MNGOP2By Fruit F. Fly | February 12, 2008

In a video clip I’ll be posting tomorrow, Norm Coleman admits that he doesn’t start out talking about his flatulence problem when he campaigns in greater Minnesota. It will be interesting to see which Norm Coleman comes to your town. Is it the Norm Coleman who’s climbing out of a stinky limousine and who’s not afraid to talk about the constant farting noises he’s making while he speaks, or is it the Norm Coleman won’t talk about sever flatulence problem? Check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed tomorrow morning for the clip.


  1. Petunia Fields Says: This is one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read in my life. And why is it that you always claim you’ll post a video clip, or some audio clip “tomorrow” – and then you never do?! “Check back to MRE tomorrow morning for the clip.” and there’s NEVER EVER a clip to see?! EVER! You’re a moron! If all you can do is jibber-jabber about stupid nonsense like “Coleman has a fart problem”… did it ever occur to you that there are far more interesting things to talk about? Aside from people like me who love to mock you and make you look like the idiot you really are?! Who’s reading your fucking blog, anyway? The lobotomized?! You’re a dumbass.
  2. Dish Riprock Says: Republicans who constantly vote for candidates who rubber-stamp everything Bush wants, gets what they deserve. Republicans continue to vote for gas-bags like Norm Coleman and Carol Molnau they get nothing but broken-down bridges, wars, destroyedFruitFly 6 cities, recession, a devalued dollar and morons like Michele Bachmann (and her gay husband). At least you will get the truth from liberals like Al Franken and Mike Ciresi, even if you don’t agree with it. I guess the Republicans would rather be lied to and look stupid while Norm Coleman keeps farting in their face.

Minnesota Republicans Exposed


MNGOP2US Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) spotted at bar drinking at MSP airport – probably drunk

I have it on a very reliable source deep within the Republican party that Norm Coleman is not only a drunk, he’s a mean drunk too. MRE source said while waiting forty minutes for his flight to take off, he watched the Senator slam seven Fuzzy Navels and six Cuervo shooters while swearing loudly at the waitress and yelling obscenities at her. At one point, Colement grabbed his briefcase and hurled it at an elderly passenger carrying a very nervous looking poodle.

Said the MRE source:

That guy’s drinking is completely out of control. He walked into the bar on the C Concourse and just walked around to all of the tables and emptied all of the peanut dishes into his suit pocket. He made a meal out of them while he sat and got completely #%$%-faced! I don’t even think the Senator had a flight he was waiting for! He just hangs out there and gets drunk!

The bar waitress also complained that he didn’t even leave a tip.

Please check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed soon for photos of Norm Coleman passed out drunk in an alley sleeping in his own vomit.

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) failed math test in grammar school. Parents committed her to psychiatric treatment

The phone calls won’t stop here at Minnesota Republicans Exposed headquarters. Hundreds of GOP tattle-tales have left voice mail messages who remember Michele as a young girl living in Anoka. She also failed at Phys Ed in the sixth grade. Everybody seems shocked she even managed to graduated high school before giving birth to her third child.

One phone message said:

I’m not surprised Bachmann hates the gays so much. In high school, the gays were the only ones who wouldn’t have sex with her. Our 10th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Simms once called on Michele to answer a question and accidentally called her “Miss Thang”. He apologized and all…but everybody was laughing anyway.

Please check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed soon for a thorough exam of the entire Bachmann clan.

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Norm Coleman (R-MN) has already launched attack ads on Al Franken. Everybody in the GOP agree: Norm Coleman is an *$%hole

Mike Ciresi has a new campaign out. It’s tasteful, powerful and it reminds Minnesota that he’s been here working for all of us. Al Franken meanwhile, has two videos out already. One is a cute ad that includes his grade school teacher, while the other features his neighborhood in St. Louis Park and just as tasteful.

Also noted has been Norm Coleman’s first ad of the political season. It’s a hate ad that attacks Al Franken for jokes he’s told about gays and abortion in the 70’s. Since rumors are already out about the Senator’s closeted homosexuality, the ads wreak of hypocracy.

Please check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed soon on more Norm Coleman’s hate campaign ads and his latest on his DWI case

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Ron Carey, MN GOP Chairman refused to submit to drug testing.

I had lunch with a young aspiring GOP activist who’s demanded the results of Mr. Carey’s urinalysis test. Over iced-tea sans a lemon-wedge, the MRE source who’s initials are “A.A.” and hails from Blaine, MN told me he’s actually sold marijuana to Mr. Carey during the Pretenders/The Who concert last winter.

Please check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed soon for an update on Ron Carey’s drug addiction problem.

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Still furious about losing Minn SB 25 to Kevin Dahle (DFL), Ray Cox and John Kline have formed an underground FIGHT CLUB in a network of church basements throughout the district. Jim Ramstad expected to heal just fine, and still not running for re-election

MRE has been told under the strictest confidence that the Republicans are still really mad about their loss in the SB25 election. MN GOP Chairman Ron Carey blamed John Kline’s religious nut-ball activists while Michele Bachmann has blamed the closeted homosexuals everywhere throughout the district.

Ray Cox told our MRE source:

“I’m not running for office as a Republican anymore. Those dudes are @$$holes. I don’t care what anybody says. Screw them.”

Evangelical churches have begun holding Fight Club “prayer meetings” in the basements everywhere throughout the district. Piles of cherry flavored Kool-Aid jugs are brought in along with ingenious cream-of-mushroom soup hot dish concoctions and are served generously with rolls and green Jello-O molds in between fights.

Bachmann, volunteering to be the half-naked chick who holds up the poster-signs declaring the match numbers has been met by boos and jeers from the GOP audience. Bachmann reportedly returns the boos and jeers by hissing at them, giving them the finger and in some cases, throwing the posters at them.

…Northfield police have busted four fights in the area and two churches have had to post bail to get their ministers out of jail.FruitFly 6

Please check back to Minnesota Republicans Exposed soon for an update on Fight Clubs and hot-dish casseroles being passed around the SB25 district.

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SAGE gets recognition in Maple Grove, MN

pineapple sageWell, whadya know? Chalk up one more for the students in Maple Grove High School who not only found a way to befriend their straight buddies, but who also beat up the school administration officials who marginalized them!

Good job, kids! You’ve discovered your similarities, embraced your differences, and you formed a bond and you fought back against those who tried to divide you and keep you down. By educating yourselves, you learned that forming that bond of friendship can’t be broken and will be respected if you’re willing to fight for it.

SAGE, or Straights And Gays for Equality, found themselves on the blunt end of being afforded bulletin-board space or access to the public announcement system. If SAGE wanted to hold a gathering on school grounds, they apparently had to pass notes because the schools administration had decided that SAGE wasn’t relevant to the school curriculum.

In her ruling, [Judge Joan] Ericksen wrote that the school had violated the federal Equal Access Act by allowing other extracurricular groups — such as cheerleading or synchronized swimming — the chance to use school bulletin boards or the public address system, a right denied to SAGE.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 9/26/2007: Maple Grove High gay rights group wins ruling.

Mike and Ann CiresiThe two founding students contacted the ACLU-MN who filed the suit in September 2005. DFL-Senate candidate Mike Ciresi’s law-firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P volunteered to argue the case on behalf of the group.

In May of 2006, the Judge ordered a stay for the group allowing them to go ahead and put up posters in the hallways and be given access for a place to meet while the courts heard the case. Since that decision, SAGE has grown from two student members to now twenty.

Since Ericksen placed a temporary injunction on the school last year, requiring equal rights for SAGE, membership in the group has jumped from three to about 20.

SAGE serves an excellent opportunity for both the heterosexual and homosexual students.

“Why?” you ask?

Well I’m glad you did because yesterday, Science Daily published a story on a research project that studied the link between victimizing (bullying/harassing) gay men and women and the rate of suicide. The focus of the study was on the link between the victimizing and the suicide and the resulting research was stunning.

The report noted that suicide among gay college students is twice as high as it is for heterosexual students. This is nothing new – they’ve known for years that gay students, pressured to fit in, getting beaten up or bullied causes the student to feel diminished until he/she would rather be dead. But the surprise in the research was that heterosexual students who have a crush on someone of the same sex, or they’ve had a homosexual experience, have three times the suicide rate over their heterosexual colleagues.Macalulay culkin

University of Washington researcher Heather Murphy also uncovered a group of students who previously had not been studied and are at increased risk for suicidal behavior. These students identified themselves as heterosexual, but also reported being attracted to people of the same sex or engaging in same-sex behavior.

This group was three times as likely as heterosexuals to have made a plan to commit suicide in the past year and six times more likely to have actually attempted suicide in the same period. Gay, lesbian and bisexual students also were at increased risk for suicidal behavior. They were twice as likely as heterosexuals to have planned and to have attempted suicide in the previous year.

You just know who these kids are, don’t you? These are the kids that are children whose parents are crazy-like religious nuts or they’re the jocks. They know they’re straight, but they’re haunted by their attraction – too scared to come out – too guilty to stay in. They had an encounter and now they don’t know what to think – where to go – what to do!

Data from the questionnaires showed that gay, lesbian and bisexuals and the same-sex attracted heterosexuals experienced significantly more verbal and physical victimization than did heterosexual students.
Verbal victimization included homophobic statements, hearing others talk about gays, lesbian and bisexuals in derogatory terms, and being harassed for their sexual orientation. Physical victimization included being physically threatened or assaulted and getting into fights. Murphy said victimization for some students was “pervasive” on campus while others didn’t want to go off campus because they feared being harassed or would only visit areas of Seattle popular with gays in groups.

“There is a lot of hype that gay kids are more suicidal,” she said. “My study shows that this is not so. In my study, being victimized for being gay was the risk factor that increased suicidal- behavior risk.”

Groups like SAGE resolves these problems. Young people can not only find safety in numbers, but they can learn how to feel secure in their sexual orientation – whether gay or not. A same-sex encounter does not make a person gay any more than eating spinach makes you a vegetarian. FruitFly 6

Besides… Everybody knows already: If you’re gay – you must first get a license from the World Gay Committee. You have to apply, fill out a short questionnaire , wait three weeks and you’ll get your complete “How To Be Gay” welcome package. Duh!!!

Don’t believe me? Leave me a comment and I’ll leave you the web wink! <wink wink>

Is Amy Klobuchar a Beard for the GOP?

BeardI generally dislike bad-mouthing Democrats, and I try to give some leeway to freshly elected Democrats. However, there’s a bending limit as to how much I’m interested in allowing Senator Klobuchar get away with before I’ll start speaking up.

Actually, it was a Lloydletta Nooze and Comments article I came across that made me ticked off enough to do some studying. But, more on that article in a few minutes.


Klobuchar’s first lightning vote was for continuing the funding in Iraq last May that drew the applause of the Republican Party.

Senate Bill 2206 Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Fourteen Senators voted against the bill, all of themMonkey Surge Democrats except Burr-NC, Coburn-OK, Enzi-WY and Burr-NC. Notice all three of these states have a rather extensive military population based there?

Klobuchar, along with a lot of other Democrats, voted to remain to be Bush’s Congressional puppy and decided to insult the Minnesota voters by whining about her decision on her website. Her original sniffling press release on her vote has been removed from her Congressional website out of embarrassment but it was preserved over and MNBlue’s blog. Klobuchar says:

My vote today does not in any way diminish my desire to end this war responsibly, quickly, and safely for our troops. In fact I will support a measure on the Defense Authorization bill to start bringing our troops home beginning 120 days from now.

Cindy SheehanShe goes on:

I simply could not stomach the idea of using our soldiers as bargaining chips with this White House while our troops go unfunded and our veterans go uncared for. That is why I felt the responsibility to vote in favor of this measure despite my fervent opposition to this War.”

Let me take the liberty in pointing out that since Amy Klobuchar’s vote — 387 Americans have been killed in Iraq.

Thanks Amy!! Love you too!! How’s that stomach of yours?

That “FISA Bill” thing

This annoyed me to no end. The Bush Administration has been spying on Americans by illegally wiretapping our phones and our Internet access long before 9-11. The GOP in Congress decided that it was a good thing to let the government meddle in our personal lives and they ignored it. Then after 9-11, Bush had an excuse to continue spying on Americans openly and the GOP did nothing.

Then, Judge James Robertson let the cat out of the bag by letting the world know there was such a thing as a FISA court. He resigned!

The Washington Post reported that the resignation of federal Judge James Robertson apparently stemmed from concerns over the legality of the president’s domestic spying program.

Check out then Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez’s comments on Bush’s illegal wiretapping:

“I do not know the reason and I am not going to speculate why a judge would step down from the FISA court,” he said. “We believe the president has both the statutory authority and the constitutional authority to engage in signals intelligence during a time of war with our enemy.”

Do you think Alberto Gonzalez could possibly cite a previous President of the United States who spied on Americans during a time of war? But, I digress.

The FISA issue came up again and once again Bush tip-toed around the subject complaining that it was vital to wiretap everybody in order to find a few narethewells.

Senate vote 309 (S-1927) :A bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to provide additional procedures for authorizing certain acquisitions of foreign intelligence information and for other purposes.

How did Senator Klobuchar vote? With the Republican Party, silly! In fact; of the 28 votes against this bill – 100% were Democrats. Every Republican who voted, voted in favor of allowing this icky, disgusting little man called Alberto Gonzalez to snoop in our lives and to illegally wiretap our homes.vomit

Do you remember her television ads where she has all of these people gushing over her push for “Change“?! Yeah, it’s making me vomit too.

Lloydletta Nooze and Comments

So what gets one hot and bothered over a freshmen Senator’s voting record to spend a few hours on a warm Labor Day afternoon to surf the Internet? It’s an article I almost tripped over on Lloydletta Nooze and Comments.

GAy RestroomMinnesota’s Great Get Together (a.k.a. The Minnesota State Fair) finishes this afternoon and so the politicians were out there yesterday pressing as many palms as they can while we join our own family reunions over burgers and grills this afternoon. Lloydletta posted this on Saturday:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was at the DFL booth at the State Fair today. I had heard that while she opposed discrimination in the military, she was not willing to overturn the current military policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Klobuchar goes on to say that she doesn’t sign any bill unless she’s read it first (for which I have my doubts) but she goes on by saying:

She also wanted to talk to various groups of people concerned about this issue prior to taking a stand. She did want to make clear that she was “sympathetic to this issue.”

How can I translate this? She’s “sympathetic”?! Is that to assume that she’s patronizing the GLBT community or that she wants to make sure she doesn’t make any change in this country because that would make the Republicans upset at her?

Granny SmithSympathetic… Jeeze… That even sounds like a Patronizing Republican! She’s “sympathetic”? I would have been “sympathetic” when women weren’t allowed to vote too! “Sympathetic?!”… Honest to God!

Lloydletta notes that the Human Rights Campaign raised over $125,000 for Klobuchars election “Campaign for Change”. Do you think Klobuchar lied to HRC about her stand on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Where is Joe Solmonese on my speed-dial anyway?

Time to check on ol’ Amy Klobuchar’s voting record. How is she doing by standing up for good Minnesota values and the DFL? Has she been embarrassing us by voting the GOP party line for those more obscure votes?

Senate 1348: Inhofe Amdt. No. 1151; To amend title 4, United States Code, to declare English as the national language of the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.

The Bill passed 64 to 33. Here’s the breakdown:Bush Lite

30 Democrats, 1 Republican (Domenici – NM), 1 Independant and even “Independant Democrat” Joe Liebermann voted against this bill.

How did Amy Klobuchar vote? …With the Republicans! How could I have guessed?

Are you ready for another one?

Sure! Of course you are!

On July 19th.

US Senate 2669: To reduce document fraud, prevent identity theft, and preserve the integrity of the Social Security system, by ensuring that individuals are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity.

How did Senator Klobuchar fair in this vote? 46 Republicans voted for it along with Amy Klobuchar and 12 other Democrats. 4 Democrats voted against it along with 4 Republicans (Voinovich-OH, Specter-PA, Hagel-NE and Lugar-IN)

Klobuchar STate FairWe were at the State Fair a week ago last Sunday where we bumped into Amy Klobuchar’s campaign booth. I spoke with the staffer she left to man the booth and brought up Klobuchar’s voting record in response to the Iraq Spending as well as the FISA Bill.

The staffer wanted to patronize me. He said Klobuchar noted that the FISA bill was only a six month extension so she thought it was better to vote for the bill than to give the impression that nothing was accomplished by the Senate. Does that make sense to you?

“I’ll vote for every crap piece of legislation… at least Minnesotan’s will think we’re doing something.”

Is that legislating?

Before meeting with this “very poorly briefed” staffer, we were at Mike Ciresi‘s booth. Being as mad as we are with Klobuchar, we pointed out Klobuchar’s voting record and asked Ciresi directly: “Are you going to turn out to be just another Republican-puppet and vote for this trash like the FISA bill?”

Ciresi’s rolled his eyes at his wife who was standing by like “Oh crap…you see what Klobuchar is doing??! She’s hurting me now!”

He said he wouldn’t speak ill of Amy Klobuchar but he definetely would not have voted for that FISA bill because there are “hooks” in that bill that don’t expire for a year or more!

So where does this Klobuchar staffer get off lying to us sayingastonished it was only good for six months? That this was “nothing for us to worry our purty-little heads over”? What a creep!

That even sounds like something a Republican would say to one of their constituents: “Torture? Torture! We only torture those who hate America! ”

The Staffer told me it was only a six-month extension and I was ready. I told him that we had just left Ciresi’s booth and Ciresi is telling us more than he was! He looked like he was the one who swallowed the canary. Behind me, another couple stopped and shouted at the Klobuchar staffer noting that there were a lot of people very angry about her voting record including the FISA bill.

And…Speaking of which… Why isn’t there any whiny – ditzy excuse fluff-piece up on Amy site anywhere on why she voted for this bill? I’ve combed her websites and find nothing as to explain herself in letting Bush and Gonzalez continue to eavesdrop on our telephone conversations and our Internet access.

In her defense: She voted the Democratic party line on August 2nd to Codify the Unborn Child Rule for Senate Bill 976. Both of Maine’s Republican Senators voted with the Democrats along with Murkowski (R-AK). She also voted the party line to permanently extend certain education-related tax incentives (S-2669) on the 19th of July. It was thanks to Voinovich (R-OH) to made sure the vote didn’t pass.

Minnesota got a dud in Amy Klobuchar so far. If she keeps it up, I’m ready to hit up a new Dump MeKlobuchar website. If she continues to make herself a liar, campaigning for “change”, she should probably change that “D” behind her name and change it to an “R”. Bush needs all of the good Congressional Puppies he can find. And it appears he’s found one in Klobuchar.