Gay dude wins in Big Boob Invasion

This is fun. From The Daily Express:

Allwyn Rondeau, 47, claimed that his life was “ruined” by colleague Lucy Chilton.

The tribunal, at Reading, Berkshire, heard how she wobbled her breasts while touching him.

She told Mr Rondeau, who worked for G4 Security at London’s Heathrow airport, that he “wouldn’t know what to do with a woman anyway”.

Mr Rondeau claimed he was “frogmarched” from work, stripped of his pass and suspended after he spurned Ms Chilton’s advances and she falsely accused him of harassing her.

In one incident she put his hand on her breasts and taunted him for being homosexual.When Mr Rondeau made a complaint about her behaviour, she remained at work with G4 Security, despite being under investigation.

Mr Rondeau successfully sued Ms Chilton and boss Brian Johnson, through the company, for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, harassment, and the different ways in which his and Ms Chilton’s complaints were handled.

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I’ve always said: “I have nothing against boobs. I like them in fact:  The hairier – the better!”