Dead Baby Delicacies and Republican Nut Jobs vs. Jane Hamsher

I’m driving to Burnsville, MN this afternoon to check in on my cousin, aged 34, who’s been just diagnosed with lymphoma. It’s too early to tell what kind of lymphoma it is, those tests will be conducted tomorrow. While I worried and contemplated on the shortness of life on this planet, I have my XM tuned into C-SPAN, which recaps all of the Sunday morning political talk. I missed most of this morning’s shows, I was on the phone with my aunt getting updated on my cousin, so C-SPAN had something to catch my interest.

What I hear, makes me want to drive into the ditch. It’s a conversation between Mona Charen (The National Review) and Jane Hamsher (Fire Dog Lake) and the topic is on Barack Obama and his being labeled “a radical”. (Trust me, by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll be hoping that’s Mona Charen there getting punched in the nose.)

You can listen to the entire discussion here, but since I don’t have Real Time loaded on this PC (and I’m far too lazy to take the time to load it), I’ll paraphrase…

Specifically, the subject is on the latest McCain ad where he ties Barack Obama with sex education to five year old children… I’ll do my best from here:

CHAREN: But this isn’t the only time Obama’s been attached to radicalism from the left. There’s the bill he voted against while in the Illinois senate that would have made it illegal for doctors in hospitals to kill babies that managed to survive botched abortions.

At this point, I about snorted chunks out of my nose. Hamsher makes a snort noise herself.

HAMSHER: That’s completely untrue…

CHAREN: No it’s not!

HAMSHER: That just doesn’t ever happen. There’s no doctor and no hospital out there killing babies because…

CHAREN: It is absolutely true! There’s been a number of incidents where babies have survived a botched abortion and the hospital will kill…

HAMSHER: This is a Right Wing fantasy and there are no hospitals killing babies..

CHAREN: There is too!

HAMSHER: Name me one single incident. Give me the name of one hospital where they’ve been caught killing babies that have survived a botched abortion.

CHAREN: There was ahh… It was a hospital in Ohio. And uhh… Oh I forget the name. Ahhh… I have her name on my desk and I would ahh…I would be happy to mail it to Ms Hamsher. Ahh…

HAMSHER: There’s no hospital killing babies and this story is ridiculous.

CHAREN: No it’s not! This nurse, I forget her name, was in the room where the woman was having an abortion. And the baby came through the birth canal and it was still alive! The doctor botched the abortion but the baby was still alive and the nurse took the baby and was told to…to put it over there – you know, where the trash cans were. And this nurse, she asked if she could just hold the baby until it died! And the doctor said she would be allowed and so she carried this baby around until it died almost five hours later!!!

Yeah – that’s the story I listened to on the way to the hospital in Burnsville.

Hamsher did her own digging to find out the details on this story. First, by conducting her own investigation on who the “nurse” was in the first place. Put simply; Mona Charen was willing to sling the shit at Obama’s character, but unable to back it up, it’s up to the Liberal-Progressive to do all of the leg work for them.

The nurse, isn’t really a “nurse” any more than she’s a story-teller. She’s a columnist for World Net Daily, the same newspaper that regularly reports on alien sightings and alien-human hybrids being created. The columnist/nurse is one: “Jill Stanek”:

From Media Matters via Hamsher’s Fire Dog Lake:

Media outlets have quoted or cited criticism of Sen. Barack Obama by anti-abortion activist and WorldNetDaily columnist Jill Stanek without citing relevant facts that undermine her credibility, including her suggestion that domestic violence is acceptable against women who have abortions, her support of billboards in Tanzania with the words “Faithful Condom User” next to a picture of a large skeleton, and her citation of a report that “aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies” in China to which she added, “I think this stuff is happening.”

Stanek has a wonderful imagination and a penchant for the insane.

But what was this Illinois bill that Mona Charen was talking about? Again, Hamsher has it covered:

…Mona Charen, who repeated the charge that Obama is pro-infanticide because he refused to support an amendment to the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 called the “Born Alive Infants Protection Act.” She claimed the bill was necessary because of so many “botched abortions” resulting in infants who were “born alive” and murdered by hospitals who left them alone in to die in dirty linen closets, which I took issue with as a “right wing fantasy.”

It’s true Obama voted against the bill, but it was because the Illinois criminal code already prohibited such actions (which the Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed). But the bill also had a lot of poison pill threats to abortion rights, and rightly went down to defeat.

Make you feel better about these crazy Right Wing Nut Jobs?!

Hamsher even takes a time-out to note that Ann Coulter got in on the act when Stanek’s piece of trash hit the press.

…Yet Ann Coulter used Stanek’s account to claim that Obama “wants the doctors … chasing it through the delivery room to make sure it gets killed.”

They’re so scared of Obama that they would go to this level of extremes?! What we need is someone to kick off insane lies about these religious nuts, Republicans and the Conservatively Insane. I should be able to help… I could drum up a really imaginative story on John McCain… A really good one. Like, ahh…

McCain gang-rapes the high school cheerleading squad when he was 43 years old and as a result he ends up being the real father of the current governor of Alaska…who was a survivor of a botched abortion.

…A really good one, ya know?!! Something that’ll make ya embarrassed to be associated with the political party solely because they drag this kind of sewage around publically.

I’ll be quoted on every left-wing blogger site from Sydney to Bangor, Maine! Hell! I might even get referenced in a conversation going on C-SPAN or something!!