Oh Crap! Pepsi: Another company on my “You’re Banned” list

Pepsi – I should have known.

PepsiCo announced a multi-year deal with the makers of so bad it’s bad for you energy drink Rockstar, which is owned by conservative shock jock Michael Savage, who’s referred to us by such nice names as “sodomites” and has told us that we should all “get AIDS and die.” This comes after Pepsi was targeted by the American Family Association for donating a cool million to the Human Rights Campaign. What’s that about pleasing all of the people all of the time? You can voice your displeasure with Pepsi here.

We’ve axed Cracker Barrel a long time ago. We’ve axed Denny’s a long time ago, too.

We’ve honestly come to the conclusion that we simply don’t care: If you’re running a business that discriminates? …We’re not giving your business any of our money. Discriminates against Mormons? Hrmm… Nothing new here. Discriminates against Conservative Fundamental Baptist? Also something I’ve never heard of before. Hrmmm….

Discriminate against Republicans? Hrmm…OOOHH! The Fruit Fly blog! I remember now!! Yeah !!!

So let’s see: Pepsi is at Applebee’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, there’s that Taco Bell… Ewww yuck – Pepsi is knee-deep with the “fake-food” crowd anyway. Putting the Pepsi folks on the Banned List should be easy.

FruitFly 6My personal note to Corporate America: If you discriminate – You’re not getting my money!

It’s obvious Stupid: Discrimination is a rule that we define! Go ahead and Hate Us with you’re meat-puppet.

We hold our dollar, and you’ll never get it.