Homophobia: Christian Hate Services begin at 8:00AM!

First Baptist Church, Dallas Texas has Sunday Services all lined up!

fbdgay1matthew_shepardI can’t imagine the thrill it will be for tomorrow’s services. Moms and Dads throughout the Dallas metro area are tucking their kids into bed tonight promising a lively Hate-Fest in Church Services tomorrow. Sunday School Services will undoubtedly teach the heroism of Matthew Shephard’s murderers Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. I’m sure they’ll have hymns they’ll sing praises milkmosconeslainpaperhonoring Dan White who mudered San Francisco’s Mayor George Mascone and San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. (Since it was a double-murder, they’ll probably feel compelled to sing all four versus from the hymnal.) And I’m sure they’ll have offering services for Brandon McInerney’s legal fees for murdering 15-year old Lawrence King by shooting him assasination style – right in the center of the back of the head. Then their Sr Pastor Robert Jeffress will undoubtedly stomp up and down the platform yelling and spewing God’s alleged hatred for gay and lesbian folks everywhere.

b-host-ptvThat’s right people… Be aware! God hates you and He hates it if you fall in love with someone of the same sex!!

So much hatred from God — then what’s the fucking point in worrying about what God thinks?!” <shrug> That’s my thoughts on the topic. “If God’s going to Hate me because I’m gay…Then I guess it’s God who has the problem. And yeah, Pastor Jeffress definitely has a problem.

Pastor Jeffress won’t talk about God’s Love and how we’ve been blessed as His Children. But he will take the time to scream and yell his personal hatred towards gays and claim that it’s really “God’s Hatred”.

Homophobia is not Okay, Pastor Jeffress.

h/t Queerty