A Day At The Beach

Buzzflash has just noted that the DNC has released a YouTube entitled:

John McCain: “The Double Talk Express: A Day At the Beach”

FruitFly I’m looking forward to more “Howard Dean Productions”. Could someone please pass me the SPF-38?!

New Hampshire Independant Voters Breaking Toward the Dems?!!

donkeyThis can’t be good news for the G-Uh-Oh-Pee.. From by way of Buzzflash, I found that ABC News (Mickey Mouse News) is reporting that voter-turnout for the Dems is not only overwhelming in numbers, but they’re running out of ballots!! Predictions are that the Dems are turning 1 1/2 times that of the Republicans!

Check this out:

ABC News’ Karen Travers Reports: New Hampshire Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan told ABC News that turnout among primary voters today is “absolutely huge” — and there are concerns about running out of ballots in towns like Portsmouth, Keene, Hudson and Pelham.

“Turnout is absolutely huge and towns are starting to get concerned that they may not have enough ballots,” Scanlan said. “We are working on those issues. Everything else seems to be going smoothly.”

Scanlan said that the Secretary of State’s office is sending additional ballots to Portsmouth and Keene (traditionally Democratic strongholds), Hudson (Republican leaning with significant numbers of independents) and Pelham (large number of independents).

This beginning to smell like Iowa Version 2.0!! The bad news for the Republicans continue:

According to Scanlan, the ballot strain seems to be on Democratic ballots, which suggests that the undeclared voters are breaking for the Democratic primary. New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner predicted that 90,000 undeclared voters would vote in the Democratic primary compared to 60,000 voting in the Republican primary.

Deputy Secretary Scanlan said based on a formula anticipating higher turnout, they printed additional ballots, but in most cases towns will go “right down to the wire with ballots they need.” The extra ballots will be insurance ballots in most places so election officials have a comfort level.

Scanlan said reports from polling places show that turnout hasscooby been steady and high though the morning but typically high activity periods will be lunch and after work.

No Scoobie Snacks for the GOP’s mutts tonight!

I can’t wait for Ann Coulter to go out on Fox and tell their viewers FruitFlythat New Hampshire needs to be perfected. And it’ll be Michelle Malkin who’ll whip out her digi-cam and snap photos of all of the Dems in their homes getting ready to leave to go vote.