Obama’s Plan for Gay Rights


(Of course; he’s gonna give same-sex benefits for Federal Employees tomorrow… So, we should all be thankful for our Daily Breadcrumbs!)
I sure hope Obama’s Presidential hand-soap will be able to wash the gay-stench from his Heterosexual Hands!

Same sex marriage equality in Columbia, South America

Oh the irony: The Cocain Capitol of the Planet gives same-sex marriage equality while Californian’s watch their own marriage rights burn to the ground:

Gay and lesbian couples in Colombia are entitled to the same rights as straight couples in common-law marriages, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday.

In April 2008 gay rights group Colombia Diversa, the Centre for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) and the Group of Public Interest Law at the University of the Andes, filed a lawsuit for equal rights for unmarried heterosexual and same-sex partners.

The court’s ruling means that civil and political rights such as nationality, residency, housing protection and state benefits will now be granted to same-sex partners.

Homosexuality in Columbia was decriminalized in the 80’s, and hate-crimes against GLBT people in this predominantly Roman-Catholic country of 45 million people was obviously out of control. It’s the fact that the GLBT people of Columbia, South America enjoy more rights than my “husband” and I enjoy here in Minnesota is nothing short of outrageous.

FruitFlyColumbians have more rights than we have here in the US!?

If you’re interested, the Republican Party is struggling to fight a same-sex marriage act going on in the Great State of Maine. It’s only interesting if you’re a lobster fanatic or if you’re a Stephen King junkie.

Pastor Ted Haggard Explains His Gayness: “We Blew It”!

Yes kiddies…! Pastor Ted Haggard’s back again!! Only this time, he’s front and center to explain why his “gay life” was kept in The Closet for all of these years: He was sexually abused as a child.

That’s it! We can all go home now! Everything is A-OK! Nothing to see here! Move on along!! Thanks for your concern! Thanks for stopping!!

Once again we have a conservative Republican, horribly addicted to Meth, addicted to illicit sexual activity with a prostitute and addicted to adult gay porn — Blame all of it on someone else.

I’ve always thought that the first step in any addiction is for the person to fully confront that they have the disease and deal with it one day at a time. I could prattle on all of the remaining eleven steps of sobriety but it’s that first one I’ve always been told what was the most important.

Pastor Ted Haggard, leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, admitted to having a long-term sexual affair with 49-year old male prostitute Mike Jones in Denver, CO. Jones, right before the 2006 elections, dropped the bomb-shell of the century that shattered the NAE, an organization that included over 47,000 churches and over 30 million members nationwide. Jones admitted to providing meth during the weekend-long sexual adventures where they remained perpetually stoned and watched gay porn.

On November 4th, just weeks after the bombshell of a story exploded, the NAE demanded Haggard’s resignation while other prominent homophobic religious zealots scrambled for safety. Uber-Hate Monger, James B. Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, came out swinging with this:

“The possibility that an illicit relationship has occurred is alarming to us and to millions of others,” Dobson said.

“He will continue to be my friend, even if the worst allegations prove accurate,” he continued. “Nevertheless, sexual sin, whether homosexual or heterosexual, has serious consequences.”

While Tony Perkins, chair of the uber-Hate Group “The Family Research Council” came out with:

“In his position as a leader of the evangelical community, this personal tragedy has public ramifications, so we urge that a full accounting of the facts be swift and complete.”

One year later, Mike Jones went on a radio station in Las Vegas and noted that US Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was also one of his regular clients.

Fast forward another year and 1 week later, and Pastor Ted is blaming an employee of his father’s business for his bizarre attraction towards 49 year old male prostitutes:

Haggard said one of his father’s employees “had a sexual experience with me” when Haggard was 7, according to audio recordings of the sermons posted on the ABC News Web site.

Haggard said he later became “a conservative Republican, loving the word of God, an evangelical, born-again, spirit-filled, charismatic, all those things.

“But some of the things that were buried in the depths of the sea from when I was in the second grade started to rage in my mind and in my heart,” he said.

So, it was some other sexual pervert that made you gay, is that right Pastor Ted?! Now I see how easy it would be to be finally cured! Once I’m “cured”, does that mean I’ll join a construction crew and whistle lewdly at blond chicks with big racks? You mean, all I have to do is kick out a sketchy story that blames some obscure male figure in my childhood and everything will be okay?


To think that something that simple and the world would be plagued with millions of little Junior Fruit Flies!

Pastor Ted then went on to blame everybody else for failing to capitalize on the opportunity to use the event to proseltyze the Word of God through mainstream media.

Haggard said church leaders missed an opportunity to use his scandal to “communicate the gospel worldwide through secular media.”

“We consistently blow it when those opportunities arise”, he said.

“A congressman in trouble, that’s the time. A family member gets himself in horrible trouble, that’s the time. A preacher gets himself in awful trouble, that’s the time,” he said, his voice rising to a near-shout.

Extra Homework Credit: Watch the ABC News Exclusive with Pastor Ted’s Story by clicking here.

Extra-Extra Homework Credit: Someone please tell me that Mrs. Ted Haggard has taken an AIDS test. That goes for all of these Republican wives for God’s Sakes! Larry Craig’s wife Suzanne needs an AIDS test, David Vitter’s (R-LA) wife Wendy needs an AIDS test..! These Republican wives are nothing but depositories of the AIDS virus and nobody seems to be interested in noting the obvious. It would behoove Laura Bush herself get an AIDS test too… Let’s not forget that other Closet Queen, Jeff Gannon who was living in the White House for two years…

Oh dear… I’m preaching to the choir now..! What have I worked myself up to..??! Worrying about Republican wives? Ted Haggard?! Why should I care about these people?!?!

There isn’t a single one of them that gave a flying-fuck about any gay man who died of the AIDS virus from 1978-2008.

Why should I care about any of them?

Caption These…

Picture A:________________________________

I named the photo “Caribou Barbie”; thinking the trolls finally had their revenge for all of those wolves killed via helicopter. But, since this remains somewhat of a free country (Gays still can’t marry), you can write in your own caption with the space provided.

Picture B:________________________________

This picture I named “McCain Supporters” because nothing spells out the common McCain voter in American than a couple of elderly East-European peasant women… Again; using the space provided… Please write in your own caption. (Hint: The woman on the right… That’s my Mom! Think carefully before you write, Dammit!!)

Picture C:________________________________

My first reaction to this cutie athlete who’s ended up exposing that very cute little tooshie was of Janet Jackson’s unfortunate runaway boob on-stage with Justin Timberlake. So, I called it “Wardrobe Malfunction” for a reason. By the way, if anybody recognizes this little Hottie, please ask him to call me @ 763-531-5170. All you need to say when the phone is answered is: “Hi! I”m looking for Fruit!”

Picture D:________________________________

I love free stuff. But, I’m puzzled: Why are they giving away free shit?!? I don’t get it! And, where are they keeping their shit?

I see bicycles, footballs, tables filled with miscellaneous things… But – where’s the real shit, guys?!?! Do you think they ran out of shit and so they’re hoping to get rid of other stuff while they have the opportunity?!?

Picture E:________________________________

I left the “gays” last of course… C’mon! You can’t have enough fun without seeing “the gays” dressed up a week before Halloween like the Teletubbies.

Now, you see that guy in the middle??! There’s the dead-beat. There’s the guy who’s missing his imagination – he’s the Republican. Because if he was smart – he would be dressed up like Jerry Falwell and pretending to be dead. So… Here’s your opportunity to write-in your own caption…

By the way, I like the “Purple” one. He’s missing his Magic Purse, but if anybody knows these four queers, can you give the Purple guy my number?! Please?!

Picture F:________________________________

Oh go ahead… Write your own caption here too…if you insist… Lessee – Umm… “F”… That would be “F” for “Fabulous”, “FruitFly”, “Fruit Cake” or “Fruit Loops”….