Caribou Barbie Caught Looting!

Here’s a trophy governor for ya!fruitfly21

The Associated Press is reporting that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who is to resign Sunday, may have violated ethics rules by accepting donations to rebut several ethics complaints.

AP writes that a July 14 report by an investigator for the state Personnel Board alleges that Palin is securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust, set up by supporters.

The investigator says there is probable cause to believe Palin used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the trust as the “official” legal defense fund. Palin says she owes more than $500,000 in legal bills.

Maybe she’s talking the money because she needs new clothes! Maybe she’s taking that cash because her current hairdresser wasn’t nearly as good as the one the GOP hired for her!

The Wasilla Hillbillies are moving out of Alaska’s Governors mansion and I’m guessing they’ll take the furniture, the blinds, the rugs and the china with them. What isn’t nailed down, will be gone.

…They’ll leave the silverware because that needs polished once in a while. Besides, who needs to work when there’s more looting to be done?

The Democrats vs The GOP: How We Doin’ So Far?

corn flakesFriends from all over the United States have told me, either on the phone or via email that the Democrats have been showing up in droves. When we went to vote, traffic was so horribly backed up, people simply pulled over on the shoulder and abandoned their vehicles. We found a back road behind a parking lot which was filling up and did the same. I’ve seen news media everywhere saying that Democrats have been showing up twice, if not three times to that of our Republican counter-parts.

But is that really true?

I spent an hour this morning swimming out there in “Dataville” and I couldn’t find anybody who’ll tell me the ratio of voting Dems to Repukes on this year’s Primaries/Caucuses.

This morning on Meet The Press, Tim Russert practically shoved Huckleberry Hound off the set after Holy Mike explained he was praying for a “Jesus sized Miracle” to win. But by the time Holy Mike got to twanging away about frying squirrels on a popcorn popper in college, the real “Jesus Miracle” was the number people who were still watching the show.

Following that fiasco of total air time, Russert pooled his buddies together to discuss the elections and how they’re going for both the Dems and the ‘Pukes. Gwen Ifle, David Brody, Chuck Todd and Dave Broder (the token GOP Whore) all had an intriguing conversation about the Obama v Clinton delegate count.

Then these words were said on MTP:

MR. RUSSERT: …And if you look at the vote count thus far in these primaries, here it is: Republicans have gotten 12.9 million votes, Democrats have gotten 19.2 votes.

It shows a little more intensity and enthusiasm for one party over another, Chuck Todd.

MR. TODD: It’s a huge problem for the Republicans. I mean, they look at these numbers, and they’re very, very nervous.

Are they really that nervous? Is Karl Rove really pulling out the remaining strands of hair from his balding scalp?

day crow crowdHow much of an effect can a 30% approval rating for a sitting US President have on primary caucuses in an election year?

  • A good friend of mine, a liberal Democrat in Atlanta: “Twice as many Dems showed up to vote as Republicans!!”
  • Another friend of mine in Montgomery, AL: “You wouldn’t believe it! Dems were everywhere voting…you couldn’t find a Republican anywhere!”
  • A friend of mine from Los Angeles: “Dude, it’s incredible. You wouldn’t believe it. EVERYBODY is voting Dem out here. It’s so knarley, ya know?!”
  • Last Friday, my best friend, a Catholic priest in southern Lousiana said while chewing on some fresh crawfish: “I think dat Hillary’s going to win Louisiana, but who dat Obama say he goin’ a-win?!” (Obama won of course; pass the hot sauce, thank you very much.)
  • Here in Minnesota, my State Senator Ann Rest said that they were expecting three times DFL’ers to show up to vote over the Minnesota GOP.

Is this all true?

It was -30F wind chill last night. Little Otis is upset because he’s bored out of his skull for lack of anything related to the outdoors and withdrawl symptoms from his addiction to squirrel poop. What a better time to give the dog a rawhide bone and get my mouse surfing?

I gave up screwing around with local Secretary of State offices. If the SOS is a Republican, you can’t find the vote-count results anywhere. If it’s a Dem, the SOS is so overly “datafied” and the research became ridiculous. Huge *.PDF files with breakdowns of precinct percentages broken down by “voters under 35” and “household incomes less than fifty dollars”.


I caved in and went worshiping at the Throne of Mass Media: CNN.

I tallied up all of the votes between Democrats and Republicans, regardless of which candidate they voted for, even if they were simply “undecided”.

The numbers are astounding. Including some states you’d never think. I’ve highlighted states to match the color of the party with the higher turnout. The rare GOP turn out might surprise you, or it may not.

Please note that Maine finished their primary today, and the CNN data was less than 8 minutes old when I was tallying up those totals. States where one party is TWICE or THREE TIMES the turnout as their counter-parts are highlighted in yellow. Which attracts the most of my attention.

Voter Totals are valid as of 2/11/04 (i.e. Expect updates…)

DEM: 539,743
2,672 (Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 563,822
1,252 (Uncommitted Included)

DEM: 397,642
GOP: 480,351

DEM: 298,338
GOP: 218,897
(944 Uncommitted Included)

texansInteresting: More people from the “Old Geezer” State showed up to vote for their guy John McCain (the ultimate old geezer) than Mike Huckabee could draw from his own Hillbilly State. Perhaps the GOP voters in Arkansas decided that bribing the Huckabee’s to leave the Governors Mansion in Little Rock with that gift registry at Target and Dillards was enough. God knows what the Huckabee’s will do to take a bribe to leave the White House in four years.

DEM: 4,541,,082
GOP: 2,293,212

DEM: 119,184
(1253 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 55,845

DEM: 350,595
GOP: 150,159

DC (District of Columibia):
DEM: 113,157
GOP: 5,711

Note: Only GOP congressional staffers bothered to show up to vote here. I can imagine the GOP Polling “Holes” were vacant with an occasional voter strolling in every other hour or so… This GOP turnout was pathetic!

DEM: 95,979
GOP: 50,062

DEM: 1,684,390
GOP: 1,864,350

I found Florida interesting. Floridians knew their delegates were banned by the DNC. Yet, they went out and voted anyway. And they still ran short by about 180,000 Republicans.

DEM: 1,046,485
GOP: 954,462

HAWAI’I: updated3
DEM: 37,247
(65 Uncommitted)
GOP: The Repukes hold their Primary on 5/18 (like we cared).

DEM: 21,224
(552 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: The Repukes hold their Primary on 5/27 (like we care).

DEM: 2,958,268
GOP: 885,009

DEM: 36,695
(8 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 19,133
(84 Uncommitted Included)

DEM: 357,547
GOP: 156,101

Noted: Most all of the Southern states, the Dems seem to have found their voice! Louisiana, rare to be twice that of the turnout to that of the ‘Pukes, but not uncommon to be such a high turnout!

MAINE: (To be updated, obviously)
DEM: 3,200
(17 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 2,410

DEM: 723,407
GOP: 277,162

DEM: 1,244,133
(7,766 “No Preference” Included)
GOP: 496,171
(1875 “No Preference” Included)

DEM: 593,837
(237,762 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 867,271
(18106 Uncommitted Included)

Ralph NaderAnother interesting voter turnout. Michigan’s delegates were also banned and yet the Dems showed up anyway; 273,000 less than their Repuke neighbors.

DFL: 213,249
GOP: 62,857
Constitution Party: 82

Interesting note for Minnesota: The Greens and the Independents didn’t vote. They either voted for a Dem or a ‘Puke, but there’s no votes cast for an Independent or a Greenie. (See ya later Ralphie!!!)

UPDATE: Grace Kelly over at MnBlue politely informed me that the Greenies and the Indies don’t vote until later. I stand corrected but there’s no damned way I’m pullin’ down my digi-graphic of Ralphie. He’s so HOT!!

(Please read the COMMENTS for more information.)

DEM: 823,376
(3,133 Uncommitted Votes Included)
GOP: 433,749
(2,083 Uncommitted Votes Included)
LIB: 2056
(963 Uncommitted Votes Included)

DEM: 38,481
(99 Uncommitted Votes Included)
GOP: The ‘Pukes hold their Primary on 5/13 (like we care).

DEM: 10,560
(31 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 44,324


I’m sick and tired of y’all mispronouncing it!

DEM: 284,104
GOP: 233,381

DEM: 1,109,369
GOP: 556,855

Vote! Or we’ll call Tony Soprano on ya.

NEW MEXICO: (What’s up with Gov. Bill Richardson’s backyard in Counting Votes, anyway?)
DEM: 139,869
(413 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: (The Repukes have their Primary on June 8…Like we care)

DEM: 1,721,265
GOP: 602,747
(18,566 voting for Rotten Rudy Giuliani Included)

Like Huckabee, New Yorkers ignoring Rudy like that was a crushing embarrassment. Not only did New Yorkers say to Rudy; “No!”, they said “HELL F%$#$ NO!”

DEM: 18,856
GOP: 9,743

Not quite twice the number of Dems! But; “Ooooh..! So close!” As conservative as NoDaks tend to be, this is a remarkable turnout.

DEM: 401,230
GOP: 329,843

DEM: 530,322
GOP: 442,918

(3,123 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 547,614
(1812 Uncommitted Included)

DEM: 122,617
GOP: 283,759

DEM: 964,701
GOP: 479,644

DEM: 31,984
(363 Uncommitted Included)
GOP: 13,475
(1729 Uncommitted Included)

WISCONSIN: updated3
DEM: 1,099,624
(860 Uninstructed Included)
GOP: 403,437
(850 Uninstructed Included)

I counted 22 states in which the more voters showed up for the Dems than for the ‘Pukes. I would say the Dems are doing pretty well this year. And as we progress our final year of the Village Idiot sitting in the Oval Office and Dick Cheney keeps burning down restrooms, in the Vice Presidents office and government offices all over Washington DC, more of us are going to be fed up with the GOP’s “Disaster Platform”.

I would tend to believe Chuck Todd in the fact that the GOP is extremely nervous. The NRCC, the financial spinal-column for the upcoming GOP election, is bracing for the news of many years of financial looting going back many many years. As well as they should be:

The NRCC’s accounting problems were discussed during two high-level conference calls between senior GOP lawmakers on Friday and Monday night, according to Republicans briefed on the calls.

“There is a sense that this could be very damaging to the committee,” said a Republican insider close to the GOP leadership.

The precise details of the suspected accounting irregularities and their possible fallout are not entirely clear. NRCC officials and top GOP leaders are being tight-lipped in large part because the FBI is investigating the matter. An outside lawyer advising members and staff has warned everyone at the committee to keep quiet.

FruitFly 6Do I think we’re doing better than the ‘Pukes?! Definitely! Even in spite of the growing debate within the DNC about Super Delegates and Obama v Clinton is a whole lot better than what the GOP is facing. The DNC isn’t broke, under investigations, rife with scandals and filled with corruption. The GOP could only pray for a complex issue like a brokered convention.

Oh Dear God: More GOP Corruption and Another Pervert Case…

mexican fruit fliesCongressional Quarterly is reporting that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has asked the FBI to investigate looting from inside the organization. The NRCC is the funding-arm for the GOP, politicians who sit down together and strategize which Congressional and/or US Senatorial races need a boost during election cycles. I suspect solving the case should be easy: Simply look at which Republican incumbents who are desperate Michele enough to keep their Bachmann seat in Congress. NRCC Chair, Tom Cole (R-OK) has asked for the investigation and sent a written release saying:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to institute and strengthen financial controls at the National Republican Congressional Committee, we learned earlier this week of irregularities in our financial audit process”

“Since these irregularities may include fraud, we have notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities. We are aggressively and thoroughly investigating the matter and, while we determine the details, we have terminated our relationship with a former employee who was engaged as an outside vendor.”

houseflyThis isn’t the first time the NRCC has reported financial woes. This causes me to believe the looting of Republican funds has been going on for sometime. In November of 2007, NRCC was $4 million in debt and had a parse $1.6 million on-hand. The NRCC hasn’t seen this extreme in financial problems since Michele Bachmann was elected for Minnesota’s 6th CD.

Another strange coincidence? When the bill was brought up to fund security for the city of St Paul and the upcoming GOP 2008 Presidential campaign, everyone of Minnesota’s Congressional delegates voted for those funds, except for Bachmann.

Let’s have a serious talk about the perverts. Perversion and Larceny are, after all, the Flora and the Fauna of the GOP.

Do you remember a company called “Clean Flix”? It was the “GOP Darling” among the Evangelical wing in the early Depression Bush II Years. Clean Flix was a company organized that would “sterilize” Hollywood film from anything they deemed “sinful” for personal distribution grade DVD’s. The Utah-based, Mormon owned company wanted to distribute their movie version and rent them in direct competition to Blockbuster video and Netflix. (Get it? “Flix”? They’re so god damned creative, they even ripped off part of the fucking name from someone else!)Black Garbage Fly

Lawsuits filed in 2002 shut the company down in 2006. Hollywood greatest directors including Spielberg, Redford and Scorsese along with the studios of Disney, Sony, Universal, Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox wrote up a copyright lawsuit so huge, God couldn’t buy an attorney to bail them out. Clean Flix planned to appeal and whipped out a Biblical analogy:

“We’re disappointed,” CleanFlicks CEO Ray Lines said. “This is a typical case of David vs. Goliath, but in this case, Hollywood rewrote the ending. We’re going to continue to fight.”

If you erpped a little bit of vomit in the back of your throat; I share your taste. They look at themselves as “David” who’s trying to steal, plagiarize, sanitize and re-distribute “Goliath’s” art work. So far I don’t think Michele Bachman has had anything to do with this lawsuit.

Thompson LifferthThe company’s CEO’s, both Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. “Mitt Romney Voters”), decided an alternative route: Re-open the store, with the Sin-Free videos and claim them “education material”. It could have worked, if Daniel D. Thompson (31 yrs) and Isaac Liefferth (24 yrs) hadn’t been messing around with the students.

Two 14-year old girls and a 16 year old girl worked their text messaging phones and easily found Thompson and Liefferth who gladly paid them plenty in exchange for oral sex. Yes, I was relieved to learn they were heterosexual perverts too. Because if it was 14 year old boys – “The Gays” would have taken the rap as Thompson and Leifferth were proof that “The Gays” were simply “recruiting”. Since it’s a heterosexual pervert story, there’s no fucking “Gay Agenda” bullshit to worry about.sharpie

It was the 16-year olds Mom who was the sharpie. She noticed the stash of $20’s in the kid’s bedroom and pried the whole god damn story out of her.

The booking documents state Thompson told the 14-year-olds that his film sanitizing business was a cover for a pornography studio. He asked the girls if they would participate in making a porn movie, but they refused, the documents state.

Police found a “large quantity” of pornographic movies inside the business, along with a keg of beer, painkillers and two cameras hooked up to a television. Thompson told police he didn’t know the teenagers were under 18 or that they were paid for sex. He said pornography found at the business was for “personal use,” according to the documents.

Thompson was released Friday after posting $30,000 bail. Lifferth remained in the Utah County jail late Friday, with bail set at $30,000.

Formal charges have not been filed against either man. Calls to Thompson’s phone number went unanswered Friday.

mosquitoNow let’s pull off the fucking buggy-wheels on this baby carriage and look at the fun parts of this story. Peter T. Chattaway notes in Arts and Faith blog the disparaging twist in who is the actual owners of CleanFlix. In his own blog “FilmChat“, he spotted the judge’s ruling in the original lawsuit, Deseret Morning News declaring both Ray Lines and Daniel D. Thompson as CleanFlix CEO/owners. Since Mr. Thompson and Mr. Liefferth’s arrest, CleanFlix has developed severe heartburn over that fucking “CEO” term and has filed a one million dollar lawsuit against Thompson. Mr. Ray Lines goes out of his way to denying any relationship with Mr. Pervert Thompson or his fucking illegal activities with minors in his CleanFlix stores relating to any god damned minors.

“We want everyone to see that we stand for the antithesis of everything with which we have been erroneously linked in recent reports,” said Ray Lines, whom CleanFlicks says is the true founder of their company.

Christianity Today, also one of many media outlets that made the mistake on the whole “CEO/Owner” thing. Other media outlets included Salt Lake Tribune, Provo Daily Herald as well as the local CBS affiliate so at least Christian Today was in fairly good company. Embarrassed by the mix-up, Christianity Today had to ask CleanFlix about the confusion. (They’re Christians for fuck’s sake, they don’t make mistakes!) David Politis, CleanFlix’s publicist explained it very well. After all, not knowing who’s a CEO and who’s an “Owner” can be a wee-bit confusing. Said Politis:

CleanFlicks used to run a number of brick-and-mortar dealerships in Utah, but when they decided to become exclusively an online DVD rental business in 2002, they sold the stores to individuals. Thompson’s father apparently bought three of the stores, and later hired his son, Daniel, to manage one of them. CleanFlicks later required all of the brick-and-mortar stores to cease using the CleanFlicks name.

Apparently, Daniel isn’t a CEO/Owner afterall. He’s a manager while his Daddy is the real “CEO/Owner”. But “Junior” is the one being sued for millions of dollars for infringing on the trademark of a fine quality corporation that infringes on professional grade film and art.housefly

Also worth noting: While stupidly not doing their homework the first time when the original broke, Christianity Today decided to include something CleanFlix’s discovered about Thompson:

Meanwhile, CleanFlicks had also learned that Daniel Thompson had served time in the Utah County Jail for various indictments on securities fraud, money laundering, and theft. (Documents from the Fourth District Court in Provo confirm this.) At that time, CleanFlicks told Thompson’s father that they would no longer do business with his son.

No god damned background checks at the CleanFlix corporation to “run” and manage your fucking brick-and-mortar outlet’s Mr. Lines? Christianity Today, along with a half-dozen other media outlets can’t the time to do a little research before going to print?

Extra credit for homework on this story includes:CleanFlix Founder Ray Lines

CBS KUTF-2: Wrongfully accused Clean Flix wants to clear its name

CBS KUTV-2: Hollywood threats force film sanitizing services out of business

YouTube user “CleanFlix” appears with an upload of the band U2 receiving an award. The video includes the customized tag at the beginning and the end with ““. That tag line on your Mozilla Firefox window will say: “Uplifting Belt Buckle (Christian Mormon)” and they encourage you to “CTR”. It’s code for: “Chose The Right”. “CleanFlix” joined YouTube on June 7, 2006, five days after the Courts shut the CleanFlix business down.

Salon: Editing out Julia Roberts’ role as a prostitute in “Pretty Woman” proves to be difficult for Mormons who would love to rent the DVD.FruitFly

FlowTV:Huntsman v. Soderbergh and Copyright Law – A case study on the subject of CleanFlix product.

Mormon News: In defense of CleanFlix’s copyright violations and demand that Latter Day Saints (Mitt Romney Voters) be allowed to enjoy “sterilized” videos produced from their Pervert Party members. (Dated; Feb ’01)

Letters to the Editor: Gulf News (UAE)…One person’s thoughts on GWB

Bush LegacyAhh…. Those fabulous days when they laughed about Bill Clinton’s “foreign policies” when he became President. They laughed at our (DNC) stupidity with some dumb hick from Arkansas off to visit the foreign heads of state. The laughter! How they joked and riddled each of us…Clinton was our guy and we elected some dumb hick. …How well I remember those days…<sigh>

Well, the sunset hours of our current Texas-sized trailer-park trash and the fruits of his own “foreign policies” have begun to ripen. Ever wonder how people from foreign lands feel about our current “foreign relations genius? Of course we’ll overlook that that disaster of a trip Bush and his wife took to Argentina in Nov. 2005 . The one when Hugo Chavez made Bush looked like an idiot and the local press was reporting that the country had never seen such a mass-riots. The same Argentinian Summit where Bush retured home stumbling drunk and showed up to endorse Jerry Kilgore for Governor who ended up loosing in landslide…but I digress.

Today, Bush is visiting the Middle East. He’s hoping to cinch up the final days of his “legacy” over there. Rachel Maddow lead me to a Letter to the Editor in the United Arab Emirate’s Gulf News and I thought it was worth blogging.

You can read the entire letter for yourself, while I’ll just plagiarize the first sixty-five sentences. Now when you read it.. Read it allowed. …That way you’ll get the full effect of what the author is trying to say.

Ready? Okay..! Ehem..! “A Letter to the Editor! …One person’s viewpoint on our President of the United States: George W. Bush” …read out loud:

Dear Mr. President;

Lest you forget. Invasion of Iraq. Thousands of dead. Looting the National Museum. Disbanding the Iraqi army. Donald Rumsfeld. Shock and Awe. Jay Garner. Paul Bremer. Inciting sectarianism. Abu Ghraib. Thousands of detainees without charges. Torture. Oil. Ghost WMDs. The Niger connection. Halliburton. Blackwater. Deadly security contractors. Mercenaries. Fallujah. Haditha massacre. Blind support of Israel. Instigating the suffering of Gaza. Ignoring the expansion of illegal colonies. Defying United Nations resolutions. Securing “a Jewish State”. Allowing Israelis to extend the destruction of Lebanon in the 2oo6 war. Providing Israel with new Bunker Buster bombs to attack Lebanese towns. The War on Terror. “The Crusade”. Clash of civilisations. Where is Osama Bin Laden? Afghanistan. Bagram massacre. Bombing media offices. Guantanamo Bay. Kangaroo courts. Indefinite detention. Presidential orders to ignore Geneva Conventions. “Unlawful enemy combatants”. Illegal National Security Agency wiretapping. Fingerprinting visitors. Black prisons. Kidnapping foreign citizens on foreign lands. Khalid Al Masri. Abu Omar. Maher Arar. Central Intelligence Agency. “Aggressive interrogation techniques”. Destroying the torture tapes. Iran tension. Isolating Syria. Embracing Syrian opposition Iraq style. The Chavez coup. Denial of global warming. Rejecting Kyoto Protocol. Marginalisation of the United Nations. John Bolton. Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank. Carl Rove. Alberto Gonzales. Firing attorneys. Nepotism. False democracy promises. Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney and Dick Cheney.

FruitFlyAhhh… How I miss the days when we had a real President in office… tsk tsk tsk… Instead, we have Texas’ finest in ‘Cowboy Diplomacy’.

What’s that you say?! Oh yes, I remember that saying too: “He who laughs last, laughs best.”

Problem is; nobody’s laughing.