Massachusetts Elects Nude Porn-Star!!

Oh wait! That was the “Family Values Crowd” that was talking about that… I forgot!!

Hooray for the liberals in Massachusetts!! They’ve elected their first porn-star!!

Selling A Bag Full Of “Dumb”

These vaccines really have the number 666 check this out!

This is the result of the Republican Party.  They’re the moon rocks of the insane.  At the 2:40 mark, you’ll observe the horrifying speaker talking about bio-medical bracelets being unloaded in Milwaukee, WI that will become permanent jewelry.  (Because piercing your tongue, your nose, your sex organs and your eyebrows were simply disposable fads from your youth!)

Selling fear is a specialty of the religiously insane.  Selling “dumb” is their preferred cuisine.

Oooh! Can I have two bags of Dumb, please?!!

My thanks to Patriot Boy, the Jesus General  (Oh thank God he’s a Hetero!)

The GOP: It’s the Fornicators’ Party! Get Your STD’s There!!

I Corinthians 6:18:

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

Wow!  Is this the Year of the Fornicator or what?!!  Can anybody find me an elected Republican that isn’t schtooping out on their wives?!  This one is State Senator Paul Stanely from Tennessee: Proud defender of “Hate the Homos, Love the Sanctity of Marriage”.
fruitfly21Author of the state’s best anti-gay adoption laws, Stanley drafted a bill that would require parents wishing to adopt to be married.  Get it?

“If we have a state constitutional amendment declaring hetero-sex marriage only…His law would ban gay adoption by proxy!”

Check out this “Fornicator“:

“Unfortunately, I am the victim and a witness to a crime in an ongoing investigation. At this time, I have been advised by authorities and the District Attorney’s office not to comment. There is already misinformation being inferred regarding this matter which I look forward to clearing up at the appropriate time,” Stanley said in a statement.

Yeah, he’s a victim… Oh Dear God in Heaven..

“A Victim of what, Fruit?!  What’s he complain’ about?”

I’m thrilled you asked:

Today, we learned that Stanley was the victim of an extortion attempt by the boyfriend of a women, a legislative intern, who is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with the Senator. The relationship has not been proven, of course, and the Senator has not confessed — but he hasn’t denied a relationship either.

Instead he has hid behind the TBI investigation to avoid saying anything one way or another.

Nice, huh? Once again we find a Republican with a wardrobe malfunction: He can’t keep his trousers zipped up!

…And he claims that he’s a victim.   Could the legislative aide be a victim?  Do you think her boyfriend felt a little violated himself?   Aren’t there sexual harassment laws in Tennessee that ban this kind of conduct?

What’s fascinating is Stanley’s argument for his failed “pseudo-Adoption Bill” in Tennessee.  He explains the marriage requirement before they can adopt this way:

“Our responsibility is to put these children in the best homes in the ideal environment. It’s not always the perfect environment. The ideal environment is a married couple that are able to bring them up in a great home life. And, if they’re not married, a lot of times there’s just not the commitment to one another. Now, there’s exceptions to that as there is a lot of things, but over the course a lot of relationships, that’s definitely the case.”

What kind of “ideal environment” would this Senator make if he had adopted children?!

FruitFly 6I’m just wondering how many of these  “Morality Police Officers” running around in our sacred halls of government are carrying around venereal diseases, herpes blisters and AIDS viruses?  How many of them are giving their wives The Clap and shelling out more parasitic crabs than a Red Lobster franchise? These guys are always bragging about those “Good Family Values” and this is how they demonstrate them?!

h/t Joe.My.God

Fox News re: Bowe Bergdahl: Save Us The Headache, Let The Taliban Kill Him

While admitting to not knowing all of the facts, Fox News political pundit Ralph Peters goes into full attack mode by accusing Private Bergdahl for everything including”colluding with the enemy” and “abandoning his post” (AWOL).  vomitAt the end, not willing to leave well enough alone, Peters makes his final point by saying the Taliban should save us the legal expenses and do us a favor (and execute him).

Keeping it classy, huh Fox?  You wave that Red, White and Blue flag that proudly?

There used to be something about “innocent until proven guilty”.  But that was old school.  Now, we’ve got Fox!

h/t From the Left

My Tweeting Around

I opened a Twitter account under the name Fruit_F_Fly.  I’m enjoying it, I think.  It’s kinda fun.  You get to feel like you’re Jesus Christ and other Twitterers follow you around like they’re your desciples.  I just got a note saying Michele Bachmann is one of my “desciples” now.  Wretched thing.  Now she’s going to be my Judas Iscariot.

I should just blast her for the lying that she’s been sayin’ lately.  If I called her a bunch of nasty names publically, I’ll bet she’ll quit following me faster than Palin can pack up Grandma on the Model T and drive away from the  governors mansion.

My Twittering can be seen on the right-hand column just below the Calender.  Now I feel like I’m talking in cyber-stereo or something!

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians: Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Yup!  He does!

h/t The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Raw Story

Hate Crimes Bill: Liar, Liar, Your Pants Are On Fire!

Republicans, you just gotta love ’em for being a bunch of liars.  There’s no truth in anything they’re saying or doing these days.  And the parade of Idiots that march right behind them…

From Joe.My.God. who wants everybody to pull our their Liar Bells and give ’em a good ring everytime you hear them lying about Hate Crimes Legislation:

They’ll finish up the video with Bishop Harry Jackson.  This dude came under fire for voter fraud…This guy can’t be honest with his country – how is he expected to be taken honest with his own fellow citizens.

My favorite line, although there are many: “Hate Crimes lesgislation perverts our laws!” by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Congress is passing through the Matthew Shepard Act (H.R. 1913 and Sen 909) as an attachment on the annual Defense Department appropriate bill.  The New York Times called this bill as a “It must Pass” Bill. This is a bill that puts hate-crimes against gay and lesbian people under a whole new category of justice in this country.  FruitFly 6Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) and the rest of these liars are claiming the bill to be an injustice against their “Christian” religion!  What they’re not telling you is that there is something called  HR 1592 contains a “Rule of Construction”, which protects free speech for pastors who want to spew venom from their pulpits!

I need to take one thing back… “Pants Are On Fire!” is hardly an accurate statement.  Their pants aren’t on fire, they’re laying crumpled at the foot of their mistresses bed!