No Joe… You Lie!

Joe Wilson, (R-SC)

Joe Wilson, (R-SC)

It was just seven years ago when these Republicans were waiving their bony-fingers in front of our noses on the Bush Administration headed to war in Iraq to “look for Weapons of Mass Destruction.” If there were any Lefties who question the Bush Administration’s motives, these Republicans shouted them down by saying that we had to “respect the President of the United States” and that we were being “anti-American.

And here these Republicans can heckle the President of the United States like school-children publicly in the United States Congress and treat the speech like it was a hootenanny.

Joe Wilson (R-SC) can shout out and accuse the President of the United States of being a liar makes me want to vomit.  There isn’t a single Democrat in Congress who accused President Bush of being a liar in any major speech even though everybody knows he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

These Republicans have proven themselves to have become unhinged.  And Congressman Joe Wilson is your proof.

Congressman Wilson helped himself to politicize a serious problem in this country: Health CareInstead of coming up with ideas to improve our health care, Congressman Wilson would rather shout-out jeering remarks while the President speaks.

Congressman Wilson needs to hear from South Carolinians who are living without health care and heckle and jeer him for a taste of his own.. ehem… “medicine”.

This kind of behavior is deplorable.I don’t care if Congressman Wilson has apologized or not.  The GOP needs to get a grip.  They’re the weakest link for Team America.