My Confession Sunday

In late May, 2003 – Matt Labash, senior writer for (conservative) The Weekly Standard was asked why he thought conservative Fox News and his own paper had grown in popularity over the past few years. Labash giggled by saying:

…because they feed the rage. We bring the pain to the liberal media. I say that mockingly, but it’s true somewhat…. While these hand-wringing Freedom Forum types talk about objectivity, the conservative media likes to rap the liberal media on the knuckles for not being objective. We’ve created this cottage industry in which it pays to be un-bjective…. It’s a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Criticize other people for not being objective. [An meanwhile] be as subjective as you want. It’s a great little racket.”

I think all of that ideology has been turned inside out today, six years later.  He was right!  I’ll have to agree with him. But no longer.   Today, it’s the Republican Party who’s feeding the rage and it’s the conservative media that’s being criticized for being subjective.  Their precious “cottage industry” has been yanked away from them and they haven’t figured out what to do next!

My Confession #1:  I no longer care what conservatives and Republicans think, aside from being great fodder for a blog.  The Republican Party has become shrill, almost idiotic.  And corporate media fuels those flames of idiocy so that becomes a backlash against them.

Consider Minnesota’s liberal largest newspaper the Star Tribune in today’s issue.   On the back-page of the Opinion section, Star Parker writes an amusing piece complaining about President Obama and griping that the media is too focused on Rush Limbaugh and RNC Chair Michael Steele for Scripps Howard:

We now have the most left wing president in our history using the excuse of a recession and the leverage of his “honeymoon,” together with decisive Democrat majorities in both houses of congress, to turn our country into the Soviet States of America. And instead of a clear and articulate message from the opposition, the press is writing about Steele and Rush Limbaugh.

Now that’s Idiocy!  That’s being shrill.  And that, my friends – is the Republican Party.  Ms. Parker is president of “CURE”, or Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education.  She’s a Right Wingnut that runs her organization (according to Wiki): It is a social policy think tank that looks at issues of race an poverty and tries to come up with alternative answers to thewelfare statethat are faith based and market based.  (In other words: “You can pray to Jesus to take your poverty away and then you can sell it to your neighbors!”)

My Confession #2: WCCO”s own Esme Murphy, is probably one of the most conservative of Republicans on the WCCO staff.  Pat Kessler of WCCO, Don Shelby, those two both run conservative “Republicanish” radio programs on the air.  Since Murphy doesn’t (and I don’t listen to ‘CCO so I’ll assume she doesn’t) have a radio show, she uses her blog to show off her own “Republicanish” style.  Her blog just of Right Wing Talking points: She comments on the famous Jon Stewart v Jim Cramer spectical last week on the Daily Show.   Without any consideration for the point Stewart was making (which was a pretty damned good point), she sympathized for poor Jim Cramer by saying:

Stewart’s assault on the network over the past couple of weeks has to be a blow to its credibility. I was shocked that Cramer last night didn’t attempt to mount much of a defense. Stewart has been using about eight minutes of clips from CNBC to attack the network recently…Stewart landed his most significant body blows when he questioned whether the network was really the cheerleader for corporate CEOs instead of playing the watchdog role that any journalistic organization should aspire to. Why, Stewart asked, wasn’t CNBC watching out for the small investors whose 401k contributions were keeping the fat cats fat?

What’s all the more amazing is that all of this has been raised by Jon Stewart and Comedy Central. No wonder the traditional network newscasts and news organizations are in trouble and people are turning to alternative sources for their news.

fruitfly21No Esme – people are turning away from you just like they turned away from the Republican Party.  Since you have nobody shilling for the Democrats in your news – nobody cares about you!  You have made yourself irrelevant. And, like the liberal Star Tribune and everyother corporate manufactured propaganda outlet for the  Republican Party, you’re paying the price for it!

But I have digressed.  Earlier last week, there was a dust-up in the DFL lead legislature on the debate of letting bloggers into the capitol galleries or not.  The conventional thought: “Are these professional journalists, or a bunch of hucksters who will hinder us during our debates with cellphone photography and instant on-line access”.  The DFL has decided against it, for whatever reason and this obviously has brought bloggers from both political persuasions together in unison.  The Republican bloggers obviously want photos of DFL members picking their nose and Democratic bloggers want photos of Republican members picking their underwear from out of their buttocks!  Gruesome, I know – but that’s the conventional wisdom in the Legistlature.

Esme Murphy went on that attack – on the DFL (of course). In a piece she titled “More on Capitol Censorship“, she swoons over Michael Brodkorb’s uber-Rightie blog “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” in an entry he titled: “The House Democrats should be Ashamed.  Esme writes:

I couldn’t agree more.

The quote is from Michael Brodkorb the author of the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed commenting in Pat Kessler’s 5 p.m. story on the proposed censorship of journalists at the capitol.

She throws in Jason Barnett, from The Uptake, into her puddle of pooh as her “Lefty Voice” in a thinly veiled attempt to show bias, granted.  But, I’m fed up with Right Wingers in our news media.  Especially when they’re so patently right-wing, their credibility is completely gone!  Who can sit back and watch anything Pat Kessler, Don Shelby or Esme Murphy say on WCCO related to politics?!  There’s nothing – absolutely nothing, any of those people on WCCO say in relation to politics that I’m going to believe or even consider!  NOTHING!

Fox News claims to be “fair and balanced”, but they’re not.  Why would we even consider anything Fox News has to say when they’re so patently partisan?!  So, we don’t watch Fox News!

…And, WCCO is now in the same category:  “Ignored”.

Fustrated with all of this – especially with Murphy’s partisanship; I fired off this stinging little ditty Esme’s Blog:

Esme – you’re such a terrible Republican hack — you equate to being nothing short of a Sunday morning cartoon.

Literally: It’s the Star Tribune on a Sunday morning… and I’m reading Garfield, I’m checking out Pearls Before Swine and we’ve got you on the tube – occassionally.  And there’s confusion on differentiating between the soy ink on the printed page and what you’re babbling about on the television!

Point to note: I really don’t give a toot why you’re upset with DFL on this “blogger in the House gallery” story.  I really don’t!  The point is that you’d latch on to another Republican hack like Michael Broadkorb and readily agree with him while at the same time – note that lefty blogger Jason Barnett’s also ripping of the DFL.  In other words; you can’t even pretend to be biased in your political views!  And that strikes me as hilarious.

You could say, as an example; “Righty Brodkorb and Lefty Barnett agree: The DFL should be ashamed of themselves!”  That would work, Esme!

But that’s not what you say, is it?

It’s your willingness to run out there and grab those pom-poms for Team GOP.  And that thin veil makes you nothing more than a giggle right after finishing Beetle Bailey.

Pat Kessler (R-Hack) and Don Shelby (R-Hack) must be proud of you.  Query: Do you require the entire WCCO team to sign your Annual Performance Evaluation before discussing your pay-raise?  Or does WCCO simply farm out all of their employees reviews for Limbaugh’s approval? (I’m sure you’ve heard: Rush is your new boss.  He’s deciding your Party’s Ditto-Agenda.  If you haven’t received the memorandum – Your office mail clerk, Michael Steele, will be pushing his mail-cart by your cubicle soon.)

Oh!  And did I note?   Michael Brodkorb is so pleased with your agreeing with him – he’s noting his pleasure by updating his blog with your quote!  My guess: He’s so thrilled, he’s grabbing the seams of his trousers on both sides and he’s just finished whizzing inside of his Underoos.

Have a pleasurable day.  And remember:  – instead of Dilbert…This coming Sunday – we’ll still be laughing at you!

And that’s exactly what I was doing this morning…  Esme had Jason Burnett on her show, and constantly panned a camera lense over Brodkorb’s “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” blog site and I was laughing at the Daddy Alligator who threw the remote at the television blowing it up in Stephan Pastis’ “Pearls Before Swine”.

In the dust-up between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele, (R-Chair RNC) and Rush Limbaugh and Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA), has proven once and for all – Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party’s “de factor leader”!  And, as stunning as it sounds: There’s no prominent Republican out there who will disagree with me on that!   Well, except for maybe this guy:

Even more stunning is the fact that Rush remains ungrateful for their loyalty.  He’s the “petulant king”. His show berates the “real” Republican leadership and all of the peasants living in Rush Country cheer him on some more!

Since Rush Limbaugh is so disliked in the country – the Democrats love to paint the Republicans with Rush’s big fat face. After all, the Republicans used to paint the Democrats with faces like Jane Fonda and Michael Moore!  So, why not?

fruitfly21So that’s my confession: I no longer care what Republicans think anymore.  Matt Labash was correct: The “Achille’s Heel” of the Democratic Party is that we’re too inclusive. ( “All are welcome! All are welcome!” said Tangina in that movie Poltergeist.)  And the Republican’s ginned up a cottage industry by simply saying; “How come you don’t welcome me?”  And it worked!  Liberals and progressives are notorious for listening and considering what is best for everybody in the country.  Not just the rich, not just the blacks or the gays – but for everybody.  And the Democrats have done gone out of their way to capitulation with the Republican Party.  And it’s high time we stop.FruitFly 6

If the Republican Party has become nothing but children suckling on Rush Limbaugh’s toes, while he bitches and snarls at them – There’s no logical reason we have listen to them complaining about us and our views.

“Stop complaining about the Democrats, you guys – and go back to your sucking!  You don’t want your fat fearless leader to get mad at you now!”

So there’s my Sunday Confession: “I no longer give a toot what the Republican Party thinks” and “I was a little snarky on Esme Murphy’s blog”.

Republican GOP Pawlenty Stunt makes veto-proof DFL Senate

The WallNovember 27, 2007 – Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) appointed State Senator Tom Neuville (R-Northfield) to serve as a judge in the 3rd District (in Rice County). In exchange for a replacement, he declared a special election (Jan 3rd 2008) to fill the vacant seat. All expectations were that a Republican would win in a landslide. It was a logical expectation. The area is, afterall, in the heart of the Congressional 1st District.

In 2006, Republicans were convinced that some obscure high school wrestling football coach named Tim Walz being elected to Congress was freakishly weird and they were positive it would be impossible to ever happen again.

Put simply: This area is GOP property and they insist the DFL keep their dirty hands off.

Last July, Pawlenty appointed Representative Steve Sviggum (R-HD 28B) as Commissioner of Labor and Industry. Sviggum, from the same geographical, was his first pick and it was a gamble. But it was a gamble he was willing to play because it was in the heart of the Republican party: south and east of the Twin Cities. Needless to say, it was a safe (political) bet. And the bet paid off: Republican Steve Drazkowski defeated DFL candidate Linda Pfeilsticker 52.9 to 46.9.

Ron Carey, Minnesota’s GOP Chair, threaded his thumbs under the lapels of his suit coat after that win, belched twice and proudly:

…characterized Drazkowski’s win as signaling “growing Republican momentum as we head into 2008,” the GOP should be cautious to read too much into this race. District 28B has voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidates in recent years.

But Pawlenty’s second gambled proved Carey wrong.

Pawlenty didn’t expect anybody would want to go out and vote in the dead of winter, especially with the distractions of the Iowa Caucuses going on. So the Governor arbitrarily decided January 3rd as a special election day just for those in the 3rd District. The stakes of second gamble was bigger than the first, and nobody, including Ron Carey, paid any attention.

Ray CoxOn November 27th, word was official that Ray Cox would run in the race to replace Neuville. Mary Lahammer of the MN Public Television’s Almanac excitedly explained that Cox was the favored son to win. On November 27th, Lahammer gushed over Cox like a cheerleader over the quarterback:

I think you’re hearing it here first, former State Representative Ray Cox just told me, “yes, I do plan to run” for the seat Sen. Tom Neuville is expected to vacate today. Cox told me he had coffee this morning with Sen. Neuville and he encouraged Cox to attend Gov. Pawlenty’s announcement at 1:00 in Faribault where the governor will appoint a new judge to the Rice County bench.

The only group that worried about a special election in the dead of winter was the League of Women Voters who sent a letter to all of the newspapers in the district saying:

To the Editor:

To fill the District 25 state senate seat vacated by Sen. Tom Neuville, whom Governor Pawlenty appointed to a judgeship, the governor has called a special election on January 3rd and a primary election on December 18th.

The League of Women Voters believes that eligible voters have the right to be informed about candidates’ positions, the right to vote, and the right to have their vote counted. Scheduling an election immediately after a major holiday season protects none of these rights for many voters.

There is a real possibility that it may be difficult if not impossible for significant numbers of absentee voters to obtain and return absentee ballots by mail in time for them to be counted.

Still, nobody’s paying any attention. It’s a perfect set-up. Pawlenty, Ron Carey…They’re all very… very comfortable with the “Electoral hood-wink of 2008.”

Exactly one month later, December 27, Mpls Star Tribune endorsed Cox and complained that while Dahle was a good man, he simply lacked any experience as a politician. Ray Cox, the Trib claimed, although a Republican, was a moderate in his politics. They cited his stand on environmental issues among other things. (Thanks to Northfield blogger site Locally Grown.)

The entire GOP was happy. No need to call the Minneapolis Star-Tribune a “liberal media outlet” this time. True to the demands of the Star-Trib’s corporate heads of boards and cheating editorial chief; the Strib did it’s job in supporting the GOP. And so the party went back to their Holiday Spirits and roasted their nuts by warm fire light.MomMorph

Pretty arrogant of the GOP, don’t you think? They have an election going on, called by their own party, and they don’t do jack-squat about it. They’d even get the state’s largest newspaper to endorse their guy and they don’t give a whit! They’d rather stay home and count how many knuckles they can stuff up their nose on one finger.

Yesterday..:January 3rd: The good citizens of the 25th district went out, stomped through the cold and voted en mass for DFL candidate Kevin Dahle, sans GOP electoral efforts.

Minnesota Secretary of State’s reports that Kevin Dahle won in an easy landslide:

  • Independant Vance Norgaard 296 votes 2.40%
  • Republican Ray Cox 5225 votes 42.37%
  • DFL Kevin Dahle 6802 votes 55.15%
  • Write-In 10 votes 0.08%

The Minnesota GOP has since, become unglued:Brodkorb with Al Franken

Michael B. Brodcorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed, went stumping for votes by going door to door on Wednesday (1/2/8). But the following day, the day of the election, he decided to sit at home and bitch in his blog that Minnesota’s Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (DFL) buried the news that there was a special election.

(Yes Mr. Brodcorb… Since the GOP didn’t do their job in notifying their constituents that there was such an election, it’s time to once again bitch at the DFL Secretary of State for not doing a good enough job to you satisfaction. …Because everybody knows that each and every GOP voter checks the S.O.S.’s website daily for updated information on issues such as elections, and …”licensing fees”. We all agree: “You’ve been horribly wronged, and we sympathize.”)

What an embarrassing Bawl Baby.

Meanwhile, Drew Emmer of Wright County Republican, complained bitterly about the loss. For Emmer, it wasn’t DFL Mark Ritchie’s fault at all. No, it was the fault of Al Franken and Rep Tim Walz (DFL MN CD-1) who stumped hard through the cold and the snow for voters to turn out for Kevin Dahle. Blame that damned Al Franken and that freaky football coach for the GOP’s woes. In fact, Emmer’s entire blog entry reaks of a third grader who’s just had his juice-box stolen:

Local politics is finite math. The DFL found victory in coy manipulation of same-day registration and what is reported as a higher than expected student turnout in Northfield proper. There was no credible rallying alarm for the conservative base to respond to. That was largely because many in the conservative base felt somewhat excluded by the process whereby Neuville anointed Cox without the benefit of a grassroots vetting of the GOP endorsement.

To be honest, Emmer’s gripe is valid. The GOP arrogantly assumed it was an easy win for Cox from the beginning. (Considering the district is historically “moderately” conservative.) Pawlenty made the appointment because everybody was on the hay-wagon for this sleazy deal from the beginning, right?!

No. Brodkorb was pissed off. Fingers still frostbitten from Tuesdays doorbell smashing, he unleashed a butt-load of whoop-ass on his GOP com padres:

Drew, I consider you a friend and I tip my hat to you. You did nothing to help out with the SD 25 special election, yet by quickly pointing out this morning how everyone else stumbled, you win the first-ever Minnesota Democrats Exposed Man Not In The Arena Award.

Drew’s prize is the opportunity to come on tomorrow’s radio show and tell the listeners of NARN “The Final Word” how we all could have done a better job. The number is (651) 289-4488 and I look forward to Drew’s collecting his prize anytime after 3:45 p.m. Congrats Drew!

It’s more fun than watching midget-wrestling, don’t you think?!

Bush Evil The knee-jerk is to lash out and throw fiery barbs at your friends by giving them “Dunce Awards” hoping that, when Der Fuher shows up at the Xcel Energy Center this fall, he’ll decide who’s to blame for this disaster. (Hopefully he’ll blame Emmer!! Oh please! Oh please! Let it be Emmer!!)

Brokorb isn’t finished either. Mitch Berg, of “Shot in the Dark” also was pissed off at the loss, and blogged about it. Brodkorb offered a stupid “Runner-Up Dunce Cap” award:

My NARN colleague (and friend) Mitch Berg wins “honorable mention” by regurgitating Drew’s post and adding his own “analysis” on why the Republican effort came up short in SD 25. I’ll will be asking Mitch to stay in the studio tomorrow (NARN II ends right before NARN III begins) to claim his “honorable mention” award. Congrats Mitch!

The Minnesota DFL has check-mated the Republican governor.

Pawlenty’s lost the Minnesota Senate to the DFL with a veto-proof majority and in 2006, he lost all of the State’s elected Officers to the DFL. We’re down to 1 Republican US Senator in Norm Coleman (Lame Flip-Flopper), Michele (Jesus) Bachmann in the 6th (Wack-Job), John Kline in the 2nd CD (Iraqi War whore) and the GOP’s only respected elected official, Jim Ramstad (R-Stepping Down Maybe) in the third.

The biggest applause belongs to Kevin Dahle and his wife Beth. “Welcome to the DFL and to political ground-swell movement of Change Senator Dahle! We’re weird, we’re nutty, and occasionally we’re bitFruitFly 6 kookie. But we’re always pleased that you’re there to represent us.”

My humble thanks to Zack over at MNPublius, who deserves all of the credit for all of the information on this subject. If I didn’t have my “Zack” over at MN Publius, nothing in this blog entry would make any sense at all.