UK Gay Campaign: Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

Get Over It From Joe.My.God:

Stonewall, the UK gay rights group , will post 600 billboards around the country over the next two weeks with their “Some people are gay, get over it!” message. The ad campaign was originally designed for and rolled out to secondary schools and was created with the help of students and teachers. After the posters were well-received in the schools, the national campaign was devised.

From the Sunday Herald (Scotland) on the topic:

Stonewall Scotland director Calum Irving said: “That it’s taken us so long to get hate crime legislation suggests Scotland needs to wake up to the fact that we still have homophobic elements.

“It’s time for a hard-hitting message that works in any environment. It will also appeal to those who don’t have a problem with gay people and want others to get over it’.”

A scheme based on the slogan will be launched in schools later this year.

FruitFly …In case you didn’t know.