Wilted Daisies


After filing a scathing homophic brief regarding DOMA and gay marriage with the US Supreme Court, the Gay Community reacted ferociously: namely – killing a mega-GLBT fund raiser for the Democratic Party scheduled for next week.  (Hint: Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled as keynote…And now the party’s Dead Before Arrival.  HRC Chairman, Joe Solmonese fired back at Obama’s Administration with a ferocious letter by noting Obama’s hypocracy regarding the Gay and Lesbian Community.

Hoping to kill this Queer P.R. nightmare, Obama issues a memo to extend health benefits to some same-sex federal employees.

Now, the blow-back continues as the Obama Administration throws out a second bone by insisting the Census Bureau include gay and lesbian couples in the questionnaire carried around by census employees.

Ann Rostow of the SF Bay Times blasts Obama with:

So thanks for nothing. Obama is the chagrined husband who thinks a bunch of flowers will excuse an infidelity. And to make it worse, instead of roses from the florist, he picks up wilted daisies from the drugstore.

h/t AmericaBlog, M. Rogers/Blog Active and Joe.My.God