State Dept: Gay Couples Can Use Their “Married Names” on Their Passports

At least Hillary Clinton is in there doin’ her part. From the Associated Press:

Gay couples traveling overseas can now show passports that feature their married names, letting them take advantage of a little-noticed revision to State Department regulations that critics had feared would undermine the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The notice of the change says that it does not mean the State Department is recognizing the validity of same-sex marriages and civil unions, but that it was to comply with an amendment to the Code of Federal Regulations that took effect in February 2008.

The name-change revision took effect May 27 in an addition to the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual. It allows same-sex couples to obtain passports under the names recognized by their state through their marriages or civil unions.

Bring in the haters!

Still, groups opposed to gay marriage criticized the name-change provision, saying it erodes the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits federal recognition of any same-sex partnerships.

“It’s an exercise that the current administration is using to try to nibble away at the Defense of Marriage Act,” said Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute.

“There’s no doubt that President Obama has made a strong commitment to repeal the DOMA … and it will take an act of Congress to do so,” Mineau said. “He cannot circumvent the law, but he attempts to do so not head-on, but in an oblique approach.”

We’re getting our equal rights one breadcrumb at a time.

Casting Out “Homosexual Demons” From A Gay Teenager

According to the Trevor Project, a national non-profit group for the prevention of suicide of gay and lesbian teenagers:

  • In America, more than 32,000 people die by suicide each year (2005 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among 15 to 24-year-olds; only accidents and homicide occur more frequently (2006 National Adolescent Health Information).
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college campuses (2008 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • For every completed suicide by a young person, it is estimated that 100 to 200 attempts are made (2003 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey).
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers (Massachusetts 2006 Youth Risk Survey).
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth who come from a rejecting family are up to nine times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers (2007 San Francisco State University Chavez Center Institute).

Interesting, no? Have you ever wondered why these numbers are so high? I’m glad you asked! It’s because of religious wackos like “Prophetess” McKinney from Manifested Glory Ministries and her alleged exorcising of a “homosexual demon” from a teenage boy within her congregation.

If you’ve managed to avoid projectile vomiting – let’s remember: She calls herself a “prophetess” because she thinks God loves her in that “special way”.  They can call her a “prophetess” but it certainly isn’t what I would call her.

Now–  let’s be honest about a few things here.

  • Do you think that boy will come out of that meeting hoping to make out with a cute girl in his church anytime soon?
  • What about the other teenagers in that congregation who might be gay or lesbian who are watching this?  What do you think is going on inside their heads?
  • Check out the adults – hovering around him. Pinning him down…so they can “cast out this alleged homosexual demon”. Why doesn’t anybody have any pity for the boy?  The adults just stand there, thinking stupid thoughts about whatever their “Prophetess” told them to believe…. “La la la laaa… I’m a dumbass watching  a kid being tortured on the floor and somebody’s holding him down… la la la laaaaaaaaaa….”
  • Does anybody think, after watching that video, that it’s really “Prophetess McKinney” that has a few demons of her own that need to be exorcised?  Better asked: Is she a prophetess or is she simply a fraud?  When I see her yellin’ and screaming all that nonsense, I’m reminded of the characters in Mark Twain’s book Huckleberry Finn: The Duke and the King.  Neither of them are good for anything except making everybody believe they’re special and should be respected.  This “prophetess” is no different:  She good for nothing – but has convinced a handful of dumbbells that there are “homosexual demons” and teenagers are gullibul enough to have contracted one.
  • Lastly; how many teenage girls are going to be interested in dating this young man after all is said and done?  How many girls his age are going to be interested in holding his hand, going to the prom…hanging out with him? Everybody already knows that the boy is gay…Why would she waste her time with him to “make sure he really is straight”?!  The “Prophetess” here has put this teen-boy into a permanent Catch-22 for the rest of his life!

FruitFly 6
This kid has two options: Leave this church and get a grip that he’s gay and that’s all there is to it or…Llive with the horror that God hates him and everybody in that church will look at him as if he’s a freak for the rest of his life.

Of course, there’s always the dreaded third option… Please, give generously to the Trevor Project. (Kudos to Autumn Sandeen for bringing it up.)

Pat Robertson: Most Gay Men Were Sexually Abused As A Child

What a complete and utter douche.

“aaahh… Hey der Pat, uhhh duhh…   Does that mean you’re finally off that kick that gay people “chose” to be gay?”

So, if gay men were sexually abused as a child – then doesn’t that mean that heterosexual men cause children to be gay?

If gay men are accused of  “recruiting”, doesn’t this really mean that gay men were in fact – DRAFTED?!

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny:  “What a maroon!”

via Joe.My.God.

Gay Marriage, or Just Fat People Who Fail at Dieting?

I believe I had this conversation with my folks about a year ago on the topic of Civil Unions and Gay Marriage.  With their ultra-conservative views on the world, they see the topic as sort of a frolick:  “Gay people chose to be gay and they’re just trying to be trouble-makers for those of us heterosexuals who are serious about our relationships.”

On of the notations I pointed out, among many of course, was the issue of hospitalization.  Many gay couples find their life-partners thrown into Emergency Rooms for whatever reason and the hospital staff simply cuts off access to the partner primarily out of legal issues.

“How’s that?!” My Dad said angrily as the waitress finished refilling his coffee cup.

“The hospital is legally bound to protect its patients, and since the law doesn’t recognize the life-partner as a married spouse, the hospital has no way of validating the claim and they’re not willing to risk it!”

My Dad wasn’t convinced: “Oh bah…  And besides … How often does that happen anyway?  Like… Once every three years?”

From Joe.My.God just the other day:

Kristin Orbin collapsed with an epileptic seizure after marching 14 miles from Selma to Fresno in Saturday’s Meet In The Middle march. Her partner Teresa Rowe was then denied access to Orbin’s hospital room and was not allowed to direct her medical care despite offering to provide documentation that she was entitled to do so.

Orbin said the paramedic told the nurse on duty that she had collapsed after marching 14 miles for civil rights, and the nurse gave her a dirty look and said “ooooh.” She continued, “I asked if Teresa could come back with me, but the nurse told me I was in a no visitor zone. When I asked her why everyone else had visitors, she said ‘those people are different’.” Orbin said she went to sleep at that point, but she was awakened by a nurse giving her the benzodiazapine Ativan, a drug that causes her to have severe migraine headaches. It was then that she discovered just how bad the situation had become. “Teresa was finally able to make her way up to the front desk and convince them to get a cell phone to me. When I talked to her, she said she had told the nursing staff not to give me Ativan, but they refused to listen to her. They refused to take my medical cards from her. They refused Teresa’s offer to have my advance directive and power of attorney faxed over from UCSF.” Orbin said she asked the nurses several times if Rowe could join her, but each time they refused. “They just kept looking at my Marriage Equality shirt and giving me dirty looks,” she said. Orbin and Rowe were not reunited until a doctor intervened a few hours later.

Now, could you imagine that going on in your life?  Your wife collapses in an epileptic seizure and is whisked away to the Emergency Room.  And by the time you arrive, you’re told that you can not go in to see how’s she’s doing.  And when you demand to know why you can’t even though it’s obvious others are allowed in – you’re told; “Because those people are different.

Pam Spaulding, of Pam’s House Blend has two videos on her blog that are worth noting.

Freedom to Marry

Watch for the nuances in this film.  The young woman is writing a letter to her life-partner who has passed away.  Ask yourself while you watch:  Why is there a For Rent sign in front?  Why is she leaving?  She talks about a boy they had together, but he’s now visiting her?

This poor woman, fell in love with another woman who gave birth to their son.  Yet, when her partner passed away, it was her partner’s parents who simply took everything away form her, including her son.  And there’s not a damned thing she can do about it.


This one makes me smile because it puts the hook right back onto the public’s face.  It doesn’t need an explanation, you’ll figure it out within a few seconds.

Deacon Keith Fournier writes in the Catholic On-line:

“Some maintain that same sex attraction is a genetic predisposition. This is disputed. Even if it were the case, that does not give homosexual activity any more of a claim to being given a special civil rights status. Should we really give disordered appetites civil rights status under the law? Let’s consider an absurd example. I have struggled most of my life with fighting obesity. I am on the ‘winning end’ lately, but just give me another Holiday!

“A very good argument can be made that obesity also has a genetic predisposition. However, I will fight it my whole life because it is unhealthy. It is a disordered appetite. Should we as a Nation decide that fat people have a civil right to be fat? Should those who insist that they resist that ‘genetic predisposition’ to overeat be called Fata-phobic?

The Ting Tings: That's not my nameThe Catholic Church has decided that being gay is the same as being fat?  He could have chosen an attribute like ‘left handed”,  “blue eyed” or “attached earlobes”.  Instead – the Deacon has chosen a health issue as a metaphore to excuse his homophobia. However, coming from the largest non-profit organization that peddles in pedophilia, its no wonder the Catholic Church is diminishing into obscurity in this country.

Oh Crap! Pepsi: Another company on my “You’re Banned” list

Pepsi – I should have known.

PepsiCo announced a multi-year deal with the makers of so bad it’s bad for you energy drink Rockstar, which is owned by conservative shock jock Michael Savage, who’s referred to us by such nice names as “sodomites” and has told us that we should all “get AIDS and die.” This comes after Pepsi was targeted by the American Family Association for donating a cool million to the Human Rights Campaign. What’s that about pleasing all of the people all of the time? You can voice your displeasure with Pepsi here.

We’ve axed Cracker Barrel a long time ago. We’ve axed Denny’s a long time ago, too.

We’ve honestly come to the conclusion that we simply don’t care: If you’re running a business that discriminates? …We’re not giving your business any of our money. Discriminates against Mormons? Hrmm… Nothing new here. Discriminates against Conservative Fundamental Baptist? Also something I’ve never heard of before. Hrmmm….

Discriminate against Republicans? Hrmm…OOOHH! The Fruit Fly blog! I remember now!! Yeah !!!

So let’s see: Pepsi is at Applebee’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, there’s that Taco Bell… Ewww yuck – Pepsi is knee-deep with the “fake-food” crowd anyway. Putting the Pepsi folks on the Banned List should be easy.

FruitFly 6My personal note to Corporate America: If you discriminate – You’re not getting my money!

It’s obvious Stupid: Discrimination is a rule that we define! Go ahead and Hate Us with you’re meat-puppet.

We hold our dollar, and you’ll never get it.



Watermelon Abuse: My Battle for Purity

Human LeaguePlease, stop the abuse. Think of the innocent watermelons! Because everytime you touch your melons, an angel loses its wings…

h/t Jesus’ General. The famous heterosexual who’s always looking out for The Lord’s best interests.

Peggy Noonan: You’re a freaking Idiot!

newbiesWhy am I not surprised?  I’m channel surfing while eating my Cheerios this morning and I whizzed by the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) that apparently shares airtime on the Disney Channel.  Just enough to see that famous Hate Monger Pat Robertson on the 700 Club break away to an interview with Peggy Noonan.  Now you know me – If there’s a “liberal journalist” out there, I wanna hear what they have to say!

Scott Ross, the 700 Club geek gets to conduct the interview – Let’s see what this “liberal journalist” has to say, shall we?

Peggy: I am patriotic. I like these days, to draw the line between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism is love of county. Nationalism is breast beating ‘we are number 1 and we can kick your butt.’ Look, politically, we want to be a great nation. We want Washington to stop, breathe in, resettle itself, and realize we are in a key moment.

Scott: OK, can we give Barack the benefit of the doubt at this point?

Obama has been in office less than sixteen days and they’re wondering whether or not they should cut him some slack?

Peggy: Look, he is a new president. Fifty-three percent of people voted for him, 46 did not – and did not in the time of two wars and economic collapse. So, you’ve got to realize that’s a lot of not support for Obama – 56 million people. What do you owe your new president? Grace. Give him a chance. Pray for him, seriously. Hope that as he prospers, we prosper. Hope that a new wisdom will come upon him as sometimes happens with a president.

Now you can go look at the original transcript and you can see for yourself that the word “not” is in italics and it’s been inserted in the wrong location.  Grammatically, the sentence doesn’t make any sence. “…That’s a lot of not support for Obama”?  She either said “that’s a lot of non-support for Obama” or she said “That’s a lot of support for Obama” and I’m betting she said the latter.  The idiots at the 700 Club screwed it up when they wrote the transcript.

Scott: Where does this leave the GOP? It was probably ‘76 the last time they were beaten this bad in the polls. And the differences between now and then – does this leave the GOP out in the wilderness?

Peggy: Yes.

Scott: They’re out?

Peggy: They are refiguring. There are times in life, in your life and mine, but also in political lives, where a great party has suffered a series of defeats – ’06, ’08; where it has perhaps lost touch with the American people, and where you have to settle down and redefine yourself.

They’re “reconfiguring”!?!  They’re not reconfiguring, Honey – THEY’RE DYING! goptoetag

But Scott’s worried and you see it in his word-choice:

Scott: What are the positives now for the republicans?

Peggy: What are the positives? Well, in a cheap way, you can sit back and criticize the other guy for his stupid decisions. And let’s face it, a republican congress and a republican president have made plenty of mistakes. The fun is also, look – regeneration.

Scott: How do your personal spiritual beliefs inform what you write?

Peggy: I think they inform me as a human being; they inform everything I see and everything I think. I think about God more than I go to church, if you know what I mean. And I think that’s true of so many Christians. God’s on my mind. I ought to pray as much as God’s on my mind, because then I’d pray a lot. All I can tell you is God is real and so that infuses everything.

Ahhh…Now we know why Peggy Noonan has been on the 700 Club some twenty-eight times in the past six years!  She’s a right-winger like the rest of the lot!  She’s  a shill for the Right Wing Machine!

Scott: There are major issues that become political, but are really moral:  abortion, stem-cell research, homosexual marriage. Do you write about these things? Will you write about these things?

Peggy: Oh, sometimes. I wrote most recently about abortion when Obama and McCain were in the Rick Warren interview. However, you remember, there was that key moment when Rick Warren said to each candidate, ‘tell me, at what point does a fetus deserve human rights?’ (Obama video clip: Obama said, “to answer that question with specificity is – above my pay grade.’) I just thought, above your pay grade? Abortion is the issue that will never go away. And every kid in America who buys a condom knows when life begins – do you know what I mean? Buying a pack of condoms tells you, you know exactly when it begins!

WHAT?!?!  Just a few seconds ago she said about Barack Obama: “What do you owe your new president? Grace. Give him a chance. Pray for him, seriously.”  Seriously – You’re criticizing the President for something he said before he was President and you want us to give him a chance?!  Peggy Noon: You’re a freaking idiot!

And you’re wrong Peggy Noonan: Every kid in America buying a condom doesn’t know when life begins, nor does the kid really care.  The only thing going through that overly-hormoned kid when he’s buying a condom is thinking he’s going get laid and see what his girlfriends boobies look like outside of that training bra, you stupid stupid Little Shill.

Shortly after John McCain (R-AZ) announced Sarah “the Pit Bull/Barracuda/Grizzly Mom” Palin (R-AK) last September,  Peggy Noonan was at a luncheon where the topic of McCain’s choice was brought up.  She was heard saying that McCain’s “campaign was “over”.  She went out on a retraction by saying:FruitFly 6

She doesn’t believe McCain can’t win. Indeed, in a message she sent out after the conversation on the MSNBC set made it onto YouTube, she noted that “at an on-the-record press symposium on the campaign on Monday, when all of those on the panel were pressed to predict who would win, I said that I didn’t know, but that we just might find, ‘This IS a country for old men.’ That is, McCain may well win. I do not think the campaign is over, I do not think this is settled …”

Oh Sweet Jesus… She’s not only a Press Whore for the GOP – She’s a certifiable moron.