Obama: Same-Sex Cop-Out

From John Aravosis’ AmericaBlog:

Wilted Daisies


After filing a scathing homophic brief regarding DOMA and gay marriage with the US Supreme Court, the Gay Community reacted ferociously: namely – killing a mega-GLBT fund raiser for the Democratic Party scheduled for next week.  (Hint: Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled as keynote…And now the party’s Dead Before Arrival.  HRC Chairman, Joe Solmonese fired back at Obama’s Administration with a ferocious letter by noting Obama’s hypocracy regarding the Gay and Lesbian Community.

Hoping to kill this Queer P.R. nightmare, Obama issues a memo to extend health benefits to some same-sex federal employees.

Now, the blow-back continues as the Obama Administration throws out a second bone by insisting the Census Bureau include gay and lesbian couples in the questionnaire carried around by census employees.

Ann Rostow of the SF Bay Times blasts Obama with:

So thanks for nothing. Obama is the chagrined husband who thinks a bunch of flowers will excuse an infidelity. And to make it worse, instead of roses from the florist, he picks up wilted daisies from the drugstore.

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Obama Insults Isreal (According to Right Wing Nut Jobs)

Obama was on the phone with Isreali Prime Minister when this CBS photo was taken.

From Fox Nation

Does this photo look insulting to you?

Fox Nation reported it as a fact – Obama Insults Israel With This Photo

Unless the President is talking to the Prime Minister via “picture-phone”, do you think Benjamin Netanyahu is insulted by Obama’s posture?

Here’s Matt Drudge’s headliine banger:

Hasn’t Matt Drudge come out of the Closet yet? …Been in there far too long!

The caption: Some Isrealis Insulted by Obama Picture; “Sole of show’ talking on phone with Netanyahu…

And CBS! Let’s not forget that “Liberal Media Giant”!  Here’s Howard Arenstein:

Israeli TV newscasters Tuesday night interpreted a photo taken Monday in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an “insult” to Israel.

They saw the incident as somewhat akin to an incident last year, when the Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at President Bush in Baghdad.

It is considered an insult in the Arab world to show the sole of your shoe to someone. It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too.

Was there a subliminal message intended from the White House to Netanyahu in Jerusalem, who is publicly resisting attempts by Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to force Israel to stop any kind of settlement activity in occupied territories once and forever?

Whether or not it is true, it shows the mood in Israel. They feel cornered. The reactions out of Israel reflect that feeling.

(The highlight’s mine..)  Huh!  It isn’t a Jewish custom…But Isreal has adopted Arab culture to construct an insult out of a guy wearing a pair of shoes?!Beck: Youthless

Arenstein just stereotyped the entire Isreali nation with an Arab custom and that dude gets to keep his freaking job?!

Check out Arenstein’s Twitter from a few hours ago…

Some are linking Holocaust shooting with abortion doctor killing. They say Black president is flushing out extremists?

If I had my guess – I’d say Arenstein is a racist pig and CBS is a piece of shit news-outlet.

Team Obama

Admitting my addiction to the DailyKos, I spotted this and I admit; I was captivated. It’s a photo essay of those closest to our brand-new President of the United States and the role they played, or will play to make this administration happen. (Click on the “Happy Face” to launch the essay.)


Not only did I find each individual’s brief bio interesting, I was also fascinated by the details; their clothing, pose, facial expressions, etc. For example; Hillary Clinton’s photo was very interesting to me. Hint: It isn’t flattering! Eugene Kang’s photo was the most interesting. He simply stands there and holds a book in front of his face.. (Mr. Kang (24 years old) will be President Obama’s Special Assistant to the President.)

FruitFly 6It’s a “Photo Essay” must-see for every political junkie starving for something far more interesting than Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) narcissistic stupidity or Caroline Kennedy’s “miscommunication” mass-media blooper.