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E-mailed from a close friend of mine…

Left-wing radio is pitting the Dems in the House by pointing out this problem is from Secretary Henry Paulson himself. Paulson, came out of the box, demanding $700 Billion with no oversight, no restrictions (such as some tawdry thing called the US Constitution) and an insistence that he’s an “Honest Dewd!”.

The rebellious Democrats are weirdly in-synch with the rebellious Republicans, and I’m in league with them. Last Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Henry Reid was front and center on the Ed Shultz Show stunning everybody by asking the simple question:

“Where is the US Dept of Justice in all of this mess?!? We have Anti-Trust Laws being broke everywhere with this mess and nobody from the DOJ is responding at all!!”

Whew! Thank God! Somebody had to ask that question..!

Two days later, the FBI was out en mass with their magnifying glasses and calabash-pipes asking questions on Wall Street with a thick British accents.

Bush’s “Good Old Boy” network is prepping to leave office while Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson approached this debacle by demanding what GW Bush has been doing for seven years: “Give me your money and don’t you dare ask what I want to do with it!”

It’s obvious you Silly Dolts: If a Republican politician makes these demands, it’s okay! Give him the money!! But if you’re not an elected official: “Buyer Beware!”

Republicans are stereotyped as the “money-makers”: the “Exchangers”, the business owners and the capitalists! And while Democrats are dittoed as the “geeks”: The academics, the odd-socks, and the liberal-intellectuals;

A $700 Billion welfare check to bail out fat-boys in New York, NY bodes poorly with both parties.

Either direction you ask: The Financial Fall-Out is nothing less than what Ma and Pa Kettle faced during the Great Depression Times:

Michele Bachmann ran a vicious campaign against Patty Whetterling crabbing and crying about the overdose of government regulations and Washington oversight! Bachmann just hates government involvement in a capitalist market!

But, that’s only partially true. Congresswoman Skank only hates the Federal Government when she appears to be a GW Bush whore in the Minneapolis Star-Trib last Saturday:

How We Got Into This Mess

I’ll invite you to read the article. It’s a fiery piece that demands attention to the “Average Joe Turnip”. Yet, while you read her piece, pay close attention for Congresswoman Bachmann’s demand for Federal oversight, Federal regulation, and Federal watch-dog reporting.

Hint: You won’t find it. It’s nothing more than a despicable cry-baby crabbing tirade.

UPDATE: Republican House Minority Leader Boehner ran out front and center immediately after the vote and complained that they were hurt after hearing House Speaker Nancy Pilosi’s speech. He whined that her speech “poisoned” the Republican party because she was so harsh on them.

“I do believe that we could have gotten there today, had it not been for the partisan speech that the Speaker gave on the floor of the House,” Boehner said. “We put everything we had into getting the vote to get there today.” Boehner added, however, that lawmakers have “no choice” but to work together and would have to find “a middle ground to bring enough votes to avert a crisis.”

Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann, ran out immediately after the collapse vote and said (with a stiff upper-lip):

“I want to assure you that was not the case. We are not babies who suck our thumbs. We have very principled reasons for voting no.”

So as you can see – their involvement had nothing to do with the Average Joe Turnip on the street. They’re just there to insist Democrats always make them feel warm and squishy inside.

h/t dKos

I’m sorry… I’m rushing you. Are you still watching Ma and Paw Kettle working out the fraction-math debacle?!?! Yes, I know: GWB ran those same rambunctious fractions in front of the American public eight years ago and we weren’t paying attention then either.

It’s gotcha by the short-hairs that you’re paying attention now, isn’t it…

The American public is left with the same: Capitalism won’t correct itself. Re-hashing Ronald Reagan’s famous quote: “The Government isn’t part of the problem: Republicans are the problem!”

…Jump you fuckers! Jump!!

We’re all standing down here on the sidewalks hoping to see you’re brains and your guts splattered all over the concrete!

Unlike the unfortunate victims of 9-1-1, watching Wall Street Execs jump will be sporting for all of us! We’re already poor and we’re already homeless! …what else do we have to lose?!

Watching you fuckers splatter is more fun than the French enjoyed during their own Revolution.

Viva La Baseball!!!!


Gossip 5Ida: There she is… over there.

Nora: Mom! Don’t start.

Ida: I’m serious! Look at her! Witch…

Nora: Mother!

Ida: What?! At least I didn’t use the “B” word… witch…..

Nora: Mom, I’m going to change my clothes and I’m going home. Tim is working late and I have to pay the babysitter…

Ida: “…women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.” First Corinthians 14, versus 34 and 35. And there she goes right across the floor over to that medicine ball excercize.

Nora: Mom! Leave Senator Bachmann alone and quit yelling Scripture. Our trainer will hear us. Look, I don’t like her either and I agree, she is repulsive. But, she’s obviously here at the gym getting a nice workout with some honest excercize and work up a sweat. That’s all…now can we leave?

Ida: I’m just saying. Michele Bachmann… She’s real quick to tell you that gays can’t have rights in this country, and then she’ll tell you how much she hates our country because she has to pay taxes… “Render unto Ceasear what is Ceasar! Matthew 22:21!! ”

Nora: Shhhhhhh! You think they heard you in Milwaukee?! Look, the joke is on her. She gets up in front of the church congregation, gets the minister to endorse her as his selection to vote, and now the church is under investigation to remove it’s non-profit status. I actually thought it was funny when it was noted in the news that neither the minister of the church nor the church itself are within Michele Bachmann’s 6th Congressional district.

Ida: <chuckeling> …Witch. Remember that campaign ad she had just a few weeks ago: “And I’ll work to reduce government regulations…” I should have sent her a bag of California leaf spinach and a recipe for fried E-coli.

Nora: <giggling> I’m still laughing about that YouTube video where she gets wide-eyed and yells “I’M A FOOL FOR GOD!” Did you see that?

Ida: <choking on a drink from her water-bottle and laughing> And she says: “Ah’m Hot for Jesus!

Nora: <giggling louder> Shh! She’s looking at us, shush…

Ida: <cackling loudly and rudely> …And to think; she’s a former tax-attorney for the IRS.

Nora: Mother! Shush! <snickering>

Ida: <giggeling modestly> I’m just saying Darling… She brings her Bible into her politics and demands your brother Michael do without the rights to have a marriage with his life partner while she slops around in front of church congregations yelling “I’m on fire for God!!”. How can she preach her religion in our law-books about homosexuality when she gets up in church services begging for votes and her own Bible says Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says!!!?
Nora: Okay, now that time I’m sure she heard you. <giggling> Did you talk to Michael and Mike yesterday?

Ida: Of course she heard me, did you see that weird look she just gave us? And, don’t change the subject. Your brother and brother-not-in-law are both fine. Mike’s on a new medication and the doctor warned him it was his last of the three cocktail drugs. Oh! Didn’t tell you; Michael’s getting that promotion at work! Thank the Good Lord above that his job comes with domestic partnership benefits.

Nora: You think she’ll beat Patty Wetterling?

Bush on XanaxIda: I doubt it. Rumor has it that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s coming here to help Patty, and Laura Bush is coming here to help out … the Witch. Humph… The First Lady Xanax Queen is coming to Minnesota to stump for the Grand Old Hypocrit.

Nora: <gasp> Mother!

Ida: <grinning> I was reading Norwegianity after lunch today, and I got all upset all over again. It’s just way too much fun what the bloggers are saying about her. Did you see that Michele Bachmann landed her face on that MSNBC Keith Olbermann show as “Worst Person in the World“?! Unbelievable, one of our own state senators can get her mugshot on Keith Olbermann’s “worst person” list for that “come to Jesus and I’m on fire for God!” speech last week at that Living Word church.Habeus Corpse

Nora: Olbermann blasted the Republicans with that piece the other day about Habeus Corpus. Did you see that?

Ida: Michael emailed me the YouTube clip. Congress belly-ups the United States Constitution and Habeus Corpus while sitting comfortably their behinds watching ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Oh look…there she goes talking to Trudy at the cash register…Let me guess, she’s going to tell Trudy that she’s a “…Fool for Jesus!

Nora: Lower your voice Mother. <sigh> Well, you can eavesdrop on her all you want. I still have a babysitter at home who’s waiting to clean out my wallet.

Ida: <grabbing her arm> No, wait Darling.. Look, Bible-thumping Bachmann is headed on over to stationary bicycles. You think we can get her some training-wheels?

Nora: <giggling> Mother, your encouragable. You can despise that woman all you want, it isn’t going to matter anyway. Besides, you’re one to talk about Bible versus and ignoring that one that says you should love your enemies.

Ida: Oh phhhh-you. <grinning> It also says to “suffer the little children, for they are precious”. Did you see whatEphelba Michele Bachmann said after the news broke about that disgusting pedophile Congressman Mark Foley? Patty Wetterling blew a gasket and immediate condemned that pervert’s actions against that little boy and paid for an advertisement stating so that aired everywhere the following day. Michele Bachmann? She was quoted in the press to say, how did that go? Oh! I remember, the Wicked Witch of the East said; “Wetterling’s focus on the issue has been opportunistic and called the ad “a rush to judgment.” It’s disgusting. Michele Bachmann would ignore the life of that teenage boy and the horror Foley put him through and ask for caution in jumping to conclusions on judgeing one of her own sick-kind. The minute I heard how Bachmann said that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge Congressman Foley, I thought to myself; “Oh Lord….and she brags openly on the fact that she and her husband have been foster parents to over 20 children during their marriage…how much caution to judge would she have if it was one of her own children?”

Nora: I almost vomited when they said Foley emailed that boy and asked him to measure his genitalia and take photos of himself. What kind of monsters have been living in our hallowed halls of Congress?

Ida: <pointing to Michele Bachmann> It’s those kinds of monsters!

Minnesota RallyNora: It’s stunning, actually. And quit making a scene.

Ida: What is Darling?

Bachmann closeNora: That she can get elected to the State Senate and act the way she has towards gay and lesbian people. According to her; same-sex marriage threatens our Constitutional liberties. Michael said that he and Mike were the ones who took that photo of Michele Bachmann hiding behind the bushes peek-a-booing the GLBT Lobby Days celebrations on the capitol lawns two years ago. And then Michele Bachmann made up that huge lie about getting trapped in the ladies room at a restaurant and a couple of “lesbians harassed her”.

Ida: I still don’t understand why she wasn’t cited for that.

Nora: For what?

Ladies RoomIda: For that incident! She said she went into the ladies room where two lesbians accosted her and harassed her for her position on gay marriage. Then she went home and filed a complaint with the Washington County Sheriff’s office. Then the following day, demanded that the Capitol Police give her a body guard because of the alleged incident. Isn’t there some kind of crime for filing a false police report? LIAR!!

Nora: Mother! Quit yelling. I’m heading home. You and Daddy coming over tomorrow evening for dinner with Michael, Mike, Tim and the kids? …I’m making you favorite! Lasagna.

Ida: Of course we’ll be there Darling. I’ll bring a pumpkin pie. Are you still going with me Thursday evening to the DL meeting?

Nora: DL?

Ida: DL! Sure! Drinking Liberally! Remember I told you? Last week I went for the first time…and I got to meet the woman who put up that website “Dump Michele Bachmann dot com“.

Nora: No! You didn’t tell me Mother. You’re saying that you and Daddy actually went to a bar? ..and you were drinking?!?!

Ida: Oh no no no Darling… Daddy didn’t go with me! I went by myself!!

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