“Mutiny” has appeared from the foundation of the US Military

HMS Bountyvia Daily Kos.

This is extremely disturbing. This speaks volumes of what’s going on with our troops over there in Iraq. This should never happen. From the Army Times:

“They called it an act of mutiny,” Cardenas said, still enraged that the men he considered heroes were, in his mind, slandered. “The sergeant major and the battalion commander said we were unprofessional. They said they were disappointed in us and would never forget our actions for the rest of their lives.”

But no judicial action ever came of it.

“Captain Strickland read us our rights,” DeNardi said. “We had 15 yes-or-no questions, and no matter how you answered them, it looked like you disobeyed an order. No one asked what happened. And there’s no record — no article 15. Nothing to show it happened.”

After the members of 2nd Platoon had spent a year fighting for each other and watching their buddies die, battalion leaders began breaking up the platoon. Seven noncommissioned officers were told they were being relieved for cause and moved out of the unit. Three noncommissioned officers stayed at Old Mod. Two, including Sgt. Derrick Jorcke, would remain in Iraq for one month after 2nd Platoon went home in October because they had been moved to different battalions in different areas of Iraq.

“In a way, they were put someplace where they wouldn’t have to go out again,” Johnson said. “But as an NCO, they took these guys’ leaders away and put them with people they didn’t know and trust. You knew 2nd Platoon would die for you without a second’s hesitation. That’s what made them so great. These guys need each other.”

Then, they were all flagged: No promotions. No awards. No favorable actions.

“We had PFCs miss [promotion to] specialist for two months,” DeNardi said. “Bronze Stars and [Army Commendation Medals] were put on hold. You’re talking about heroes like Cardenas. These are guys who save lives and they can’t get awards.”

“I didn’t want to punish them,” Strickland said. “I understood what was going on. But they had to understand you couldn’t do something like that and have nothing happen.”

And things could not continue as they had. Strickland could not operate for three more months with a platoon that refused to go out.

“Within the company, we made some adjustments,” Strickland said. “They needed a fresh start. After looking into it, I didn’t feel the need to punish anybody.” However, he left the flags in place.

“If anything was going to be punishment, that was it,” he said. For at least one soldier, that meant going through a promotion board again. Jorcke lost his promotion table status, but Strickland signed a memo re-establishing it. “I’ve tried to fix those issues. Almost everybody else has been promoted except one guy.” Jorcke made his E-6 on Nov. 1.

Even after the “mutiny,” Strickland said, he had a great deal of admiration for his soldiers.

“I understood why they did what they did,” he said. “Some of the NCOs, I was disappointed in them because they failed to lead their soldiers through difficult times. They let their soldiers influence their decisions. But on a personal level, I applauded their decision because they stood behind their soldiers. I was disappointed, but I thought they had great courage. It was truly a Jekyll/Hyde moment for me.”

And though they were horrified at being torn away from each other, the soldiers themselves were conflicted about the outcome.

“For us being disbanded, now we definitely had unfinished business,” Jorcke said. “If we’d cleared Adhamiya, we could have said, ‘I left Iraq and my buddies didn’t die in vain.

“But in a way, the disbanding was good,” he said. “We — what was left of the platoon — got to come back home alive.”

While the Republicans and Democrats like Senator Amy Klobuchar vote to continue to fund this war and to extend their tours of duty – more of theseFruitFly 6 stories will be leaking out.

What’s it going to take to end this war?!

Why are we still living in a country where our government refuses to listen to us?!

Found in Michele Bachmann’s Diary

Dear Diary

August 23, 2007

Yesterday was the most thrilling day of my life. I had such a wonderful time, I don’t know where to even begin.

While Congress was in recess, the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed and killed thirteen non-believers. But that wasn’t the best part. All of us from the Minnesota delegation got word that God’s Blessedly Appointed President of the United States was flying in on His Angel’s Wings to view the wreckage.

It so amazing to comprehend the reality that President Bush actually cares about these dead unbelievers! But was even more fantastic was when I realized he might be coming to Minnesota just to see me!kissies

I mean, President Bush is so… Oh I don’t know how to describe him…. He’s so handsome! The last time I had been with him here in Minnesota, we let Karl Rove tag along while the two of us got intimate over custard ice-cream at Glaciers Custard and Coffee Café in Wayzata. Now that I think of it, it was almost exactly a year ago! That means, if I would have let George have his way with me back then, God would have blessed us with a child that would be three months old! I wish we could have gotten rid of Rove.

So while we’re at the wreckage of the I-35W bridge, Laura Bush kept giving me dirty looks. Scowling at me and I think she mouthed the word “b-i-t-c-h” once while she was hiding behind the Presidential limousine trying to light a cigarette. She’s such a doll! What a sweetie. But if that nasty little cupcake can’t make God’s Anointed sexually happy, it would be a blessing for me to step in her place.

kissiesThere he was, standing on the 10th Avenue bridge looking at the wreckage next to the Governor and I couldn’t help myself by checking him out. There was this little breeze and the rear flap of the President’s suit coat flipped up and I have to say; the President has the best looking rump I’ve seen on any man in my life. It looks firm, and so round…and manly! He has those wide manly shoulders and those thick fingers. Marcus has that ugly flat-iron type of rump and his fingers are smooth, like a womans. And Marcus’ lips are full and icky while George’s lips are thin…and manly.

Everybody stood around and chatted. Laura returned smelling like a pack of Pall-Malls and she glared at me again, I think. Senator Amy Klobuchar was shaking her head chatting with some non-believers and Senator Norm Coleman kept looking staring at some woman’s breasts, I think it was his wife.

All of a sudden, George spotted me and that’s when I leaked akissies little pee in my panties. He pushed Governor Pawlenty out of the way (who almost fell over the railing) and came running after me! He grabbed me in those tree-trunks he calls arms and dipped me really low and kissed me long and deeply. His tongue, wrapped around my tongue, his hands holding me ever so strong. I could feel his bulge pulsing against my thigh. Every muscle in my body simply released, I think I might have even let out one of those silent farts. My entire body simply went limp; I was his and his forever.

I mean, I was being kissed by someone God Almighty had selected to be the President of the Free World! The fire of God when through me! I mean, this is what God meant for me when he called me to go Washington: To be put together with George just then, high above the mighty Mississippi, kissing me, loving my body. I was once again, that Fool for Christ.

He lifted me up and we stood there nose-to-nose and for one second, we were of one mind, of one intimate though. I was at the brink of loosing it. He smiled at me with those tiny little yellow teeth and I knew then that he really missed me.

kissiesHe was about to hug me and kiss me again when Laura broke my gaze. She was glaring at me like a hot Texas fire-brand. George pulled me in for another hug and kiss but I put both hands firmly on his chest and pushed back. He looked shocked, and hurt.

He said: “What? You don’t want to embrace?”

But I realized that if Laura could find the keys, she’d run me over with any of the parked cars in the area. Quickly, I said;

The people of Minnesota love you Mr. President, but I think one kiss was enough.”

He suddenly realized we were surrounded by lots and lots of people! He grinned wisely and his hand slid down by back and stopped on my own cute little bottom and I grinned back at him. He smirked as if he understood the same thought, that we could be giving off signals that would make tongues wag. And I think he also understood that one day soon (I hope), the two of us would share the same bed and we would make a passionate love that would make angels cry.

The President’s detail interrupted us and he waskissies whisked away. I was singing Jesus’ praises in my heart, and I went back to our limousine. I found Marcus in the front seat next to our driver re-applying his strawberry flavored Chap-stick using the rear-view mirror. I got into the back and Marcus joined me and we took off and that’s when Marcus and I go into a little bit of a fight.

I was so flushed with love, I had to tell him that President Bush gave me a little kiss. (I didn’t dare tell my husband the lust I have for the President!!) We were in the back of the limousine and and I’m starting to tell him about meeting President Bush. And when I got to the part where the President kissed me, Marcus interrupted me and said; “He did?! What was it like? Was it like a hard kiss or one of those quick soft kisses?”

I said; “Marcus! Don’t interrupted me!” and then I remembered my slightly damp panties and asked him for a tissue out of his purse.

And I’m continuing with my story by saying; “…George was about to hug me and I said…” Marcus interrupted me again and said; “Was it a strong hug? Because whenever he hugs me, it’s that wonderful manly-kind of hugs, you know?!”

I said; “Marcus! You’ve interrupted me again!”

He said; “Just tell me! Was it like a manly, firm, tight…manly kind of hugs?”!

That’s when I had heard enough. I said: “If you’re going to keep interrupting me, then I’m not going to tell you.”

Well, I hear Marcus downstairs talking to Senator Larry Craig again. I guess I should close here. Marcus’ X-Gay program at his psychiatry firm is going veryFruitFly 6 well! Ever since he converted Pastor Ted Haggard to be one hundred percent heterosexual, he’s been getting lots of calls from Republicans from all over the country! State representative Bob Allen will be staying with us while he’s being treated by Marcus next month and Glenn Murphy will be visiting us in October!

Until next time…

Mrs. Michele Bush…


Is Amy Klobuchar a Beard for the GOP?

BeardI generally dislike bad-mouthing Democrats, and I try to give some leeway to freshly elected Democrats. However, there’s a bending limit as to how much I’m interested in allowing Senator Klobuchar get away with before I’ll start speaking up.

Actually, it was a Lloydletta Nooze and Comments article I came across that made me ticked off enough to do some studying. But, more on that article in a few minutes.


Klobuchar’s first lightning vote was for continuing the funding in Iraq last May that drew the applause of the Republican Party.

Senate Bill 2206 Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Fourteen Senators voted against the bill, all of themMonkey Surge Democrats except Burr-NC, Coburn-OK, Enzi-WY and Burr-NC. Notice all three of these states have a rather extensive military population based there?

Klobuchar, along with a lot of other Democrats, voted to remain to be Bush’s Congressional puppy and decided to insult the Minnesota voters by whining about her decision on her website. Her original sniffling press release on her vote has been removed from her Congressional website out of embarrassment but it was preserved over and MNBlue’s blog. Klobuchar says:

My vote today does not in any way diminish my desire to end this war responsibly, quickly, and safely for our troops. In fact I will support a measure on the Defense Authorization bill to start bringing our troops home beginning 120 days from now.

Cindy SheehanShe goes on:

I simply could not stomach the idea of using our soldiers as bargaining chips with this White House while our troops go unfunded and our veterans go uncared for. That is why I felt the responsibility to vote in favor of this measure despite my fervent opposition to this War.”

Let me take the liberty in pointing out that since Amy Klobuchar’s vote — 387 Americans have been killed in Iraq.

Thanks Amy!! Love you too!! How’s that stomach of yours?

That “FISA Bill” thing

This annoyed me to no end. The Bush Administration has been spying on Americans by illegally wiretapping our phones and our Internet access long before 9-11. The GOP in Congress decided that it was a good thing to let the government meddle in our personal lives and they ignored it. Then after 9-11, Bush had an excuse to continue spying on Americans openly and the GOP did nothing.

Then, Judge James Robertson let the cat out of the bag by letting the world know there was such a thing as a FISA court. He resigned!

The Washington Post reported that the resignation of federal Judge James Robertson apparently stemmed from concerns over the legality of the president’s domestic spying program.

Check out then Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez’s comments on Bush’s illegal wiretapping:

“I do not know the reason and I am not going to speculate why a judge would step down from the FISA court,” he said. “We believe the president has both the statutory authority and the constitutional authority to engage in signals intelligence during a time of war with our enemy.”

Do you think Alberto Gonzalez could possibly cite a previous President of the United States who spied on Americans during a time of war? But, I digress.

The FISA issue came up again and once again Bush tip-toed around the subject complaining that it was vital to wiretap everybody in order to find a few narethewells.

Senate vote 309 (S-1927) :A bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to provide additional procedures for authorizing certain acquisitions of foreign intelligence information and for other purposes.

How did Senator Klobuchar vote? With the Republican Party, silly! In fact; of the 28 votes against this bill – 100% were Democrats. Every Republican who voted, voted in favor of allowing this icky, disgusting little man called Alberto Gonzalez to snoop in our lives and to illegally wiretap our homes.vomit

Do you remember her television ads where she has all of these people gushing over her push for “Change“?! Yeah, it’s making me vomit too.

Lloydletta Nooze and Comments

So what gets one hot and bothered over a freshmen Senator’s voting record to spend a few hours on a warm Labor Day afternoon to surf the Internet? It’s an article I almost tripped over on Lloydletta Nooze and Comments.

GAy RestroomMinnesota’s Great Get Together (a.k.a. The Minnesota State Fair) finishes this afternoon and so the politicians were out there yesterday pressing as many palms as they can while we join our own family reunions over burgers and grills this afternoon. Lloydletta posted this on Saturday:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was at the DFL booth at the State Fair today. I had heard that while she opposed discrimination in the military, she was not willing to overturn the current military policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Klobuchar goes on to say that she doesn’t sign any bill unless she’s read it first (for which I have my doubts) but she goes on by saying:

She also wanted to talk to various groups of people concerned about this issue prior to taking a stand. She did want to make clear that she was “sympathetic to this issue.”

How can I translate this? She’s “sympathetic”?! Is that to assume that she’s patronizing the GLBT community or that she wants to make sure she doesn’t make any change in this country because that would make the Republicans upset at her?

Granny SmithSympathetic… Jeeze… That even sounds like a Patronizing Republican! She’s “sympathetic”? I would have been “sympathetic” when women weren’t allowed to vote too! “Sympathetic?!”… Honest to God!

Lloydletta notes that the Human Rights Campaign raised over $125,000 for Klobuchars election “Campaign for Change”. Do you think Klobuchar lied to HRC about her stand on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Where is Joe Solmonese on my speed-dial anyway?

Time to check on ol’ Amy Klobuchar’s voting record. How is she doing by standing up for good Minnesota values and the DFL? Has she been embarrassing us by voting the GOP party line for those more obscure votes?

Senate 1348: Inhofe Amdt. No. 1151; To amend title 4, United States Code, to declare English as the national language of the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.

The Bill passed 64 to 33. Here’s the breakdown:Bush Lite

30 Democrats, 1 Republican (Domenici – NM), 1 Independant and even “Independant Democrat” Joe Liebermann voted against this bill.

How did Amy Klobuchar vote? …With the Republicans! How could I have guessed?

Are you ready for another one?

Sure! Of course you are!

On July 19th.

US Senate 2669: To reduce document fraud, prevent identity theft, and preserve the integrity of the Social Security system, by ensuring that individuals are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity.

How did Senator Klobuchar fair in this vote? 46 Republicans voted for it along with Amy Klobuchar and 12 other Democrats. 4 Democrats voted against it along with 4 Republicans (Voinovich-OH, Specter-PA, Hagel-NE and Lugar-IN)

Klobuchar STate FairWe were at the State Fair a week ago last Sunday where we bumped into Amy Klobuchar’s campaign booth. I spoke with the staffer she left to man the booth and brought up Klobuchar’s voting record in response to the Iraq Spending as well as the FISA Bill.

The staffer wanted to patronize me. He said Klobuchar noted that the FISA bill was only a six month extension so she thought it was better to vote for the bill than to give the impression that nothing was accomplished by the Senate. Does that make sense to you?

“I’ll vote for every crap piece of legislation… at least Minnesotan’s will think we’re doing something.”

Is that legislating?

Before meeting with this “very poorly briefed” staffer, we were at Mike Ciresi‘s booth. Being as mad as we are with Klobuchar, we pointed out Klobuchar’s voting record and asked Ciresi directly: “Are you going to turn out to be just another Republican-puppet and vote for this trash like the FISA bill?”

Ciresi’s rolled his eyes at his wife who was standing by like “Oh crap…you see what Klobuchar is doing??! She’s hurting me now!”

He said he wouldn’t speak ill of Amy Klobuchar but he definetely would not have voted for that FISA bill because there are “hooks” in that bill that don’t expire for a year or more!

So where does this Klobuchar staffer get off lying to us sayingastonished it was only good for six months? That this was “nothing for us to worry our purty-little heads over”? What a creep!

That even sounds like something a Republican would say to one of their constituents: “Torture? Torture! We only torture those who hate America! ”

The Staffer told me it was only a six-month extension and I was ready. I told him that we had just left Ciresi’s booth and Ciresi is telling us more than he was! He looked like he was the one who swallowed the canary. Behind me, another couple stopped and shouted at the Klobuchar staffer noting that there were a lot of people very angry about her voting record including the FISA bill.

And…Speaking of which… Why isn’t there any whiny – ditzy excuse fluff-piece up on Amy site anywhere on why she voted for this bill? I’ve combed her websites and find nothing as to explain herself in letting Bush and Gonzalez continue to eavesdrop on our telephone conversations and our Internet access.

In her defense: She voted the Democratic party line on August 2nd to Codify the Unborn Child Rule for Senate Bill 976. Both of Maine’s Republican Senators voted with the Democrats along with Murkowski (R-AK). She also voted the party line to permanently extend certain education-related tax incentives (S-2669) on the 19th of July. It was thanks to Voinovich (R-OH) to made sure the vote didn’t pass.

Minnesota got a dud in Amy Klobuchar so far. If she keeps it up, I’m ready to hit up a new Dump MeKlobuchar website. If she continues to make herself a liar, campaigning for “change”, she should probably change that “D” behind her name and change it to an “R”. Bush needs all of the good Congressional Puppies he can find. And it appears he’s found one in Klobuchar.

Minn Cupcake Votes “No” On Minimum Wage

Why am I not suprised by this? Rep Michele BachmannBachmann Hitler (R-MN) decided that raising the minimum wage for low-income working folks just wasn’t necessary. How odd, that Jim Ramstad (R-MN) from our 3rd Congressional District even joined the rest of the Minnesota team and voted for the minimum wage increase.

So, with a total of 8 Congressional Districts in Minnesota, only two are represented by Republicans, and only one of those two voted against the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007: Minnesota’s very own “Katherine Harris, Version 2.0” Michele Bachmann.

Why do I get the sneaky suspicion that Bachmann is going to ride her four two years in office making Minnesota an embarrassment. The rest of us who aren’t in Bachmann’s 5th District should set up toll-booths and tarriff’s for entering and leaving the district, just to pay off the shame.

If she spent all of that time talking to God before she was elected, then is it safe to say that God hates poor people?!?

The other day, somebody in the local news was noting all of the uniqueness from Minnesota’s election last November. Camera is spot on and the voice over said: “Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota’s first female elected to the US Senate!” and then the camera is on Keith Ellision and he’s smiling and the voice-over said; “Mr. Ellision is Minnesota’s first African-American elected to Congress and is the first Muslim elected to Congress!”. Then the camera was on Michele Bachman and there’s no voice-over because she speaks into the microphone and says; “Well, it’s not talked about much, but I’m the first female Republican elected to Congress!”

The Fruit FlyI wish I could find that piece. She going to be such an embarrassment to her District and her God for the next four years. I can’t wait for her husband Marcus to come flying out of the Closet like an old argyle sweater…. You just know that’s the next shoe to drop.

Updated:  Someone came along and left a comment and pointed out the “error of my ways”.  Bachman’s up for reelection in two years – and there’s already a great gaggle of DFL’ers ready to shoo her out the door.