Joe Scarborough: Let The Gays Get Married – Anywhere Else But My Neighborhood!

fruitfly21This is the new face of the Republican Party: “Make the appearance that you’re accepting of gay marriage…But not really”.

The video is less than a minute and when asked what he thought if gays could marry in his homestate of Florida he stops and mutters: “Well, that’s a little too close to home.”


The GOP: It’s in a death-spiral and for them – Denial is indeed…a river in Egypt.

Bite me Joe! Don’t you have a dead intern in your office still rotting away or something?!? Oh wait…I forgot – you’re teaching classes on how to cover-up a murder and come out smelling like a rose! Dismiss the coroner, and replace him with a campaign donor and suddenly, you’re the pretty-boy on MSNBC!

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