Drug Addicts shouldn’t use computers

How long before we’ll see a boatload of Ditto-heads running around claiming that we took Rush Limbaugh “out of context” when he admitted that he’s completely computer illiterate?


Ahhh… Ummm… ehem. Rush! God love ya (and I truly don’t know how or why) but you’re still an idiot as far as I’m concerned. Find the little binoculars on your PDF Reader and you can search to your heart’s content… Oh wait… You need….a heart! <sigh> Nevermind!!
Looking for you
I wonder if Rush sobered up and simply stopped taking his Hillbilly Heroin Oxycontin he would become a lot smarter?! I mean, we’re all well aware that his little peter-pecker doesn’t work, but that shouldn’t a major effect on his IQ points would it? Well? Wouldn’t it?!? No really! I wanna know!! WOULDN’T IT?!