Carol Molnau Gets The Hatchet on Thursday: Large Crowds Expected for Excecution

HatchetFrom the Minneapolis Star-Trubune

DFLers may fire Molnau Thursday, Senate leaders say

Senate DFLers are planning to vote as early as tomorrow to reject Carol Molnau as the state Transportation Commissioner, according to Senate leaders.

Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester, said he was told by Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller that the vote would occur Thursday.

In an interview, Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, wouldn’t say when the vote will take place, but he said the votes are there to deny her confirmation in the transportation commissioner post. He said discussions were continuing today on when to hold the vote and how to do it “in a dignified manner.”

While Pogemiller would not say when the vote would occur, Senjem said Pogemiller has been clear to him that the vote is scheduled for Thursday.

“I don’t think they are going to enter into the debate a lot. I think they are doing it on a day when the news is going to be dominated by the budget and so this issue will be somewhat secondary,” Senjem said. “We’re prepared here for tomorrow. You don’t have to plan real far ahead to do this.”

Senate DFLers caucused today on the issue, Senjem said he was told. The Senate would only need a simple majority to vote down Molnau’s confirmation and Pogemiller said today it was clear the votes were there to reject her.

Hrmm… It would seem that the DFL here in Minnesota stuffed their hands into bloomers and found – Lo and Behold! They found some cajones!

I’ll betcha Minn GOP Chair Lord Voldemort Ron Carey starts to cry. No! No! It’ll be Governor Timmeh who cries, Lord Voldemort will say:

“Kerfuffle, Kerfuffle,FruitFly 6 Kerfuffle, Kerfuffle, Kerfuffle!!”

crybabyI’ll bet Michael B. Brodkorb cries too. He’s a crybaby. He’ll blubber on for about it for a week or so. His titles will go from <H3> to <H1> and he’ll start bleeding from his eyes. Watch all of the GOP do this: “GASP! How rude!! These DFL’ers are such savages!!”

McCain 2008: Like Hope, But Different

Steven Benen, (the Carpetbagger Report) addressed the new viral fad that pays tribute to Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech given right before the New Hampshire primaries. The video, originated by Bob Dylan’s son Jesse and Black Eyed Peas frontman cobbled the video together and included such notable musicians as Herbie Hancock, John Legend, LA Lakers basketball celebrity Kareem Abdul Jabbar and actresses Scarlett Johansson and Kate Walsh. The YouTube video now boasts over 3 million hits and:

Dylan and told ABC News they did not coordinate the creation or release of the video with the Obama campaign, and are unsure Obama knows about the production.

I highly recommend watching it. It’s a brilliant piece of work and it’ll pull a tear from behind your eyeballs with or without your consent.

Brave New Films has now produced a parody film on John McCain and his long list of campaign promises. Promises that include “another 100 years in Iraq”, the famous “bomb bomb bomb Iran” speech and his ideas that most Americans are comfortable with10,000 years in Iraq.

What’s hysterical in the piece is in the middle of the video, you’ll see a young lady signing “We are F@%*!!” Put it a better way: Watch for the lady waving her hands all about and she eventually stuffs her finger into her fist on the other hand.

Shortly after, there’s a guy hyperventilating in a brown paper sack and the guy playing the guitar eventually walks off the set.

The video has about a half million viewers and the creators are pointing how how upset they are because Jesse Dylan and allegedly stole the idea from them. totally stole this idea from us, we’ve been thinking for a long time that earnest people reacting to a candidate is the future of music video. An Election 08 on youtube production. Special guests: Beth Farmer Matt Craig Rebecca Allen Kai Pompeii Kevin Victor Cohn-Lopez

While everybody in the “Blue Zone” is enjoying their creative political streaks and parody videos, the folks in the “Red Zone” has developed their own brand of “humor” in the form of Valentines Cards. Ken Layne at Wonkette noted the spot on where you can send your favorite Republican family member a valentine card with a picture of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton with the dumbest captions attached.

While Wonkette chose the picture of Obama with the camption: “Three years in the Senate qualifies me to wish you a Happy Valentines Day”, <barup-bup-tishhhhhh> other cards available are just as bad or worse.

One Obama “Valentine” says; “My liberal heart bleeds for you.” The other one of the three says: “Will you be my Valentine? Yes..? No..? Present..?”

Are you laughing hysterically right now? You should be falling on the floor! No.. You should be ROFLMAO !!!

All three Hillary Clinton cards have the same basic message: “I’ll raise your taxes.” Here’s my “favorite”:

Hillary Clinton Valentine

FruitFlyIf I had a brown paper sack, I’d throw up in it right now.

Michelle Malkin’s newest gig: Deride and whine about the Housing Foreclosure Victims


houseflyUmmm… You have to click on it, Silly!!


FruitFly 6

The Republicans are apparently financing the Taliban and al Qaeda these days

Mark SiljanderHowie Klein is the tattle-tale

A former Republican congressman, Mark Siljander, was indicted this morning as part of a terrorist fundraising ring that allegedly sent more than $130,000 to a dangerous al Qaeda and Taliban supporter and war lord, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The Chicago-born Siljander was a crooked real estate broker from Michigan who was elected to Congress in a special election when David Stockman resigned in 1981. He was re-elected twice and then defeated in a Republican primary by current Congressman Fred Upton. At that point Reagan appointed Siljander to the U.S. delegation to the UN General Assembly. He moved to Virginia and ran for Congress in 1992 and was defeated by Jim Moran.

I thought Ann Coulter said that it was the Liberals and the Progressives who were traitors for not supporting this war against terrorism! What the hell..?!?!?!?
Howie continues on to infuriate me…

The Republican politician was paid $50,000 to “lobby” for what Republicans usually call Islamofascists. The money had been stolen from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Siljander is hardly the first Republican politician to have stolen money from the U.S. government during Bush’s regime– and that isn’t why he was indicted today. He will be facing 46 counts on charges ranging from money laundering and conspiracy to obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators.

Julian BeckWhen I see stories about Republicans like that, I seem to always come back to Julian Beck from Poltergeist II and hear: “The Lord…Is in His Hooooooly Temple…”

Howie includes Siljander’s BFF list…

One more thing, if you check the references for Siljander’s shady company (linked above), you find some very unsavory characters, starting with ex-President George H.W. Bush, Ed Meese, Bob McFarlane, and current presidential hopeful and all around corrupt slimebag Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to an assortment of some of the worst congressional miscreants to ever darken the halls of Congress: James Inhofe (R-OK), Tony Hall (D-OH– now in prison), and Frank Wolf (R-VA)– as well as Lawrence Babbio, the president of Verizon who the Bush Regime and their congressional allies are trying to grant retroactive immunity for illegally spying on American citizens. Nice bunch! (One has to wonder if any of the Republican money sent to help the terrorists was responsible for this.)

FruitFly 6Makes you taste that bit of vomit at the back of your throat, huh? I need a shower now…

Ann Coulter ♥’s Mike Huckabee

An CoulterIt’s a Love Fest that knows no bounds with the Gee-o-Pee. This article, typical of Coulter, spins around how fabulous Coulter thinks she is and why she is truly God’s gift to all of humanity. She pontifications liberally about her brilliance and compares her first shitty book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” as a piece for more intellectually thought than most any Ph.D. in mathetics, physics or any of the sciences. Put plainly, she sounds starved for attention.

Her views on Mike Huckabee is nothing more than a prop in adoration of herself. But, she griddles Huckabee for his views on everything on gay marriage to evolution. I wouldn’t recommend reading the article with out playing the Drinking Game with a bottle Ouzo: Every time she commends herself, follow Angus Young’s command to “Have a drink on me”.

But the best is Coulter’s last two lines:

Huckabee claims he opposes gay marriage and says Scalia is his favorite justice, but he supports a Supreme Court decision denounced by Scalia for paving the way to a “constitutional right” to gay marriage. I guess Huckabee is one of those pro-sodomy, pro-gay marriage, pro-evolution evangelical Christians.

No wonder Huckabee is the evangelical liberalsFruitFly 6 like.

Now go ahead, read the entire article. Once you’ve finished, grabbed a bottle of Ouzo, click on Ann’s picture here and re-read the article and try out my new drinking game: Every time she compliments herself…Go ahead and have a drink on me.

“Suicide Watch” for the GOP has begun

LipsOuch!! Howie Klein speaks in volumes:

The Republican melee that will determine which one of the pathetic pygmies gets to ask Americans if they want a third term for George Bush has degenerated into a battle about religionism, a clear example of why the Republicans Party is destined to become a small, extremist regional political party for crackpots and loons. As ABC News reports today, “Religion is driving the Republican presidential race in Iowa, with Mike Huckabee taking the lead on the strength of overwhelming support from evangelical voters– and Mitt Romney falling behind over concerns about his Mormon faith.”

bug gooThink: “The opaque light-blue bug-shield on your Uncle’s Lincoln Continental”…

No one’s polling numbers will be impacted by racist xenophobe Tom Tancredo’s decision to withdraw from the race today after finding out that the one straw he was grasping at– and endorsement from psychotic Iowa Congressman Steve King (one of the only members of Congress as racist and bigoted as himself)– will not be forthcoming. The King endorsement was his entire Iowa game-plan– outside of the Know Nothing fear mongering. King endorsed another loser, who will also be withdrawing soon, the lazy old man with the devastatingly ambitious young wife, Fred Thompson. As for Ron Paul, the candidate of UFO enthusiasts, the KKK, neo-fascists and conspiracy nuts, he’s made a big decision– he’s keeping the $500 donation from neo-NaziFruitFly Stormfront founder Don Black whose motto is “White Pride World Wide.” Catchy. Even some of the most extreme of the far right kooks and loons think Ron Paul is off his rocker and feel uncomfortable that the Republican Party is being publicly identified with Nazis.

Sam Kinison would be proud.

Need We Say More…

GOP Texas Delegation

They’ll be here in Minneapolis/St Paul in less than a year.

…And the stench is expected to remain for decades.