invited us to their annual Christmas Ball this year? Isn’t that exciting?! You always get a kick out of Robert and his impersonation…. Oh dear God! What have they got out in front of their house?! Are they trying to land a plane with that thing?!

Which girlfriend decided on a burning cross in the front lawn?!?!”

Like I said: “Sometimes I don’t think they really get it. They’re really that stupid. Then there are those times where I think they really do get it – but they’re just that twisted to go ahead with it anyway.”

We need to start up an Ad Counsel message that says; “The More You Know: Letting your friends join the American Family Association only leads to crazy weird bullshit in their front yard: Like this burning cross!”

…Maybe get Brooke Shields, Dakota Fanning or Courteney Cox to do it…