Sen Coburn Kicks a Desperate Woman to the Ditch: “Go Beg your Neighbors for Help”

Check this out, and watch to see Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) yank his WWJD bracelet off his wrist…

So, you heard the Senator, didn’t you?!  He promises that his office (The United States Government) will happily help this poor wretch of a woman, but he chastizes the audience and explains that the entire community should chip in and help her.  Quite clearly, he admonishes the woman and the audience that nobody should regard the government as an agent for help…for anything.  (Hint: I’ll assume that includes war, invasions and getting mugged; “The government should never be considered as a help-agent!”)

fruitfly21His advice directed at the rest of the audience is disengenuous by saying that the entire community should help her.

That’s a tragic-logic: “Pay your taxes so that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) can continue to receive federally subsidized health care, but the rest of you should pony-up some extra-cash to help out those of us who are the most unfortunate.”

It’s becoming high-time the modern-day Marie Antoinette face the guillotine and we’ll happily enjoy our cake.

By the way!  Before you run-off: Senator Coburn went on Fox Snot the next day with Greta Van Sustren and he explained that he and his staff was indeed – working with the woman and finding resources to offer her some help.   Sarcastically speaking: “It’s obvious – if you’re extra-super pathetic…Well, then of course a Republican will stoop down and help you out.  But the rest of you?!?!? Get back to work!”

Senator Tom Coburn’s follow-up:

Well, sure, we can help her. But remember, the first obligation is for her neighbors and us to help her here in Oklahoma. And we need reforms and we’re going to get reforms, but the answer is not having the government in control of those reforms.

And so she immediately — I invited her up to my office, and my case worker started working with her, and we’ll help her and her husband. But the fact is, is one of the things that makes our country great is that we, as individuals, should be helping everybody around us, rather than transferring that to the responsibility of the government. And the government’s never compassionate.

FruitFly 6
Well played Senator!  Making your office a welfare state is exactly what the GOP needs!

Michele Bachmann is (Stupidly) Pro-Abortion!

If your clue-phone is ringing… Please don’t answer it.

I’m anti-Governmant regulating my marriage, too Representative Bachmann! You’re finally getting it!  Get your government-moralit out of our bedrooms!!  What’s it gonna-tae?!

Gay Dude Gets Plum Job @ Justice Dept: Who Cares?!

This is boring:

On the same day that  the Justice Department softened its position in a gay-marriage lawsuit, word is emerging that the department has hired a liaison to the gay community.

Matt Nosanchuk, a former adviser to Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), will join the department as a senior counselor to the assistant attorney general for civil rights, according to an e-mail University of Pennsylvania Professor Tobias Wolff sent to associates Monday night. Wolff was a top LGBT adviser on the Obama campaign. In the e-mail, obtained by POLITICO, Wolff said Nosanchuk “will be the front office point person on LGBT issues for the DOJ Civil Rights Division” among other duties.

The hire looks like yet another effort by the Obama administration to calm the anger of the gay community over a series of perceived slights., including a controversial brief filed in June in a lawsuit over the Defense of Marriage Act

A Justice Department spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the reported hire.

Yellow-highlights are mine – because the attempt is pathetically obvious. That “controversial brief” filed by Obama’s DOJ compared gay-relationships to incest with uncles sleeping with nephews and other disgusting perversions.

I’m still offended.  Mr. Nosanchuk’s service to Mr. Obama is a patronizing puppet show.  Typical for a Democrat to whip out a dummy in order to perform a thesis for a Ph.D. in Vantriloquism.

Did you miss an African-American “liason” to the DOJ?  How about looking for a “Woman” liason?  Need a “Puerto Rican liason”?FruitFly 6

Blurring the lines between racism and sexual orientation is a chemistry set. Obama is  simply clueless on what to do with his bunson burners.

Bite me, Barack!  You hate us – we get it.  We were dumb.

Julian Bond of the NAACP supports the GLBT community better than setting up a skinny-white guy to represent us. Thanks for the patsy, Dude-in-Chief.  I’m totally convinced that Mr. Nosanchuk will play any role in your adminstration beyond yuk-yuk-jokes, Uranus-laffs and Faggot-gaffs.

Help Fight Glenn Beck


He’s such a douche…

From Muckmakers, my newest Twiter-fan:

As with most media figures, the only way to really drive them into obscurity is through changing the way money flows around them. Once a whack-job ceases to turn over big profits for whatever company has bought him, said company ceases their pushing of that whack-job.

This is slowly happening with Glenn Beck. He’s already lost multiple major sponsors from his show after his recent remarks calling Obama a racist. Now it’s time to help round two. He recently put out a book, and there is a fan-fucking-tastic review of it on that points out how completely full of shit it is.

Good on ya, Buddy!

Rep Barney Frank: Gotta Love Him

FruitFly 6

…Trying to have a conversation with you is like trying to have an argument with a dining room table…

Ohmygawd – is that funnier than hell or what…ROFLMAO!

They Keep Getting Smarter! NO PUBIC OPTION!

Thanks Pammy!

Sarah Palin

Any Questions?!?

Flock of Seagulls: I RAN so far away!!