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Flock of Seagulls: I RAN so far away!!

McCain’s Race-Baiting Problem

Ashley Todd blew it for McCain and McCain blew it for the GOP. So, it’s McCain’s race-baiting problem. It’s becoming a rapid-fire of complete disasters for McCain’s entire campaign.

What a toilet-thing to do… We’ll all wonder if Michele Bachmann comes out and demands the media investigate Ashley Todd’s “anti-American sentiments”…

I’m waiting impatiently for a YouTube to mock this woman publicly.

Patriot Boy over at Jesus’ General notes that the GOP’s greatest wack-job, Michele Malkin, has doubts this story ended up as a hoax. Malkin notes that the “B” is backward, signaling that she drew it on while in front of a mirror, where Malkin offers:

Maaaaybe the alleged robber straddled her upside-down while carving it into her face.


But I’ve got my doubts.

I told you Malkin was a wack-job. No wonder Fox News fired her!

<sigh> Well, Malkin can wish all she wants… Ashley Todd has just confessed to the police.

Todd’s Twitter site has been pulled down – it was here. Her Facebook profile has been deleted, but the cached front page is here.

Secret Young Republicans training compound located!!

First photos are emerging from behind the enemy lines, where their nefarious indoctrination techniques corrupt the innocent minds of America’s youth and prepare them for a life committed to espousing Republican ideology that runs counter to their own self interests!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Democratic operatives that have risked their lives to bring us this first haunting photo:

Elephant Slide

Here we can obviously see a seemingly innocent piece of playground equipment that has been twisted by the right-wing propaganda masters into some sort of sick political metaphor…

Undercover operatives for the Democratic Party have told us that Republican parents force their unwilling children up the molded plastic stairs into the GOP’s “Indoctrination Machine.” These children remain inside for up to 48 hours until they are fully processed. The children, once they are completely transformed into a smelly mass of waste material, will eventually tumble down the chute behind the Indoctrination Machine fully prepared to carry-on the Neocon Agenda.

Said one Republican mother after her child was expelled from the Indoctrination Machine: “Oh, he’s still the little stinker he always was….” where she snickered and waddled away.FruitFly

UNICEF, Save the Children and Sally Struthers have begun nationwide media campaigns to save these poor little children before they’ve become indoctrinated into the little GOP shit’s that’s expected of each and every one of them. So please: If you can give anything, please give to Sally Struther’s Christian Children’s Fund. Because Jesus, and only Jesus could love these little Turds.

I found it on Bartcop Nation… So it must be true!

Michelle Malkin’s newest gig: Deride and whine about the Housing Foreclosure Victims


houseflyUmmm… You have to click on it, Silly!!


FruitFly 6

Walter Reed: Nothing new there! It’s still a *@%^-hole Hospital

TruthoutTruthout is reporting a story of a military nurse who’s sent letters and requests to General Schumacher on what the hospital’s needs are. Schumacher was the replacement for Major General George W. Weightman who was the one in charge when the news broke that our wounded soldiers were tea-bagging in their own urine and feces. What our whistle blower received as a response to his notifying General Schumacher is a backlash against him and massive amounts of infections and dangerous bacterias.

Former Army Lt. and military nurse Doug Connor sat down for an interview with Truthout reporter Geoffrey Millard to share his experience before and after the Walter Reed Medical Center scandal broke.

Encouraged by the firings of top military officials as a result of the problems at Walter Reed, Connor spoke out about the dilapidated conditions at Walter Reed. He sent a letter to Gen. Gregory A. Schumacher with recommendations for improving conditions in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where there were equipment shortages and outbreaks of infectious bacteria, including extremely dangerous drug-resistant forms of Acinetobacter baumannii, a bacterium that has been ravaging injured soldiers in Iraq and in domestic military hospitals.

Does anybody remember when they said if we “didn’t support the troops we were being unpatriotic“?!

Well here’s the GOP’s idea of “supporting the troops” and their idea behind “patriotism”.

The infection problems caused other units within the hospital to lose faith in the ICU’s ability to care for surgical patients. Because of the infections, “the kidney transplant team will not recover their patients in the surgical ICU anymore,” Connor said in the interview.

According to Connor, his recommendations were not acted upon. Instead, he claims that he was retaliated against. “I thought he would thank me for letting him know where there were areas that needed to be fixed … I have been retaliated against because of the letters that I have sent out. It is pretty transparent … Everyone that has seen what happened around me is just like ‘yeah, they’re going after you.'”

FruitFly 6It just makes you wanna stand up and salute that Commander of Chief of ours, don’t it?!

Yeah… Those Republicans sure deserve a lot of respect for their “leadership skills”.

UPDATE: Since too few bother reading the COMMENTS section, it’s worth posting this one front and center.

Ms Marcie Hascall Clark from  left this tiny tidbit of extra happy news:

The Acinetobacter baumannii that Conner brought up in this interview is a problem they could have contained back in 2003 if they had put as much effort into cleaning up their act as they did trying to cover up the mess.
The Acinetobacter baumanni from the military evacuation system from Iraq has spread throughout the military health system, the VA health system, the NIH, and on to civilian hospitals all across the US and to the countries of the coalition.
They fast tracked this bug, along with MRSA and some others, to extreme drug resistance. The military strains of Acinetobacter baumannii have grown resistant to every anti microbial available.
Check it out at

…It would appear that not only has Bush’s complete incompetence in leadership has left us in a lose-lose situation in Iraq, but has also stupidly introduced a wickedly harmful slew of foreign bacteria into our own health care system and consequently; our society.

We’ll forever remember the stupidity of this President and the Republicans for which he stands…

New Hampshire Independant Voters Breaking Toward the Dems?!!

donkeyThis can’t be good news for the G-Uh-Oh-Pee.. From by way of Buzzflash, I found that ABC News (Mickey Mouse News) is reporting that voter-turnout for the Dems is not only overwhelming in numbers, but they’re running out of ballots!! Predictions are that the Dems are turning 1 1/2 times that of the Republicans!

Check this out:

ABC News’ Karen Travers Reports: New Hampshire Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan told ABC News that turnout among primary voters today is “absolutely huge” — and there are concerns about running out of ballots in towns like Portsmouth, Keene, Hudson and Pelham.

“Turnout is absolutely huge and towns are starting to get concerned that they may not have enough ballots,” Scanlan said. “We are working on those issues. Everything else seems to be going smoothly.”

Scanlan said that the Secretary of State’s office is sending additional ballots to Portsmouth and Keene (traditionally Democratic strongholds), Hudson (Republican leaning with significant numbers of independents) and Pelham (large number of independents).

This beginning to smell like Iowa Version 2.0!! The bad news for the Republicans continue:

According to Scanlan, the ballot strain seems to be on Democratic ballots, which suggests that the undeclared voters are breaking for the Democratic primary. New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner predicted that 90,000 undeclared voters would vote in the Democratic primary compared to 60,000 voting in the Republican primary.

Deputy Secretary Scanlan said based on a formula anticipating higher turnout, they printed additional ballots, but in most cases towns will go “right down to the wire with ballots they need.” The extra ballots will be insurance ballots in most places so election officials have a comfort level.

Scanlan said reports from polling places show that turnout hasscooby been steady and high though the morning but typically high activity periods will be lunch and after work.

No Scoobie Snacks for the GOP’s mutts tonight!

I can’t wait for Ann Coulter to go out on Fox and tell their viewers FruitFlythat New Hampshire needs to be perfected. And it’ll be Michelle Malkin who’ll whip out her digi-cam and snap photos of all of the Dems in their homes getting ready to leave to go vote.

Senator Lott Leaves – Enlists with Lobby-Scum Brigade

Trent LottTrent Lott (R-MS) has a deadline looming ahead of him: January 1st.

Earlier this year, the Democrats changed the law regulating lobbyists in Congress. There used to be a “time-out” period of one year for a member of Congress to leave and return as a scum-sucking lobbyist. The Democrats changed all of that by extending it to two years, enough time for at least one election cycle to pass through.

A law kicks in on January 1 that forbids lawmakers from lobbying for two years after leaving office. Those who leave by the end of 2007 are covered by the previous law, which demands a wait of only one year.

Lott, known most for his 2002 comments at racist/bigoted Republican Senator Strom Thurmond’s birthday. During the celbration, Lott noted that if Thurmond’s presidential election campaign would have succeeded, “we wouldn’t have had all of problems”; referencing the Civil Rights era, women’s rights and GLBT rights success over the past forty years. Sounds preposterous, I know. But the Senator isn’t the only Republican who feels that way. Michelle Malkin, who is an Asian American her self, ridicules Asian Americans by complaining that they stupidly vote Democrat and they smell like “stinky tofu”. Her foul-mouthed tranny sister Ann Coulter would agree, she believes women are too stupid to know how to vote and they should have their right to vote taken away!

Ahh, bliss. With the racism, sexism and their boiling cauldron of hate, it truly is no wonder why the GOP is so unpopular these days.FruitFly

Lott, beating out the January 1 deadline, is going to join the ranks of Jack Abramoff as a lobbyist trying to win the hearts and minds of a Democratically controlled Congress in 2009.