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42-15704992Liberal Media

Kevin Diaz, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has a column published in today’s press entitled “Pawlenty cool to stiumulus proposals.” Diaz, apparently the Scoop Sleuth of “liberal media” here in Minnesota, was sent to Washington DC to the recent Governors Conference and the best he could do was to write about Pawlenty’s skepticism on Obama’s proposals.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, meeting Tuesday with President-elect Barack Obama, distanced himself from a bipartisan group of governors pressing for federal funds to alleviate state budget shortfalls and boost local economies.

Nice, huh? An entire column that talks about Pawlenty bitching and whining about Obama’s proposals and filled with nay saying jibberish.

I have a couple problems with this:

  • Forgive my amnesia, but I don’t recall one single column Mr. Diaz ever wrote on some Democrat criticizing the Buish Administration on anything. For eight very long years, this country has been subjected to the rule of a President who has the diction equal to that of a third grader, and the IQ equivalent to that of a grapefruit. Banks have failed, the US Auto Industry has failed, anti-trust laws broken everywhere, and not one drop of ink spent on a Democrat criticizing the Bush Administration. Not one!
  • Exactly how does Governor Pawlenty rate as any political ghuru when it comes to governing anything anyway? Does the Governor propose more bridge crashing, tunnel caving and coal mine collapsing as a viable alternative? Why does Kevin Diaz write all of this crap about what Sour Puss Pawlenty have to say about anything? There’s nothing Pawlenty has to offer in the piece – except criticism. Exactly what we all need at a time like this!!

In the same newspaper, published in the very same issue, the very same Governor Pawlenty gets hawkish on our own Minnesota budget by hinting that he plans to cut more spending. In a piece entitled “Pawlenty to propose cuts with new budget, Pawlenty belches:

While Pawlenty declined to quantify the near-term deficit, he said he expects it to be “noteworthy” but not “unmanageably large.”

The Republican governor said he aims to work with the DFLers who control the Legislature to identify spending that can be pulled back within the next few weeks. He said he could also make cuts on his own through an executive power called unallotment.

I’ll let you dissect that second paragraph there anyway you see fit. But I’m translating that statement as a clear signal Pawlenty has already concluded that he

  1. Won’t work with the DFL on anything – but demand the DFL work with him and he’ll plan on bitching and whining because they won’t, and…
  2. Goes rogue and pull rabbits out of his Magic Hat by engaging in bizarre and under-utilized terms such as “unallotments”.

He’s going to sit back and criticize Obama’s plan to give money to local and state governments, and yet he’ll scratch his balls and complain about cutting Minnesota’s budget.

It’s clear people: Not enough bridges have fallen in Minnesota for Pawlenty’s liking. There’ll be more! And Minnesotan’s will continue to pay attention to a Republican that cares nothing about them. …And the Star Tribune will continue to print “Right Wing Philosophies” and ignore Democrats because it’s worked so well for us in the past! (err…That was sarcasm, okay?!)

Karl Rove: “Political Genius”

CNN is reporting that Karl Rove, “The Boy Wonder” of the failed Republican Party has gone out to hint that Governor Sarah Palin will be the ultimate subject in a marketplace of ideas.

That liberal “Clinton News Network” has published a piece entitled: Rove says ‘marketplace of ideas’ will decide Palin’s fate:

“Republicans believe in markets, so the marketplace of ideas will decide what the answer [to her future] is,” Rove told NBC Tuesday. “These people are going to get out there, campaign, offer their ideas, offer themselves.”

That’s right – Republicans believe in Markets more than they believe in our troops sitting in their own feces and urine at Walter Reed Hospital. They believe in markets just like they believe in no-bid contracts to the Vice President’s former companies like Haliburton and Bechtel.

Why isn’t Karl Rove in jail? Isn’t he AWOL from two congressional subpoenas or something? Oh nevermind; He’s a Republican. I forgot. If you’re a Republican, you’re above the law. Liberals and Progressives…We’d be in jail faster than a three twitches from a beaver’s tail.

But the best part of the article is the second comment left by someone called “In The Know” who said simply:

Palin who???

My sentiments exactly. “Palin who?!?!” They must be referencing that governor from Alaska who ends every sentence with a prepositional phrase and who’s sentences have ninety-five words or more in them and then are free then there to ramble on with no point at all whatsoever and where she rules from a land that can see Russia from her state and who was called a “Diva” from the John McCain campaign and who helped McCain lose the election there and type things like that. That “Palin”?! Oh, now I know who Karl Rove was talking about…

Ryan Evans: Arclight Zero – It’s not just his IQ level anymore

I have a number of favorite Republican blogs I like to read. Mostly for the entertainment value found in them. Some folks like the Sunday funny pages, I like Republican bloggers! Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News Television, being my all time favorite. But I digress.

Evans is a blogger in a small town over in Chedderville Wisconsin who spends a great deal of his time pontificating on Republican ideology. (As if any Republican alive today would be willing to take credit for the financial debacle we’re currently in right now, makes pontificating anything on Republican Ideology nothing short of stupid. Yes, I said it: “Stupid”. Arclight Zero pontificates on really Stupid Stuff. There, I said it again.)

Mr. Evans blogs a piece that bitches from his side of the St Croix and Mississippi River about those of us in Minnesota and our smoking bans in bars and restaurants. In his piece “Smoking Bans: Learning from Mistakes“, Evans says:

Well, it would seem that the Minnesota smoking ban is doing exactly what it was predicted to do; it is making the anti-smoking crowd feel empowered and driving small bars out of business. Is this what should be considered a success story? I guess if the goal was to stomp out small business in the name of “public health,” sure, let’s call it a success. I’m not rightly sure what else has been gained; of course if you ask the anti’s, they carry a different opinion.

He grabs a “headliner” from that ultra-conservative CBS affiliate WCCO here in the Twin Cities who’s ran a story about a bar that’s closing in Detroit Lakes, and the bar owner is blaming statewide law that bans smoking in bars and restaurants.

WCCO doesn’t take a look into the bar’s finances … Perhaps the bar has closed because the bar was a crap-hole in the first place? Or, perhaps it became a haven exclusively to the smoking crowd because the non-smokers couldn’t and wouldn’t sit and drink in a cloud of toxic smog? These conversations are never taken into consideration. Never! And as long as the Conservative Republicans run and control our media, they never will.

Evans crabs about the anti-smoker crowd and laments the crappy bar owner in Detroit Lakes as a “poor small business owner” by noting the issue of public health:

They don’t even address the issue, which tells me that they feel that they are above this issue. To them, the issue ends at public health. Everything else is just trivial. I guess they just consider it to be collateral damage that comes with forcing their cause upon the rest of us.

In a country where our health care is for shit already, and people don’t have universal health care, what is the state expected to do? How else is the state going to reduce the number of people rotting in our Emergency Rooms dying from lung cancer because they worked in a toxic cloud as a bartender and a restaurant server.

But, Republicans couldn’t give a crap about “public health” in America, nor could they care about the common worker here in America. If it’s bad for business – Then let’s criticize it! Let’s ridicule it!

Do you remember S-CHIP? When they could offer health care for children, the Republicans felt it would be bad for business and they voted against it! Children, for Christ sakes! They’d rather see children go without health care for the benefit of “business owners”.

Hey, Mr. Evens – Something to be said about our bars and restaurants…

“You can come over here, enjoy a beer or two, and you won’t go home smelling like an ashtray! Because there’s no way I’m going to any bar or restaurant over there in Chedderville if that’s what I’m going to smell like when I leave.

Oh…and by the way… I’m a bartender.”


Fruit F. Fly

Republicans need to think in different terminologies. The Smoking Ban has lost a lot of customers who smoke. Forcing them outside has inconvenienced them so much that they’d rather stay home and smoke than to hang out with their buddies and have a beer. Bartenders and bar owners have the unique opportunity to be even more competitive in their business without overflowing ashtrays on their tables and bars. But, “competition” and “creativity” are terms that Republicans aren’t willing to explore. They’re lazy. And I’m willing to bet, they are just as lazy as that bar owner up there in Detroit Lakes.

MRE: MICHELE BACHMANN BUNGLES HER OWN APOLOGY – She does it for “your children”

Hoping to smooth the ruffled feathers of a disgusted Minnesota public, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) of the 6th Congressional District rolls out an ad that makes her best attempt at humility. Please note: She can’t apologize for her McCarthyism on Hardball last week. Apologizing is for heathens, non-Christians and liberals. As a neo-con, you follow the rules and you Never Apologize for Anything.

From The Scoreboard:

“Once again, our nation is at a crossroads, and it’s a time for choosing. We could embrace government as the answer to our problems or we can choose freedom and liberty,” Bachmann says in the ad.

“I may not always get my words right, but I know that my heart is right. Because my heart is for you, for your children and for the blessings of liberty to remain for our great country.”

What a crock! “For your children…” Ohmygawd!

The State Childrens Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was a roll-out by the Democratic Party in Congress last year. It was to give free health care to all children living in American households making $80,000 or less. Bachmann voted against it the first time around, and in an attempt to override Bush’s veto, she voted against it a second time! The roll-call vote is here, courtesy TMP.

…for your children.” Oh dear God… Michele Bachmann couldn’t give one whit for your children.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said:

Suffer Little Children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Michele Bachmann read that and took it literally. She thinks Christ meant; “Let the little children suffer until they die — and end up going to heaven.”

…For your children!! Oh dear God….

Support El Tinklenberg!! And please be generous. We have to vote “Cruella de Vil” out of Congress. …For your children’s sake.

Found At A Magazine Stand

More Bush Bull-SCHIPNewspaper stand

Freepers scream and complain about the Democrats using a 7th Grader to deliver the weekly radio address. The GOP Response: “The Horror!”, “The Shame!”

Bush’s Education Budget has been cut over $30 Billion within a year.

…”The Hypocracy!” <crickets creaking><toads croaking>

Black Garbage Fly

Senator Larry Craig: “Master baiting with his wiener”

He calls it his “Super Tuber”. Senator Larry “Dirty Potty Boy” Craig brags up his favorite way to munch on an Idaho potato. He carves out a hole in it and sticks his wiener inside and dips it in his special sauce.

Don’t believe me? Click here and enjoy!

One more to defend

Ralph Regula (R-OH) has announce his retirement as being imminent. OUCH! Regula’s departure was unexpected as they’re already scrambling for Congresscritters who are under investigation for taking bribes, questionable land-deals and being busted in sex-scandals.

boccieri 1

boccieri 3

The RNCC is already bankrupt. Defending that chair and keeping it Red is going to be a mega-huge problem for them.

Meanwhile, John Boccieri is going to be the expected winner of that chair. He’s got the nod from big-named groups like VotesVets and WesPac. Best of all, he’s a mega-hottie.

The GOP has stooped to begging

The GOP is freaking out and kissing Jim Ramstad’s big white booty begging him to take back his resignation letter and stay in office. I won’t even bother with commentary, especially when MNPublius does it far better than I could.

Nursing Care for the GLBT senior citizenhousefly

Joe My God has a fascinating peek on the NYT’s insight towards elderly gay and lesbian citizens going back into the closet as they enter hetero-dominated nursing homes.

There are an estimated 2.4 million elderly LGBT people in America, most of whom are forced back into the closet when they enter nursing care, living the last days of their lives in unimaginable loneliness. The Times article goes on to discuss the isolation and dangers that elderly gays face, but speaks optimistically about the gay-specific nursing home/assisted care facilities that are opening around the country.

I know of high-income GLBT nursing care and assisted living programs going on in Phoenix, Florida and Southern Cal. But, senior living for the rest of society’s GLBT scum is fairly non-existent. As the Baby-Boomer generation enters retirement, there’s a looming disaster in our (GLBT) horizon.

Deer FlyAmerican Marines held at gun-point by American paid Mercenaries

Blackwater SUV full of mercenaries crashes into a Marine Humvee. Blackwater bailed out, disarmed the Marines, got them on the ground and held them at gun point while they separated the two vehicles.

If I were an Iraqi civilian witnessing that scene, I wouldn’t know what to think!

DailyKos has the full story and theyFruitFly 6 have another video of a firefight our military is involved in and they’re taking orders from Blackwater civilian-clad mercenaries. It’s enough to make you erp your lunch.

These Republicans… Ya know..! They just know how to support our troops. They really do.

When the SCHIP hits the Fan

SCHIP Hits the Fan

Two weeks ago, SCHIP was the hottest thing making the hottest headlines. Health Care for children of low-income families is a Democrat’s touch-stone. Nobody wants headlines about poor kids dying from lack of health care anymore than interest in headlines of starving children in the Sudan of Africa. Except for the GOP of course. Starving children, letting them die and or flat out killing them for an Oil War is their “cup o’ tea”! In fact, they’ll flat-out tell you that they’re “happy that the President’s willing to do something bad to kids.” Whenever they hear something described as heartless assult on children, they’re generally pleased about it!

The Democrats upped the ante by putting up 12-year old Graeme Frost to do the Saturday’s weekly radio address after they overwhelmingly passed the bill in the Senate and the House. With the ink still wet, they grabbed the 12-year old and the kid, quite literally, “spoke to America”. He begged our “Compassionate Conservative” President to sign the bill. Ohh…Umm…let me re-phrase that: “America heard a 12-year old kid beg the president to sign the SCHIP bill…literally.”

A twelve year old begging the President of the United States to sign in a health care bill for poor kids?!

This infuriated the Rabid Right. “How dare they use children?!”, they screamed. “And what gives them the right to use children who have benefited from the program?” Limbaugh went as far to claim that Graeme Frost was being used as a “Human Shield” for the Democrats.Klieg Light

Bush vetoed the bill though. With the same cowardice he showed in Viet Nam, he vetoed the bill behind closed doors. No journalists, no klieg lights, no spectators and he certainly didn’t have any of his “Snowflake Babies” err… I mean, “Human Shields” standing near-by.

Since then, the Rabid Rights’ vitriol is reaching new heights and heigher decibel levels with each passing day.

  1. Rush Limbaugh plays “Opposite World” on his radio show saying on the subject: “Everything that is truth, is really a lie -and everything they say is a lie, is obviously the truth.”
  2. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congress’ favorite mattress, complains that the SCHIP program is socialized medicine, and helping poor children take their meds is a bad thing. (Hint: She’s the mother of five children and 23 foster children. And yet…she won’t vote for their health care.) Yup! She’s a Sealy!!
  3. Michelle Malkin is so upset, she makes a special trip to visit the Frost neighborhood, visit with “Dad’s” working colleagues and take time out to snap a photo of the family with her cell phone.

Ummm, quick question here! How is it that these Republicans can hate a 12-year boy and his family so much, and yet go completely insane over that precious woman back in 2005 who was completely brain-dead for ten years?!?! Congress deliberated until 10:00PM yelling about their love for life and the horrors of killing a brain-stem. Bush billed the tax-payers for his Air Force One to fly in from one of his many vacations from the “Western White House” to sign their stupid…useless bill. And how did Terry Schiavo’s parents put it when her body was finally put to rest? Oh yes, they called it “judicial murder“.

Western White House

Last year, the GOP screamed: “The Dems don’t have a message!” Yet, the GOP’s message seems a very mixed bag when it comes to America’s youth.

  1. The issue of stem-cell research to cure neurological and other diseases? Rush Limbaugh muddles up the symptoms by stupidly making fun of Michael J. Fox.
  2. Right before Congress’ August recess, George W Bush issued a directive to all of the states requiring them to tightening the belt on SCHIP. That directive required the states to prove that recipients of SCHIP benefits are children who’s parents make twice below the established poverty line. Children of higher income families must be without any type of health care for over a year before they are available for SCHIP benefits!
  3. Health care for your kid? Screw that! Even talking to a kid who’s received SCHIP benefits will result in Michelle Malkin showing up and harassing your parents at their workplace and their working colleagues! Shoving her cell-phone at your family and snapping their picture. Ridiculing you on her blog hoping to make you feel like… SCHIP!

Newsday has a piece that’s worth noticing when it comes to health care for fostered-children. It’s so horrorific, you’ll think they are talking about Sudanese kids!

FruitFly 6The only time the GOP seems to be “pro-American Youth” is when they’re ready to be recruited for a lost Oil War (and they’ll lie to your kid in order to get him/her to sign the contract) in Iraq.

While they claim to be the political “Jesus Party”, and when it comes to taking care of America’s children, they clearly don’t give a SCHIP!