Now Republicans are Name-Calling: Obama’s a “Cream-Puff”!



It’s bad enough, listening to their conspiracies (Obama’s not an American) and their rhetoric on why Obama’s isn’t “Republican” enough for them.  But to listen to them resort to name-calling only ensures that fewer voters are going to check off the “Red Names” on next year’s ballot-box.  Who needs them?!

Does anybody remember when Tom DeLay was getting kicked out for being too nasty in his relationship with the likes of Jack Abramoff and sweatshops in Saipan?   Tom DeLay loved the idea of exploiting endentured servants and he called the sweatshops “a free market success“!!  You see, that’s when Republicans were in control and you didn’t hear them whining about anything — unless it was related to gays, the middle class, equal pay for women or repealing the tax-cuts for the ultra-rich!

Now, they’re name calling Obama…again.  Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s greatest embarrassment, giggled in delight when stupid things came tumbling out of her mouth and called him “The Community Organizer in Chief“.  But that wasn’t good enough – because now Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) calls the president a “cream-puff”!

Would it be disrespectfu if someone called Dana Rohrabacher a douche bag?  I wonder how many of those Somali pirates would agree with Congressman Rohrabacher?