Mitt Romney doesn’t like Arkansans

rotten fruitIt’s a shameful truth. Black Diamond Pictures and Slow Hand have released a film starring Jon Voight and Terrance Stamp called “September Dawn”. You can see the trailer by clicking here.

The film is about Bringham Young (Terrance Stamp) who encounters 120 Arkansas pioneer who’ve settled in a valley in Utah. Young, asserting himself as God on Earth, demands hisHoly Crap religious Mormon followers to kill the Arkansans in a mass genocide. In the trailer, you hear one actor shout: “Mormons! Do your duty to God!” and the muskets go a-blazing.

The film is based on historical record and a few basic facts. The Mormon church has decried the film as nothing but rubbish. If you count only the completely fictional love-interest in the film, you might be right! Jon Voight can’t act either. But if you consider that 120 people were murdered by a psychopath who believed God tells him to kill others, you might watch it with a bit of nausea.

Republican Presidential-hopeful Governor Mitt Romney has pooh-poohed the ruckus by stating, and I’m paraphrasing here:

“…so what?!  Every church has its bad people. I have bad people in my church too!”

Could it be that Mitt Romney had an ancestor named Parley Pratt that was murdered in Arkansas only months before the “Mountain Meadows” massacre leaving twelve widowed-wives?! Romney might be pleased that there’s some justice in this world after all! Or perhaps it’s because Mitt Romney has only one wife and the Church of Latter Day Saints strictly forbids monogamous marriages?

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Either way, the Governor has an aweful lot to apologize for, and I would think he should begin apologizing to theMe descendants of those 120 victims lost in the Utah wilderness.