Oh Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, Go Ahead and Die

Pirates Of The Health Care-ibean

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Health Care Reform: Tweet Your Senator, Now!

President Barack Obama’s 140-character message just broadcasted this little gem:

Are you calling & writing members of congress re: health insurance reform? Now you can tweet them too: http://bit.ly/vIe0J

The link brings you to a very cool animated web-page that pops-up all of the people who are also Tweeting their Senator for health care reform.  If you put in your zip code, it’ll automate a script sent directly to Al Franken and/or Amy Klobuchar.  (…whoever those two people are, I dunno…)

I took a great delight in Tweeting Al Franken about 900 million times with my zip code in here in the western-burbs of Minneapolis..  Poor guy, his email is going to be jammed tomorro…Oh wait!  Al Franken doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account!  I just sent 900 million empty-Tweets!

Give it a try – it’s a hoot!

More on Ridiculous Health Care Reform

fruitfly21My favorite band of Idiots brainstorming on how to terrorize Americans against health care reform.  The best parts are when they show Glen Beck spots bragging that the WHO shows that the US ranks 37th in the world for Health Care — and Beck shouts: “I wish we could be lower!”