41 Republicans on the wall; Take one down, Pass him around…

rottenfruitThey just can’t get their act together. The GOP has 41 seats in the US Senate and they’re barely hanging on to what they have at that. We’re just about to finish our first week in President Obama’s new administration and it’s all over the Internets that five Republican Senators are ditching their offices in the upcoming 2010 election.There are 19 Republican-held seats scheduled for the election compared to 15 Democratic-held seats.

fruitfly21Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) is leaving to persuit a career as Texas’ new governor. (Apparently, current governor Rick Perry (R) isn’t good enough, Senator Hutchinson is planning on teaching him a thing or two on governing Americans crappiest Hell hole. So it’s a step-up for her, you see.)

fruitfly21Kit Bond (R-MO) is leaving the Senate because he’s older than dirt he wants to “step aside”. Specifically;

“I have decided to step aside, not to retire, but to pursue other things and do things which I think can be worthwhile,” Bond said. “I don’t have any plans now. I’m going to finish my official duties, and then I’ll see what pops up.”

It’s a kind of B.S. answer – but everything the Republican Party does is pretty much a B.S. We would be arrogant to expect anything more from them.

fruitfly21George Voinovich (R-OH) announced the day before Obama’s inauguration that he was ditching the US Senate. What was his excuse?

“I must devote my full time, energy and focus,” he said, “to the job I was elected to do, the job in front of me, which seeking a third term – with the money-raising and campaigning that it would require – would not allow me to do.”

Thrilling, don’t you think? Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me either. I’m guessing he made that announcement after his liquid lunch and half of those consonants were so slurred, he could have been arrested for DWB… (Drunk While B.S.-ing.)

fruitfly21Mel Martinez (R-FL) on Tuesday (Inauguration Day) has announced his leaving the US Senate. Martinez has complained that he wants a less scheduled life and more free time. Martinez’s reality-grip isn’t based on his lack of free time, but rather his unpopularity in Florida. Quoting Chris Cilliza of The Fix:

President-elect Barack Obama’s victory in Florida last month coupled with Martinez’s ties to the unpopular outgoing president made him a major target for Democrats heading into the 2010 cycle. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted last month showed 36 percent of Florida voters thought Martinez deserved a second term while 38 percent did not

Ouch! That hurt me, and I’m not even being shot at by a Cuban gang-banger mistaking me for a German tourist in an Enterprise rental!

fruitfly21Sam Brownback (R-KS) already made it clear in St Paul, MN at the 2008 RNC convention while talking to the Kansas delegation: “I ain’t running”. Instead, he’s looking to being the Kansas’ newest governor while the current governor — Kathleen Sebelius; plans to run for Brownback’s chair in the US Senate. (And when the music stops, whoever doesn’t have a chair has to give Dick Cheney his sponge bath and shave his back-hair.)

So now we have five Republicans who are ditching the US Senate for the upcoming 2010 mid-term election: Do you think the GOP would be in full throttle-mode ensuring that they don’t lose anybody else?


fruitfly21From Politico:

Some Republicans are privately urging Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) to step down at the end of his term amid growing concerns that he can’t win reelection in 2010.

According to two GOP sources, leading Republican fundraisers in Kentucky are hesitant to raise money for Bunning and have told him he should not seek a third term.

“They want him to realize he’s had a good run but that it’s time to move on. These people want to win, and they realize he could easily lose this seat,” said one leading Kentucky Republican operative who requested anonymity to speak candidly.

While national campaign officials usually urge their incumbents to remain in office — recognizing it’s tougher to defend an open seat — even leading Republicans seem unconvinced Bunning can win reelection.

That’s right larva and pupa: They’ve got six US Senators who are leaving their party like rats on a Spanish galleon set on fire – but now they’re crawling around kicking other party members out of the Senate Love Boat that they think will lose anyway! This head-count means that in the 2010 mid-term elections and almost 33% of the Republicans are vacating their seats. A worst predicted election than the GOP had in 2006 and 2008 combined.

The final act of political cannibalism wraps up with this little caveat:

In another signal that the state GOP political establishment isn’t lining up behind Bunning, not a single member of McConnell’s 2008 reelection team has signed on to assist Bunning’s bid for a third term.

FruitFly 6I give up! The GOP is getting far too ugly! It’s like watching the lioness eating one of her own cubs: The little tyke meows twice, there’s a soft snap and Mom begins to chew on it’s head.