Fox News’ Twitter Acct Gets Hacked: “We Want To Make Out With Obama!!”

Assuming the account was hacked by a 13-year old techno-geek, Fox News’ Twitter account got fried with a butt-load of hilarity earlier today.

Of course, by the time you comb down to the bottom of the list, the language becomess obvious: The kid was obviously Ferris Bueller because his parents bought him a computer instead of a convertible…which is what they bought for his older-sister.  Also obvious; Bill O’Reilly will have to aim his sites on all of those “Not So Fair-And-Balanced” computer hackers out there who are willing to damage their reputation for…Umm…  Something or other.

In addition to those seen in the thumbnail, Media ITE (story source) included this juicy Tweet that bears mentioning:

“We want to make out with Barack Obama. That’s how much we love him.”

I haven’t laughed that hard since I fried a Novell file server in ’95 by renaming “syscon.exe” to “”. (Hint: Geek Humor Alert!)

FruitFly 6Fox News is claiming that the account didn’t belong to them (so no harm was done).  Meanwhile, they went out on a limb to clarify that they had a conversation with the Twitter-Dudes about the incident and that they had the account deleted (because it didn’t belong to them anyway).  It’s the power of “Fox News”: They have that kind of juice with Twitter!

Don’t believe me? Check it out…”jerkwad“!  h/t to mparent!  Good Eye, Dude!

Pat Stephens is a Giant Sized Douche

Pat Stephens didn’t like my cartoon on Sarah Palin responsible for killing Bullwinkle. So, Stephens leaves a comment that says this:

Response to fruitfly:
I don’t know if you are really as nasty as you seem on paper or you just want to be noticed. But people, and I say that loosely, like you and Shannyn Moore, must really have a pathetic life with nothing to do but trash someone who is honest and above board with their politics.
It is a shock that someone as beautiful and smart as Sarah Palin has the guts to go against the mainstream media and bloggers as yourself, speak for the people of the United States and our well being.
I hope and pray, you along with people like Shannyn Moore get sued and loose everything you have for being so hurtful.
May God Bless You,
Pat Stephens

Nice, huh?

Stephens can’t decide if I’m really that nasty, but is hoping I get sued by Sarah Palin and lose everything I have for being so hurtful.  …But, I”m the one who’s being nasty.

Sarah Palin is an elected official.  When you put your name on the ballot, you’re open to anything and everything the people want to throw at you.  The United States Constitution gives me the right to say anything I want about our elected officials!  It’s guaranteed!

…Except if you’re that  Republican Darling called Sarah Palin.  Because then…By George…You’re being NASTY!

And check out that last line: “May God Bless You.”  What kind of lie is that?!?!?

“I hope you’re cursed with lawsuits…and I hope God blesses you too!”

Sarah Palin is an idioit.  And Pat Stephens is too!  Welcome to the “Smart Kids” in Elementary School of Republican Party!

These Republicans have said the nastiest things about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama.  Heinous, vile things like shouting “Kill Him” and “Hang Him” when John McCain (R-Candidate) was on the campaign trail and mentions Obama’s name.  When Sarah Palin was campaigning, people were audiblly loud shouting calling Obama the “N-Word” and neither Palin or McCain put a stop to it.

See for yourself.

And yet… Pat Stephens is pissed off at me because I posted a cartoon.

Oh…the horror!

FruitFly 6

Joan Walsh Gets Attacked by Bill O’Reilly, Over Abortion

O’Reilly asked from the beginning:

“Do you think fetuses in the late term deserve any protecion (from the law) at all?!

Watch Joan Walsh screw-up by struggling with priorities…  She’s pathetic:

“Well Bill, you know.. Umm…

Bill O’Reilly is desperate for a black and white answer and Joan Walsh screws up with “IF”, “THEN”, and “ELSE”  conditional statement.  You can’t answer an “Either – Or” question with conditions. Shame on Walsh.  Her answer should have been simple:

“Bill, if your 10 year old daughter was incestuously raped by your 16-year old son, are you going to demand your daughter bring that pregnancy to full term?  Think about that Bill; your daughter is going into the fifth grade and she’ll be a mother!

fruitfly21Walsh should have yelled back just as loud as O’Reilly too. Here’s another one – (Joan Walsh is such an amateur… Jesus!):

“Bill, if the long anticipated pregnancy you and your wife looked forward to suddenly ended from fetal demise, do you think your wife should have the ability to have the dead carcas removed?

Pro-Lifers are constantly on this kick that too many women are simply skanky whores who are throwing their legs open and pullling babies out of their vagina with coat hangers like they didn’t have a care in the world.  And they do it because it’s easy.  What Pro-Lifers refuse to allow the general public to see is the ugly underbelly of our society that happens far too often  with sex and pregnancy.

Young girls do get raped, many times incestuously.

Pregnant women do get diagnosed with terminal cancer and are expected to die before carrying their pregnancy to full term.

Many women are victims of a naturally occurring condition called fetal demise, and doctors routinely will refuse to offer assistance out of fear of being labeled a “baby killer”.

Since these horrific issues are ignored, women’s needs and the plights of women’s lives are in peril at the expense of a religious zealotry.

Here’s another one Walsh could have used:

Bill – are you in favor of Capital Punishment?!

That’ll get ’em every time!

Kill ’em after they’ve been yanked out of the birth canal!  That way; we can all watch ’em die in the public arena!  Yee Haw!

…If you’re interested – Bill gets all pissed off at around 8:00 when he’s screaming and hollering and Joan Walsh is acting like a battered wife.  It’s a pathetic scene.  Joan Walsh falls all over herself trying to come up with excuses in exchange for the horrors of the obvious.

Bill O’Reilly yells in favor of legal rights for the unborn – and since he wasn’t born with a uteris, he feels like his opinion should count for something.

Is the GOP becoming the American Taliban?! Let’s ask GOP Voters!

On July 26th, just weeks before the DNC would meet in Denver, Jim Adkisson of Knoxville, TN walk into the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Chuch, pulled out a shotgun from a guitar case and opened fire on the congregation while the children were performing “Annie” on the stage. Admittedly, the man was poor – about to lose his food stamps, but he was a hard-nose Repbulican . While firing off his shotgun killing two members of the congregation and injuring a half-dozen others, he vented his hatred towards “liberals” and “the gays”.

A four-page letter found in Jim D. Adkisson’s small SUV indicated he intentionally targeted the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church because, the police chief said, “he hated the liberal movement” and was upset with “liberals in general as well as gays.”

Following the attack, the police slipped to the media a letter written by Adkisson who…:

indicated … that he expected to be in there (the church) shooting people until the police arrived and that he fully expected to be killed by the responding police,” Owen said. “He certainly intended to take a lot of casualties.”

In other words: Adkisson was hoping to be a martyr for the Republican Party. (A photo blog of the incident, including those who were murdered can be seen here. It’s tragic and horrifying — but only if you insist…)

The following day, the police searched Adkisson’s home only to find the latest copies of Republican pundits, all of whom call for the killing of liberals and gays.

Inside the house, officers found ‘Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder’ by radio talk show host Michael Savage, ‘Let Freedom Ring’ by talk show host Sean Hannity, and ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ by television talk show host Bill O’Reilly.”

Two weeks after the Tennessee shooting, a man walked into the Arkansas DNC Party’s state headquarters in Little Rock and fired three shots killing Arkansas DNC Chair Bill Gwatney. Gwatney died at the ripe old age of 48. Unlike Adkisson, the gunman did not survive — the police simply thinned him from the herd.

Since the November elections, terrorism and terroristic plots have come to an all time high. In Tennessee, police arrested two Republicans plotting to kill school children, as well as President-elect Barack Obama.

While the allegations of the plot might seem too weird and half-crazed to ever succeed, these two gun-toting men wanted to shoot and decapitate fellow Americans, even children, expecting to die in the process of an act that qualifies as terrorism.

These stories from Republicans aren’t new. In October 2006, popular talk show host Melanie Morgan who’s a regular on Fox News and MSNBC complained about the New York Times Editor in Chief, Bill Keller by saying:

“If he were to be tried and convicted of treason, yes, I would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber,” Morgan told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The right-wing pundit Ann Coulter, never to be outdone, opined in her syndicated column, “I prefer a firing squad, but I’m open to a debate on the method of execution.”

But since the elections, local small towns have seen a much larger rise in these kinds of activities.

Away from the spotlight, many local newspapers around the country have covered recent incidents of racially motivated reactions to last week’s election, from flags hung upside-down to the dangling of nooses and cross burnings. As we noted last week, a couple in northern New Jersey who had an Obama sign on their front lawn woke up to find the charred remains of a cross. Local residents today announced a “unity march” to protest the still-unsolved incident.

A bullet-by-bullet (if you’d pardon the horrible pun) lists a handful of these activities.

The Associated Press revealed today, “Police on eastern Long Island are investigating reports that more than a dozen cars were spray painted with racist graffiti, reportedly including a message targeting President-elect Barack Obama. The graffiti included racist slurs and sexually graphic references. At least one resident in the quiet Mastic neighborhood told Newsday her son’s car was scribbled with a message threatening to kill Obama.”

Parents in Rexburg, Idaho, contacted school officials this week after they learned that 2nd and 3rd graders on a school bus were chanting, “Assasssinate Obama!”

Employees at Hampel’s Key and Lockshop in Traverse City, Michigan, flew an American flag upside down last Wednesday protesting of the new president-elect, the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported. One worker used a racial slur during an interview with the Record-Eagle: “(The inverted flag is) an international signal for distress and we feel our country is in distress because the n—– got in,” said Hampel’s employee Rod Nyland, who later apologized for the comment, according to the Record-Eagle.

Also in Michigan, in Midland, a man dressed in full Ku Klux Klan regalia walked around toting a handgun and waving an American flag. Initially denying it, the man eventually admitted to police that the display was a reaction to the Obama victory. “[The man] had a concealed weapon permit and was walking up and down the sidewalk in front of a vehicle dealership while some motorists shouted obscenities at him and others shouted accolades,” police told The Saginaw News.

One North Carolina man who flew his flag upside-down claimed that voters were racist, electing Obama because of his skin color, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. “The flag is stretched upside-down between two poles in a field, with a black X running from end to end. The X is a reference to the Confederate flag, said flag-owner Tony Heath. It reflects his belief that the Confederate flag has been unfairly targeted for protest by people trying to be politically correct,” the Journal reported.

In Pennsylvania, an interracial couple in Apolacon Township discovered the remains of a burned cross in their front yard. “The couple discovered the remnants of the cross about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday (Nov. 5) when a man knocked at their door. Johnson looked out the front window and noticed charring on the utility pole, then discovered two charred 1-by-3-inch planks, each about 4 feet in length, beneath it,” according to the Star-Gazette. The woman, who is Jewish, lives with her husband, who is black. “The Little Meadows area was the site of KKK rallies several decades ago, and a local woman who worked on Obama’s campaign said Wednesday she heard tales of racist remarks directed at supporters,” the story concludes.

Just today, two men were arrested there: 19-year-old Forrest Ashcraft and 22-yearold Stephen Barret of Friendsville. They’re charged with ethnic intimidation and trespassing.

Authorities in Temecula, Calif., found spray-painted graffiti on a city sidewalk containing a swastika and anti-Obama slogan.

From today’s Los Angeles Times: “Vandals spray-painted swastikas and racial slurs on a house and several cars in Torrance that displayed campaign signs or bumper stickers for President-elect Barack Obama, authorities said Tuesday. The incidents occurred Saturday night in the Hollywood Riviera section of the city, said Sgt. Bernard Anderson. Four separate incidents were reported the next day, he said. No arrests have been made.

“At one house, the phrase ‘Go Back to Africa’ was spray-painted across the wall, in addition to a racial epithet on the garage door, Anderson said. Several parked vehicles on the streets were spray-painted with racial slurs, he said.”

Today, the NAACP called on North Carolina State University to expel four students who spray painted racist messages about Obama. Two of the messages said: “Let’s shoot that (N-word) in the head” and “Hang Obama by a noose.”

Students at Baylor University woke up on Election Day to a rope tied like a noose hanging from a tree outside of Morrison Hall, according to college newspaper The Lariat: “Later, verbal altercations occurred outside of Penland Residence Hall. A group of Obama supporters were walking around shouting ‘Obama’ and then passed a group of white men outside who made threatening and racist remarks, said Emmanuel Orupabo, Arlington senior,” according to the Lariat.

Another post-election noose incident happened in Maine. “More than 75 people rallied Sunday against an incident last week in which black figures were hanged by nooses from trees on Mount Desert Island the day after Barack Obama won the presidential election,” according to the Bangor Daily News. At a high school in Gray, a student was suspended after standing up in class, making a racist comment, and saying Obama should not be president, the News reported. Later that day, graffiti making a similar statement was found in a boys’ restroom.

Republican leadership has done nothing to address this. GOP Leadership is far too busy scratching their heads in Miami trying to find a way to save their party.

Put simply: They’re ignoring all of it.

During the McCain/Palin campaign, both candidates ignored people in the audience who cheered “Kill Him!!” and “Terrorist” when Barack Obama’s name was mentioned.

In Lakeville, MN – McCain stopped one audience member’s fear of Barack Obama and went on to defend his colleague from the United States Senate. McCain’s own audience responded and booed McCain.

Just two days ago (11/10/08), the Secret Service confronted Mr. and Mrs. Obam and explained:

The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin’s attacks.

Michelle Obama, the future First Lady, was so upset that she turned to her friend and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett and said: “Why would they try to make people hate us?”

The revelations, contained in a Newsweek history of the campaign, are likely to further damage Mrs Palin’s credentials as a future presidential candidate. She is already a frontrunner, with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, to take on Mr Obama in four years time.

Details of the spike in threats to Mr Obama come as a report last week by security and intelligence analysts Stratfor, warned that he is a high risk target for racist gunmen. It concluded: “Two plots to assassinate Obama were broken up during the campaign season, and several more remain under investigation. We would expect federal authorities to uncover many more plots to attack the president that have been hatched by white supremacist ideologues.”

The United States Secret Service fingers Sarah Palin for this increased threat, and yet – the former Vice Presidential candidate has not yet been arrested for coercion. Of course she wouldn’t be arrested. But at a minimum, she could go public and call for an end of the rancor she’s caused!

She won’t. McCain won’t. Nobody in the Republican party will. And with gun sales at an all time high right now, we need to hold the Republican Party responsible for every hair on the heads of every member of the Obama family.

Do I think the average Republican voter has gone rogue…plotting terroristic vendettas against President-elect and Mrs. Obama? That would make me guilty of stereotyping – painting a broad brushstroke to explain a narrowly diverse group of my own fellow Americans. But I am deeply concerned by the frenzy that’s boiling up that’s spotting across the country.

Fox News is no help. Like a bellows in a blacksmith’s shop, Fox News seems to be fanning huge amounts of oxygen across the flames already far too hot to contain. And yet, the Republican Party does nothing.

On October 11th, the Huffington Post reported that Congressman John Lewis, a man who (miraculously) survived the Civil Rights movement of the early sixties, complained about the McCain/Palin campaign:

“As one who was a victim of violence and hate during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, I am deeply disturbed by the negative tone of the McCain-Palin campaign,” Lewis said in a statement. “Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.”

Lewis said:

“George Wallace never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights.”

McCain did nothing. Neither did Palin. Instead of seeing the wisdom (and the horrifying experiences) of Congressman Lewis’ words, McCain simply trotted off and demanded Barack Obama repudiate Congressman Lewis’ remarks.

McCain and Palin both, need to stop this now.

But they won’t. <– Hello! Is anybody listening?!

Hello!! _ _ _ + + + _ _ _

Is there anybody out there?

Fox News: Sarah Palin – Dumb as Soup

sarah-palin2The GOP’s youngest and brightest stars shine through the foggy gaze of their geriatric seniors. Just a few months ago, Fox News was gushing over Palin, her beauty and her experience as an “executive” – albeit for less than eighteen months.

On August 29th, Carl Cameron from Fox News wrote about Palin:

Palin brings to the Republican ticket a resume that challenges conventional wisdom while it plays into the party’s conservative base. Palin is, among other things, a former beauty queen, a mother of five, an abortion opponent, a union member, hockey player and moose hunter. She is said to be a reformer who takes pride in standing up to the “good ol’ boy network,” and she has served as the top ethics watchdog in her state.

“I would be honored to serve next to the next president of the United States,” Palin said after joining McCain, his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan on stage. “To be chosen is a great challenge. I know that it will demand everything I have to give and I promise nothing less.”

Cameron can’t gush enough over Palin, her qualifications and her bio. And when Team Obama responded, Cameron was quick to point it out:

The tone contrasted with that of a more-critical statement issued earliar in the day by an Obama spokesman questioning Palin’s experience.

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” spokesman Bill Burton said.

After rambling on about Palin’s selection, the secrecy behind the decision and how Governors Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and MItt Romney (R-MA) were skipped over – Cameron goes on gushing:

Palin is well received among both economic and social conservatives. She is quoted saying in 2002 that she is as “pro-life as any candidate can be.” The Club for Growth, a government spending watchdog, described Palin as a “genuine reformer.”

“At a time when many Republicans are still clinging to pork-barrel politics, Governor Palin has quickly become a leader on this issue,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “She is a principled reformer who understands how badly wasteful spending has marred the Republican brand.”

But that was then, and this is now. Carl Cameron is live on Fox News pointing out that Sarah Palin, Alaska’s finest governor, is actually, dumber than a pail of nails. In an interview with Fox News’ Shep Smith:

Carl Cameron talking to Bill O’Reilly just now on Fox reveals that McCain aides were truly “shocked” at the “gaps in knowledge” Sarah Palin displayed once they were stuck with her. He said that, in the most startling shortcoming, she actually didn’t “understand that Africa was not just a country, but a continent.” This led, among other things, to her asking how, in that case, South Africa could be a separate country. She also could not name all of the countries in North America, he said, not even the NAFTA partners. And she did not know many of the basics of civics and local/state/national duties. O’Reilly pooh-poohed all of this.

I’m guessing that Bill O’Reilly pooh-poohed all of this because he didn’t know Africa was a continent and remains confused about South Africa being a country to this day! But, I digress. Please! Let the “GOP Love Fest” continue!!

But the “gaps” explain, Cameron said, why tensions erupted as McCain aides were truly alarmed by all of this — yet Palin wanted to speak out freely. So in the closing week or so, they reveal, she took to yelling and screaming at aides over her press clippings, even “tossing papers” around. She was so out of touch she actually refused coaching before the Katie Couric interviews, then yelled at staffers for not preparing her better or warning her off the interviews. “Temper tantrums,” etc. Then there were the clothes bills and greeting McCain aides in a bath towel….UPDATE: Anchorage Daily News asks her to confirm above, she refuses to discuss it at all.

Below is an earlier Cameron interview on Fox today. Shep Smith at least asked, how could they name someone as veep who didn’t know that Africa is a continent? — Greg Mitchell

The “wearing only a towel” caught the attention here at Fruit Fly central. Huffington Post has that story:

At the GOP convention in St. Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys’ club fraternity she had just joined. One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter [Senior McCain Aides] went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said.

It was only two weeks ago that McCain aides were complaining she was a Diva!

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,” said this McCain adviser, “she does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party. Remember: divas trust only unto themselves as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom.

What was their first clue?

Newsweek is running a story where McCain and Palin aides were furious at Palin’s outrageous spending at Neiman Marcus and Sax Fifth Avenue. What was reported earlier on the GOP’s spending for her new clothes was hardly a drop in the bucket.

One senior aide said that Nicolle Wallace had told Palin to buy three suits for the convention and hire a stylist. But instead, the vice presidential nominee began buying for herself and her family—clothes and accessories from top stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. According to two knowledgeable sources, a vast majority of the clothes were bought by a wealthy donor, who was shocked when he got the bill. Palin also used low-level staffers to buy some of the clothes on their credit cards. The McCain campaign found out last week when the aides sought reimbursement. One aide estimated that she spent “tens of thousands” more than the reported $150,000, and that $20,000 to $40,000 went to buy clothes for her husband. Some articles of clothing have apparently been lost. An angry aide characterized the shopping spree as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,” and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.

They called the Palins “Wasilla Hillbillies”. That’s hysterical. Just think, these Hillbillies almost became Vice President of the United States and in charge of the American taxpayer’s money!

Secret Young Republicans training compound located!!

First photos are emerging from behind the enemy lines, where their nefarious indoctrination techniques corrupt the innocent minds of America’s youth and prepare them for a life committed to espousing Republican ideology that runs counter to their own self interests!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Democratic operatives that have risked their lives to bring us this first haunting photo:

Elephant Slide

Here we can obviously see a seemingly innocent piece of playground equipment that has been twisted by the right-wing propaganda masters into some sort of sick political metaphor…

Undercover operatives for the Democratic Party have told us that Republican parents force their unwilling children up the molded plastic stairs into the GOP’s “Indoctrination Machine.” These children remain inside for up to 48 hours until they are fully processed. The children, once they are completely transformed into a smelly mass of waste material, will eventually tumble down the chute behind the Indoctrination Machine fully prepared to carry-on the Neocon Agenda.

Said one Republican mother after her child was expelled from the Indoctrination Machine: “Oh, he’s still the little stinker he always was….” where she snickered and waddled away.FruitFly

UNICEF, Save the Children and Sally Struthers have begun nationwide media campaigns to save these poor little children before they’ve become indoctrinated into the little GOP shit’s that’s expected of each and every one of them. So please: If you can give anything, please give to Sally Struther’s Christian Children’s Fund. Because Jesus, and only Jesus could love these little Turds.

I found it on Bartcop Nation… So it must be true!

Big Box Bucks Bail on Bill-Oooo

texansBill O’Reilly would do himself some good if he would leave the DailyKos alone and shut up. For over a week now, Fox News’ Golden Boy, Bill O’Reilly has hammering at the DailyKos and calling it a “Hate Site”. The website’s fan following is currently holding their extended family picnic in Chicago known as YearlyKos where a number of prominent Democrats are making an appearance. Which explains why Bill O’Reilly has been keeping up the vitrole so loudly on D’Kos.

My favorite DailyKos piece was when they begged BillO for mercy because of the huge amount of Internet traffic the DailyKos site has been getting since the beginning.

Please, Bill O’Reilly, spare us from your savage and inexplicable rage. We can’t take any more of it. Being defended by Keith Olbermann… being roundly and sternly publicized by Stephen Colbert… it’s all too much. The extra traffic, the publicity, the footage of your narcissistic tantrums… the subsequent exposure of hate speech and death threats on your pay-to-post blog. How can any liberal website withstand such a well-planned assault?

Please, Bill, I am personally begging you: stop your organized Fox News effort to promote us to wider and wider audiences. Between you and your Fox News compatriot Bill Kristol, we can’t take it anymore. How are we supposed to compete with a man whose written punditry has led to the deaths of tens of thousands? How can we sustain ourselves when attacked by a talk show host well known for his fabrication of facts and stories? Our imaginary lesbian street gangs have been decimated already: what more havoc will Fox News wreak upon us in our hour of despair?

But, BillO has become his own worst enemy.  Taking pride by deciding who you’ll spend your advertising dollar on, it appears that Big Box corporate CEO’s are still paying attention and are bailing on BillO.

Who dumped him first?


Lowe’s bailed last Friday afternoon.

And now today, we’ve learned that

Home Depot

the Home Depot guys bailed on BillO today.

This was a pretty easy decision to make too. I had to laugh because of the definitive attitude that came out of the emailings. For example, Americablog carried this email. See if you can detect any uncertainy about pulling out of BillO’s show:

From: **feo, Ron [mailto:Ron_**Feo]
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 8:07 AM
To: JH

Good morning,
Thank you very much for your message. The Home Depot has a policy that prohibits the running of its advertising on programs that express strong opinions or political views. Please note that this includes Bill O’Reilly’s program.
Thank you,

nelson muntz


You can keep up the moment and join the folks over at Fox Attacks. They’re recruiting folks to call advertisers on Fox and complain about the bullshit that comes out of that propaganda machine. And they’re looking for folks who can endure Fox by watching anything of that show and identify new advertisers.

They’ve also got a YouTube video up that’s pretty damned funny too.

I know personally, the CEO of this company

Freight Partners

…And when I asked him if he had any inclination to advertise on Bill O’Reilly’s show he said;

“PHPPHHPH… yeah right. That putz?! DOUBT IT!!”Me

Poor BillO!!! Oh wait a sec… After all of the total bullshit that man has spewed from his lame-assed show – “What comes around goes around, BillO!!

Found in an alley

alleywalkDoing the Lord’s work

Another man found doing the “Lord’s work” by hiring a prostitute and offering to pay for her services by writing a check. At seventy-four and obviously armed with a fresh bottle of Viagra, the President of the Christian Action League is arrested for solisiting the services of a prostitute.

Privette, 74, was charged with six counts of misdemeanor aiding and abetting prostitution by renting a hotel room and paying for sexual acts, according to State Bureau of Investigation Agent Kevin Canty. Tiffany Denise Summers, 32, of Salisbury, was charged with six counts of misdemeanor prostitution, Canty said.

Yes, it’s true! Another Republican discovered for his “strong American values” and his core belief that God defined marriage between one man and one prostitute wife.

For over three decades, Privette has been one of the best known and most outrageous spokesmen for “family values” and Christian extreme right politics in North Carolina. In the 1970s, he was serving as minister at the North Kannapolis Baptist Church when he joined the tide of evangelicals entering politics that included the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition. He served in the N.C. Legislature from 1984 to 1992, and has been a member of the board of commissioners in Cabarrus County since 1998.

My favorite comment in this piece is about half way down in the piece:


I noticed that his organization didn’t have this story up on their web site, so I sent them the link and a reminder that they neglected to include this important news about the wonderful work they’re doing for the lord.

Just want to help out where I can, ya know?

DailyKos beat up by Bill O’Reilly’s Army of the Idiotic

Bill O’Reilly, who enlightened all of his viewers on the horrors full of hate-speech that goes on at the DailyKos has finally won the battle. The writers at the DailyKos have throw in the white flag and have been begging and pleading for BillO’s mercy and everlasting benevolence.

Please, Bill O’Reilly, spare us from your savage and inexplicable rage. We can’t take any more of it. Being defended by Keith Olbermann… being roundly and sternly publicized by Stephen Colbert… it’s all too much. The extra traffic, the publicity, the footage of your narcissistic tantrums… the subsequent exposure of hate speech and death threats on your pay-to-post blog. How can any liberal website withstand such a well-planned assault?

It would appear that BillO can hang three gold stars around the name plate on his dressing room. It’s glaringly obviousBarbara Cubin those liberals at the DailyKos have been truly defeated.

Their plea for mercy finishes tragically by sayin:

So please, Bill, refrain from mentioning us on your programs. Please do not berate us on theradio, or on your television show, or in the loofah aisle of whatever store one purchases such things. What would be really, really too much to bear is if you tattooed the name of our website on your broad, pale forehead as reminder to everyone about how evil we are. Please, please don’t do that. Surely, somewhere in your heart, you still have within you the jagged remnants of mercy.

Stephen Colbert applauds BillO’s war on the DailyKos and compliments the Loofa King for a job well done.

Senator Vitter Inists on an improved image for the GOP

Hooker-lover, Senator David Vitter (R-LA) attended a power-lunch for prominent GOP’ers in Washington today. Just seven days after pleading forgiveness for admitting his love for the “Ladies of the Evening”, he got up again and addressed his colleagues.

He spoke bravely on the subject of the need to improve theMe GOP “image” and how they need to rebrand themselves as the “fiscally responsible party”. Rumors have it that there was a great deal of vomiting during the speech while others were mysteriously coughing into their fists and uttering a noise that resembled something like “b*sh*t”.

Found on under a paintcan

I’ve been annoying a few fruit bowls in the kitchen and on thePaintcan dining room table lately. Being busy means that your blog sucks, but that’s what happens anyway. In the meantime the world continues to go on with or without you and that’s just the way it goes. So here’s what I found underneath a paintcan; hopefully you’ll be able to live a bigger and heartier life because of it.

Yellow Ribbon

BILL’O (again)

Bill O’Reilly invites a retired USA colonel onto his show to discuss the Iranians who’ve taken British military hostage. Colonel Ann Wright answers his questions as they’re presented to her. BillO immediately jumps at the opportunity to point out that the retired Colonel has an opinion and an answer to the questions, and they’re not the responses he was hoping to hear. Typical of BillO, he attacks the woman verbally, and then he cuts her mike and holds her image muted while he squirms with delight that he gets to have the last word. Please don’t be squeemish: Go on ahead and watch the video, it’s about 3 minutes long and you get the idea that Colonel Wright has been punked.

Why anybody would even want to be on televison with BillO? Perhaps Colonel Wright deserves the embarrassment.

On the other hand: I do have to admire people like Bill O’Reilly; it’s stunning how well he demostrates his ability to Support Our Troops.

Monica-Gate version 2.0

Monica Goodling, a US Dept of Justice official is the liason between the Oval Office and US Attorney General’s office. She’s also a product of Regent University, that’s Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. So it’s safe to say that she’s really a liason between all three offices.

Two weeks ago, while the Gonzalez Lying to Congress case was just getting altitude in the media, Ms. Goodling was quick to aquire an attorney who was even quicker to tell the media that Ms. Goodling was planning on pleading the 5th Amendment.

“The potential for legal jeopardy for Ms. Goodling from even her most truthful and accurate testimony under these circumstances is very real,” said the lawyer, John Dowd.

Hrmm…What’s wrong with this picture?! Oh that’s right! Goodling’s attorney forgot! You can’t claim the 5th Amendment right to avoid indicting someone else. You can only plead the 5th to avoid incriminating yourself!(These Regent University students, they’re dumber after they graduate than they were before they were assigned a dorm room!)

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and Sub-Committee Chairwoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA) had a short meet-n-greet today and fired off a letter explaining the rules to Goodling and her attorney.

As McJoan of DailyKos pointed out; the Republicans weren’t always so keen on that option of pleading the 5th. But of course, the 5th Amendment was only included in the US Constitution for the convenience of Republicans!

Bush lies to the people of the United States (again)Bush knew

Aravosis, quickly becoming on of my favorite people on the Internet points out the obvious. In today’s speech to the U.S., Bush complained bitterly about how the Democrats in Congress shouldn’t be meddling in the affairs of war, giving him a bill filled with “pork”, blah blah blah.

But interesting is that Bush stated that the surge in troops was at the request of the generals on the ground in Iraq. And it’s Aravosis who points out that this is a bold-faced lie:

Bush just spoke to the nation, trying to convince the public to support his Iraq quagmire, and he claimed again that the surge, the escalation, was the idea of his commanders in the field, and he’s just following their advice.

In fact, all of the Joint Chiefs, the heads of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, ALL opposed the surge.

In fact, everybody from the people in Iraq (including Maliki himself) have expressed their opposition to a surge in troops. The American people voted against anymore of this crap in Iraq, the Iraq Study Group has opposed anymore meddling in this Iraqi Civil War (that Bush started) and Congress have all expressed opposition to any continuance in this war of his.

Aravosis nails the last spike into the coffin with this tidbit:

And remember, it was just a few months ago, that the commanders on the ground were SO opposed to the surge that Bush came out and said, for the first time, that he WOULDN’T listen to commanders on the ground anymore.

Sweedish couple to name their newborn child “Metallica”

Michael and Karolina Tomaro are in a fight for their right to name their newborn baby girl “Metallica” after the legendary rock band. The Sweedish government’s tax office has refused to let them name the child with such an ugly moniker.

Lower office authorities have backed the couple’s right to name their child anything they want, however the Sweedish National Tax Board has refused to register the name. What’s even more bizarre about the story is that:

The couple was backed by the County Administrative Court in Goteborg, which ruled on March 13 that there was no reason to block the name. It also noted that there already is a woman in Sweden with Metallica as a middle name.

I love this story so much because I’m thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zappa naming their kid Moon Unit. In the phone book, you have to look up “Zappa, Moon Unit.” And here comes a listing for “Tomaro Metallica”.

I wonder what they’ll name their next kid. “Flock of Seagulls”? “Imperial Drag”? Oh! Oh! Let me!! Let me!

ehem: “Barenaked Ladies”!

Mormons to Cheney: Even we hate you now

Just back in December, I found the article discussing the fact that Southern Methodist University had told the Bush Administration that they will not allow the “Bush Library” to be built on their campus. SMU, Laura (“Pickles”) Bush’s alma matre, has been approached by the White House with the current Adminstration looking for an appropriate place to house massive amounts of quality editions of “My Pet Goat. SMU, not willing to be the embarrassment of academia by allowing the Bush Legacy to be a pox on their campus, has told the White House that they’re certainly not too interested in the prospect.

Now, Wonkette points to the fact that yet another religious university has begun to object to Darth Vader, the Vice President of the United States, from visiting their campus.

Brigham Young University, the fake college where kids from the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints can go to receive their worthless degree without ever having to be exposed to a single idea contrary to their upbringing, has apparently inched itself closer to reality: they know Vice President Dick Cheney is an evil vampire hellbent on conquering the earth and eating our children.

To quote Wonkette’s quote who quoted:

The private university, which is owned by the Mormon church, has “a heavy emphasis on personal honesty and integrity in all we do,” said Warner Woodworth, a professor at BYU’s business school. “Cheney just doesn’t measure up.”

Romney Family PhotoI think the Mormon church has finally shown their trump card: Buying the presidency via Mass Governor Mitt Romney makes it all the more important that they distance themselves from The Bush Co as quickly as possible.

It’s fascinating how quickly Jesus can hate you these days. There used to be a time when Jesus loved the Bush Administration. Now they’re treated like .. ehem “a leper”.

I think John Smith would probably turn over in his grave if he knew his disciples were acting like ordinary Christians.


FFN Special Bulletin: “Is the GOP Insane?”

Frizzie McBeeHello, welcome to Fruit Fly News. My name is Frizzie McBee.

We bring you this “Special Edition” of Fruitfly news, purely out of public demand. We have been inundated by hundreds of thousands of e-mail messages asking us the same thing. Over and over we get email saying: “Does Fruit Fly News endorse the fact that the GOP is genuinely insane?!”

We’ve decided to look into the matter a little more closely and let you, the Fruit Fly Viewer, decide for yourself. During our presentation, we shall have a conversation ith a few prominent GOP leaders or political hopefuls, along with some Republican politicians already in office and running I would like to introduce to you Mr. Bob Beauprez, Republican gubenetorial candidate for the Golden State of Colorado.

Hello Mr. Beauprez!! I thank you for being here! Appreciate it!80

The pleasure is all mine, Miss McBee! Is it Miss? …Or is it Mrs?

“Ms” will be fine Mr. Beauprez, thank you…Mr. Beauprez: Just last Monday in an interview on Colorado’s public radio, you said something about abortions among the African-American community. Do you care to recall this conversation?

Why yes Frizzie..err.. Mrs. McBee! I remember it clearly, however I think the entire thing was taken way out of context.

I understand… Um, you said in that interview that black women were getting abortions at an apalling rate. To use your words, you said; I’ve seen numbers as high as 70 percent – maybe even more – in the African-American community that I think is just appalling.” What part of what you said has been taken out of context? Or, I have to admit that I’m very confused as to how I took it out of context.

Beauprez“Well first of all to be fair, I apologized in a written letter to the African-American community that should have verified that statistic before saying it in public…

Mr. Beauprez, to be completely fair, you have no statistic that says anything about abortions and the African-American community whatsoever! The best attempt to look up your statement was when the Denver Post did your homework and found a non-profit group did a study….far from the numbers you spit out. You’ve thrown out that rediculous phrase as an attention-grabber in hopes people will be sympathetic towards your racist, misogynistic and classist attitude towards minorities as a gratuitous attempt to grab some more votes.

Well not really. I mean, ahhhh….what I should have… Miss McFlee, let me try to exp…

Exactly Mr. Beauprez, what you should have said on the topic is absolutely nothing. Furthermore, I would venture to say that you don’t know anything about African-American people, about women or about the abortion rate in this country, or the State of Colorado.

Is that a safe assumption?

Well Frizzie… Is that youre real name: “Frizzie”? What’s that short for: “Frizine”?

Let me make my point Mr. Beauprez. What should the voter from Colorado expect of their Governor? A person like you?! Studying Denver Post article further, I see that your own Coloradan peers have come foward and responded to your racist and masochistic attitude.

For example, Reginald Holmes, pastor of New Covenant Christian Church in Denver offered his perspective that that’s worth noting: “This is evidence of the supreme irresponsibility of the man. He’s a complete irresponsible buffoon. If he can prove those statistics, then I will apologize publicly.

Excellent word-choice: “Buffoon Bob”..Don’t you agree? We’d like to thank you for your time, Congressman Beauprez. Your statements and your actions have benefited the point of this story in ways you’ll never understand. Have a great day…

k harris whoreOur next Republican candidate that we feel has gone completely over the deep end — Congresswoman Kathryn Harris of Florida’s 13th District.

Congresswoman Harris is running against incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). I interviewed Congresswoman Harris earlier today: Let’s take a look at that.

Congresswoman Harris, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us!

Why thank you Ms. McBee! I thank you too and Jesus loves you!

Yes, and thank you for that. Congresswoman, in 2004 you were in Venice Beach, FL giving a speech in which you told an audience of your own constituents that a Middle Eastern man in Carmel, Indiana was planning to blow up a power-grid. Yet, at the same time: The Mayor James Brainard of Carmel, Indiana never spoke with you and that there was no “Middle Eastern” man and that there were no plots to destroy power-grids as you described. Were charges ever filed against you for making such wild allegations?

Well no there weren’t my exact words, but in my defen…

Let me continue please: …You went on and told other news outlets that you were priveledged with classified data that more than 100Still Free terrorist plots have been thwarted under President George W. Bush. And you claimed that you weren’t able to give any details. Was there anything that wasn’t true in what I’ve just said to you?

Well Ms. McBee, as I told..

Congresswoman: You also had an incident with an imaginary tree falling on an airport hangar in Orlando. Would you care to tell us about these…”flying trees”?

HarrisOh that’s just silly… I never said that!! If God wanted trees to fly, He would have made them falling out of airplanes! No, that’s just totally untrue.

Uh-huh… Congresswoman Harris, immediately after your political director Ryan Metzler walked out of your electoral campaign, do you remember that?

Forty people showed up to attend your rally and the excuse you gave for the poor turn-out was that your constituents were confused because a tree had fallen on the airplane hangar that you originally scheduled for the event. Is that correct?

Well you see… Mr. Metzler told me the wrong place and ummm.. no wait. I mean… Err. Umm… I think the voters will see through my mistakes and realize that God wanted me to win the Senate seat. So, if you don’t mind Ms. McBee, if I may. I would much rather concentrate on my political career than about airport hangars…

I’m glad you said that, Congresswoman Harris. Your political career has a rather lengthly list of shady-politics. In 1994, you took over $20,000 in illegal campaign money from Riscorp, who deposited over $400,000 total in illegal campaign funds. You were investigated, along with the CEO that you helped gain access to state workers compensation markets. While no charges were filed against you once the investigation was completed, yet that CEO was found guilty in that investigation and served jail-time.

Yes McBee, but let’s be completely honest here and make sure people underst….

Congresswoman Harris, just last month in the Florida Baptist Witness, you said; “If you are not electing Christians, tried and true, under public scrutiny and pressure, if you’re not electing Christians then in essence you are going to legislate sin.”

Congresswoman Harris: My question to you is this: “Is it common for Christian people to think…and act…like you? I mean: Do you think you make a good role-model for true-Christian folks in the United States of America? …as a real “Christian”?

Oh Ms McBee…I love Jesus and I know Jesus loves me and forgives my transgretions. And I know Jesus loves you t… I can tell you – Jesus has called me to the United States Senate, and I believe it’s important that we all follow God’s Will.fat chick Condi Rice

So, by default congresswoman: You’re forcing the constituents to vote for you for Senate in fear of breaking God’s Will. Is that correct? Because I’m sure your competitor Senator Bill Nelson has stated God has called him to continue on as Senator. The Senator has stated that anybody that votes for you would be a Sin by disobeying the Will of God. Does that sound right to you Congresswoman?

Well yes… I mean, No!! I mean that as a born-again Christian, that I believe God has called

Congresswoman, let me quote something Jesus said in Matthew 7:20 through verse 23. You may find something interesting in it. Jesus said; Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?” And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Congresswoman Harris, wouldn’t you agree that it seems Jesus Christ has your face clearly in his mind while he was saying this to his deciples?

Why…that’s a horrible implication!! What a terrible thing to say! Let me ask you something Ms. McBee; “Why does the liberal media hate us born-again Christians so much? What have we ever done to you?”

Thank you Congresswoman Harris, you’ve been quit helpful in the making of this story.

Frizzie McBee

As I’ve stated; that was recorded earlier today. As you can see, the underlying thread of conscious thought for the Republican leadership seems to be fading slowly. While we can understand that not everybody’s perfect all of the time, we also had to consider the odd behavior from other Republican political leaders and political pundits.

Afghan DriverFor example, Senator Conrad Burns thinks taxicab drivers are terrorists who drive during the daytime and kill at nightLithium aka “Rush Candy” and we can only assume he’s referencing the taxicab drivers in Missoula and Helena. To make matters worse, it would be interesting to note that this happend shortly after Senator Burns called a couple of volunteer firefighters “lazy“. Only last year, when faced with a Northwest Airlines flight attendant worried about loosing her job, Senator Burns offered the “brilliant idea” that the young woman become a stay-at-home Mom instead.

Senator Rick Santorum was another candidate for an overdose of Lithium. We added him to the list immediately upon learning the story of how his youngest child was born severely premature and lived for just two hours. While we all would agree that the incident was a tragedy, Senator Santorum and his wife took the infant home, let their other children interact with the fetus, sleep with it and hug it and kiss it. Today, Senator Santorum keeps a photo of the 20-week old fetus on his desk.

And then there’s Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld who thinks 65% of the American people who disagree with his view on the Iraqi war…Should be likened to Nazi-Era appeasers. They complain that those 65% of the population “simply don’t understand” what’s going on!

Yet, this is the same administration who immediately jumped for the opportunity to launch a “Shadow Government” within 72 hours after 9/11! Here, the Insane GOP keeps information from the public and then whine because most of the American population “simply doesn’t understand!”

We also thought we’d include George W Bush in our crazy list, and perhaps he should be the first one we brought to you. Considering the number of people he’s killed as Governor of Texas, and the sheer thousands of Americans, Iraqis, Afghani’s he’s murdered. This is the same man who claims God talks to him all of the time and he’s “obviously” pro-life…and perhaps a little too pro-life.Go to

Notice how this small Canadian community college chose to advertise in their community to promote “Reading”. They used our Commander in Chief to illustrate the point on why reading is so important!

hastert and mini-meeSpeaker of the House Dennis Hastert has conveniently developed a severe case of amnesia on the number of people who’ve been telling him for years about Congressman Mark Foley’s pedophelia issues. If the Speaker can’t remember conversations he’s had with his colleagues about a sex-monster within their own ranks and their own political party – how can anybody expect the Speaker to remember the constituents he represents in Illinois?

Rush Limbaugh, in an attempt to make a point about “Hollywood Liberals” laughs at a man with advanced stages of Parkinsons Disease for taking too much medication. For an admitted drug addict, one would think he would know enough about how the medication Michael J Fox uses to curb his Parkinsons disease than he admits.Ken Mehlman

Let’s not forget Bill O’Reilly, semi-popular “news” commentator with schizophrenic dilousions about being personally selected and put on an alleged “death-wish” owned by Al Queda. Perhaps, we can only hope.

Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, claims that he was unaware of the racists campaign ad his committee produced and aimed at Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford. Yet, Mr. Mehlman stated earlier that the Republican Party has ignored the African-American population in this country and it should end.

This is even more interesting since it’s been recently discovered that Mr. Mehlman has ties with, and received money from Nicholas T. Boyias, a gay porn industry czar. And, with Mark Foley about to be released from his own Blow-Drying Out Clinic in the next few days, one would think someone should blow more than the skin-flute on this subject.

Libertarian Tom RankinAnd finally, Congresswoman Barbara Cubin of Wyoming threatened a man bound to a wheelchair with Multiple Scleorses with physical violence during a debate in Casper. To quote Congresswoman Cubin; “If you weren’t sitting in that chair, I’d slap you across the face.”


Now campaign ads are airing ads laughing at Congresswoman Cubin about the incident. Meanwhile, Vice President Dick Cheney is flying back to his “Home State” of Chaos, WY this weekend to stump for Cubin, even Karl Rove has to note that her approval ratings have dropped 10% in the past two weeks.

Congresswoman Cubin’s excuse for her violent behavior? She was listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. Yes, Limbaugh’s comment about slapping Michael J Fox for “overacting” apparently gave Congresswoman Cubin the brilliant idea of slapping a fellow political who’s permenantly confined to his wheelchair and his home.

Barbara CubinNow here’s a political trophy that every Wyoming Republican can be proud of and hold their head high and say; “Yes! I voted for her again! Because she’s a ‘good Republican’ — and I like knowing she’d slap any Libertarian at any time no matter how crippled and decreped they might be!”

Fox News regularly uses the catch phrase: “Fair and Balance”, and “the No Spin Zone”. …And, while they shouldn’t have a monopoly on the their cliche’s, there’s absolutely no truth in any of them anyway.

We’re proud to say at Fruit Fly News: We’re “Fair and Balance, and Better Than Fox News!” and “FFN is The No Spin Zone, and Much Better than Fox News”.ann coulter

With that said, you are welcome to disagree with what we’ve brought you here: but you’re probably wrong. Is the GOP Insane? Or perhaps the GOP is completely sane, but severely medicated? Maybe the GOP is neither crazy nor sane but for you to decide for yourself.

While they can point to Chappaquidick, or the Tawana Brawley Story and … and… Umm… Oh! Gerry Studds : There are a lot more nut-jobs and moonbats within their own ranks.

Lady AnchorPlease keep in mind, Fruit Fly News didn’t have to include the “Super Crazies” within the the GOP. After all; this is channel is PG-13.

Thank you for watching Fruit Fly News. Tune in next time for another broadcast. My name is Frizzie McBee and you’re watching Fruit Fly News.

Fruit Fly