Massachusetts Elects Nude Porn-Star!!

Oh wait! That was the “Family Values Crowd” that was talking about that… I forgot!!

Hooray for the liberals in Massachusetts!! They’ve elected their first porn-star!!

Gay Dude Gets Plum Job @ Justice Dept: Who Cares?!

This is boring:

On the same day that  the Justice Department softened its position in a gay-marriage lawsuit, word is emerging that the department has hired a liaison to the gay community.

Matt Nosanchuk, a former adviser to Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), will join the department as a senior counselor to the assistant attorney general for civil rights, according to an e-mail University of Pennsylvania Professor Tobias Wolff sent to associates Monday night. Wolff was a top LGBT adviser on the Obama campaign. In the e-mail, obtained by POLITICO, Wolff said Nosanchuk “will be the front office point person on LGBT issues for the DOJ Civil Rights Division” among other duties.

The hire looks like yet another effort by the Obama administration to calm the anger of the gay community over a series of perceived slights., including a controversial brief filed in June in a lawsuit over the Defense of Marriage Act

A Justice Department spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the reported hire.

Yellow-highlights are mine – because the attempt is pathetically obvious. That “controversial brief” filed by Obama’s DOJ compared gay-relationships to incest with uncles sleeping with nephews and other disgusting perversions.

I’m still offended.  Mr. Nosanchuk’s service to Mr. Obama is a patronizing puppet show.  Typical for a Democrat to whip out a dummy in order to perform a thesis for a Ph.D. in Vantriloquism.

Did you miss an African-American “liason” to the DOJ?  How about looking for a “Woman” liason?  Need a “Puerto Rican liason”?FruitFly 6

Blurring the lines between racism and sexual orientation is a chemistry set. Obama is  simply clueless on what to do with his bunson burners.

Bite me, Barack!  You hate us – we get it.  We were dumb.

Julian Bond of the NAACP supports the GLBT community better than setting up a skinny-white guy to represent us. Thanks for the patsy, Dude-in-Chief.  I’m totally convinced that Mr. Nosanchuk will play any role in your adminstration beyond yuk-yuk-jokes, Uranus-laffs and Faggot-gaffs.

Rep Barney Frank: Gotta Love Him

FruitFly 6

…Trying to have a conversation with you is like trying to have an argument with a dining room table…

Ohmygawd – is that funnier than hell or what…ROFLMAO!

They Keep Getting Smarter! NO PUBIC OPTION!

Thanks Pammy!

Racism: It’s Awesome If You’re A Republican!

Watch this scene at a “town hall” meeting for Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO): An African-American woman rolls out a sign depicting Rosa Parks to speak her views on the health care debate.

A white guy (assumed a Republican) reaches over, grabs her sign and rips it up – destroying her voice and her imagry.

FruitFly 6Police arrive and grab the woman and escorts her out of the auditorium (!?!?!), while all of the white folks (again – presumably Republican folks) cheer and holler at the scene (again: ?!??!).

It’s disgusting. Watch the police later in the video, giggle about how they shouldn’t be harassing only black folks…

The Great Minnesota State Fair: Coming Soon!

For those of you who aren’t so privileged to live in Minnesota, we have the largest State Fair in the country next to the Texas State Fair. If I recall, the Texas State Fair is “bigger” based on geographical size, while Minnesota’s State Fair is the largest based on Visiting/Attendees. However, I could be wrong and the complete opposite of those two could also be true.

So, let’s look at some State Fair Poster Art that was rejected this year, shall we?
fair artworkmichele fairOoooh…who can forget that toothy grin of Rep Bachmann?! That’s what happens in Minnesota when you hate the gays: You’re sentenced to wear a pancake-on-a-stick on your head and you have to dye the hair on your chest lime-green.

How about the food?!  Here are some new suggestions!

fair baked dogLower in trans-fat, the baked corn-dog shows great promise!

fair fried zucchiniSomething those California Hippies are serving in their State Fair:  the Zucchini stuffed dog!

fair potato dogWell, it’s not only kinky, but it’s  delicous too!

Well, I can’t wait!  When the State Fair rolls around, it means all of the screaming kids in our neighborhood will soon be heading back to school and I can finally get my afternoon naps back.  Meanwhile, PASS THE KETCHUP!  LET’S EAT!

Canadians Talk to Americans about Health Care

….And shouldn’t they?  Canadians are our closest friends, including those pencil-headed British.  The Canadians share our borders, our trade, and they share our families:  My aunt is married to a Canuck!

What do these people say about public option and government sponsered health care?  <shrug>  It’s better than “we’ve got”!!

I’ll invite you to watch!  The video is eleven and some-odd seconds long.  No worries – the Canadians do pretty well at defining their case at the half-way point!


Ask Bernie Sanders (I-VT): He’s got the finger on the pulse…

Senator Sanders spanks John McCain (R-AZ) with this:

The GOP is losing the Health Care Debate. This conversation has shifted from defense to offense: “We Can’t” has become “We Aren’t Allowed!” The GOP can’t make a case for the Health Care Industry struggles to explain why they’ve become an exclusive country club for the few while patently ignoring the many. This health care debate is a natural shift with the government’s best interest – it’s citizens. By default, the GOP no longer speaks on behalf of the American people; they speak for the corporations.