Say, Mr. Graham! Is this one of those “double standards” you’re talking about?!

Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post has decided that Michael Jackson’s tragic demise wasn’t a problem of political over-exposure for Governor Sanford. Within four weeks, two Republicans have been apologizing for failing to keeping their trousers zipped up in the sense of “Holy Sanctity of Marriage” and an additional Republican governor is stepping down with her own two-week notice complete with hip-waders and fish-nets.  Thankfully, super-star King of Pop-Legend, Michael Jackson has croaked.  This funeral has  over-shadowed the entire train-wreck of a political party in less than a month.

But Dick Cohen is quite comfortable with the situation.  He points to the recent “Quiting Becuase I’m Not a Quiter Governor Sara Palin (R-AK) resignation as trivial.  Governor Mark Sanford:  “Oh phhhhphphp…Big Deal… Get over it already!!

Almost as interesting as Palin is South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Never mind his affair. These things happen. Concentrate instead on how he hid his affair — by disappearing and calling attention to himself. Note also that even before he somehow took the Appalachian Trail to Buenos Aires, he was renowned for rejecting federal stimulus money. Before that, as a congressman, he claimed to have forsaken a housing allowance — and a cot — and said, “I sleep on the floor of my office.” Most of us would consider this weird behavior. In the GOP, it was seen as presidential timber.

Okay, can you guess what’s wrong with this picture?

If you’re AWOL from your post as Governor,  and lie to the good folks of your state by telling them you’ve gone on a hiking trip, meanwhile you spend tax-payer dollars to fly to Argentina to boff your Argentinian Lolita…so what? These things happen. Additionally, if you sleep on a cot, and claim publicly that you really slept on the floor: Some folks might think you’re weird — But the GOP will think you’re Presidential Timber!

Insert a lame “I got a woodie” joke here.

Tim Graham, the director of media analysts over at the conservative Media Research Center is expressing relief over the recent tragic death of Michael Jackson on behalf of Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC).

You see, according to Graham; if it hadn’t been for the overwhelming media attention on Michael Jackson’s demise, poor Governor Sanford would have suffered a lot more needless media scrutiny than he already has received and doesn’t deserve at all, whatsoever.

How pedestrian can the GOP’s propaganda machine continue to be?

Graham laments his grief for Sanford’s unfortunate zipper-problem:

“If you took a Democratic Sanford, a Democratic governor having one mistress, they would all yawn over that,” he contends. “They would really not find that very interesting at all, and yet these people will find Republican mayors cheating as an interesting national story.”

Mayors?  There are Republican mayors out there skanking on their wives in addition to the boat loads of US Senators, Governors and Congress-Creatures?!  There are mayors that we don’t know about, Mr. Graham?!?

Here’s the martyrdom line-up for the public consumption: “It’s those horrible infidels over on the Left who are so willing to crucify those of us Righteous Righties. If those Liberal Lefties are caught…Well, nobody would care!  But if we’re caught.. “Oh horror…! Oh poor us!  Why do you persecute us so?!!”

Graham continues (weeping bitterly):

“They know that people like you and me are disgusted by a Mark Sanford — and they know that that guy will be toast. And they know that adultery is not going to hurt a liberal,” he adds. “When we discuss how the media behaves, we understand that the same people who are all making an enormous, big deal out of Mark Sanford thought that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what Bill Clinton did [while in office].

Graham says; “It’s a clear double-standard.”

How much lying are these conservatives allowed to get away with before they’re called on it? Furthermore, how much stupidity can the American public take from these jack-asses.

Even Rush Limbaugh admitted that “Mark Sanford couldn’t keep his trousers zipped up because it was Obama’s fault!”

Now they’re weeping because Michael Jackson didn’t croak soon enough to protect Sanford’s “Great Trouser Snake Escape”?!

These Republicans are cheating around on their spouses (breaking God’s “Holy Sanctity of Marriage”), and the Conservatives  will complain that it’s everybody else’s fault.  Or, they’ll whip out with: “We’ve got a Double-Standard Here, people!”   (They don’t want hate crimes legislation to protect the gays…But they’ll jump at the chance for a “don’t pick on a Republican” legislation in a New York Minute!

It’s pathetic!

It’s Weak!

Let’s try this one step at a time. Because Tim Graham is just out right lying to his readership with this whole “double-standard idea”.

Double Standard #1:

John Edwards (D) v. Sarah Palin (R)

When it was discovered that John Edwards had been having an affair on his wife, the entire GOP Propaganda Machine (a.k.a. Mainstream Media) gasped: “His career is over with! His career is finished!!! Oh, his dear poor wife!”

The story was originally spilled by none other than The National Enquirer.

Fox’s Hannity and Colmes did not hesitate to have Chris Kofinas, Edwards’ campaign manager on their show to drill him on the “horror”.

But, the National Enquirer also published a story about Sarah Palin who had skanked on her husband and cheated on him in an affair.

The GOP gasped in horror – but not at the fact that Palin’s career was as was apparently Edwards’.  They gasped that the National Enquirer would even print such an alleged malicious lie!

In fact, the GOP threatened lawsuits against the Enquirer for even considering publishing the idea that they’re Political Lolita from Alaska would be a skank in the first place.

Governor Palin’s political career wasn’t over like Edwards’ career was “over”. Quite the contrary! The GOP loves Sarah Palin! We don’t know why, we think she’s dumber than a pail of nails! But, then that only means Sarah Palin’s Fan Club is grouped together by some very stupid pails.

Say, Mr. Graham! Is this one of those “double standards” you’re talking about?!

Double Standard #2:

Jim McGreevey (D-NJ) v Larry Craig (R-ID)

When Governor McGreevey came out of the closet, he came flying out. He came out flying with a closet-full of boas; admitted to having an affair with another man. Governor McGreevey was gay. He immediately resigned.

Republican Media gasped in horror:  Not another Democrat with an infidelity problem?!

Yet, Senator Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting sex in the Mens Room restroom at the Twin Cities International Airport. Senator Craig bullied the police officer with his Senator ID badge, trying to intimidate the officer, but it didn’t work. A few months later, the Senator plead guilty to the charge.

But, what happened to the Senator for Not-Coming-Out?

Nothing!  He’s happily back at his office doing whatever it is that he does for his good citizens of Idaho!  It’s embarrassing for them.  But, there’s no consequences for his actions?  He plead guilty for soliciting sex in a men’s restroom and there’s nothing wrong with that?  What kind of GOPervert party is this anyway?

Say, Mr. Graham! Is this one of those “double standards” you’re talking about?!

Double Standard #3:

Eliot Spritzer (D-NY) v. David Vitter (R-LA)

Governor Spitzer (D-NY) was caught in a prostitution ring. He was kicked out of office immediately.   Boom! Out of a job!  Go away!

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) was caught in a prostitution ring and this is what he did.

He drags his wife Wendy out wearing a tight leopard-print dress and shouts into the microphone


…And he goes back to work.  Not a care in the world…  Nothing about the fact that he was getting wrapped in a diaper while tens of thousands of his fellow Louisianans were floating dead in the drink.

So, the Democrat bangs some prostitutes, he’s sent home with a report card full of F’s.  But if a Republican bangs a brothel full of prostitutes, he drags his wench-looking wife in front of the cameras and apologizes and he gets to go back to work?!

Say, Mr. Graham! Is this one of those “double standards” you’re talking about?!

Double Standard #4:

Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) v. Ted Stevens (R-AK)

This Governor of Illinois was arrested and charged with a wide-variety of corruption charges, including an attempt to acution off the US Senate seat that was vacated by then President-Elect Barack Obama.  Within weeks, the Illinois Legislature impeached the governor who went later to stand trial and eventually convicted.

Ted Stevens (R-AK) was charged and convicted on seven counts of corruptions charges.  Stevens plead innocent of the charges, he was brought in front of a jury and he was convicted, unanimously on each count. What happened?  He continued to run for US Senate.  In December, following the election, what happened?

You got it, Baby!  The United States Senate stood up and gave this convicted felon a standing ovation!

Governor Blagojevich didn’t get an applause.  He didn’t even get a trial until after he was impeached!  Both plead not-guilty but only the Republican got to go on and receive his homage while the Democrat was shunned and pulled out like a weed from an old lady’s  garden.

Say, Mr. Graham! Is this one of those “double standards” you’re talking about?!

There’s no truth to back-up what these conservatives are saying these days.  Their truth is their demise.  Because each time a Democrat goes down for some unscrupulous practice, they step down and the party becomes more united to try harder.   The Republicans, this isn’t the way they work.  Although they “claim” those “Good American Family Values”, they are values you and I are expected to uphold.  Their values are way off-base to the ones they preach.  And that’s one of the many reasons the GOP is not going to make it in the end.
The Fratllis - Chelsea Dagger

The GOP now admires the Taliban?!

talibanThe Republican Party seems to have simply gone off their nut that coincides with the 2006 mid-term elections. More often than not, we’re confronted with a “Political Oddity of the Week” coming from the depths of the Republican gullet.

Sure – the GOP could say the same thing about Democrats and we’d have to agree to some extent.

  • Governor Elliott Spitzer (D-NY), carrying an extra load of hot-headedness on prostitution in that state, get’s caught with very expensive whores on a regular basis.
  • Also, Goobernator, Rod Blagojevich (D-IL), auctioning off an empty Senate Seat vacated by the newly sworn-in President Barack Obama.

..The Dumbasses.

But I’m not talking about small time juvenile crap like bribes and adultery. If I were, I’d be spending the next forty-five minutes blabbering on endlessly about Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) being found guilty for 37-counts of bribery or Senator David Vitter (R-LA) who was getting wrapped in a diaper by the gentle hands of the DC Madam. Let’s just remember the rule shall we?

“If Democrats are accused, they are to be impeached or dismissed immediately. If Republicans are accused they can either simply Apologize and go back to work – or they can risk all of it by going to a trial in front of a jury of their peers.”

What I’m talking about is the GOP really falling off their GOP-nut by acting out and saying the craziest things imaginable and it just makes you want to scratch your scalp and think:

“Hrmmm…You know – since I stopped using Selsun Blue, my scalp itches a whole lot more than usual!”

adkissonJuly 27, 2008 Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church had the congregation’s children on the stage performing the play Anne. Jim D. Adkisson busted in on the church carrying a 12-gauge #4 semi-automatic sawed-off shotgun, yelling and screaming about “the Gays” and how much he hates “Liberals”. The church later, held funerals for two of their faithful flock and seven others were nursed back to their health from their injuries.

One man who was killed, was labled as a hero: (Greg McKendry) turned on the shooter and stood there taking the full-force of the blast shielding everybody else. His little granddaughter was showered with blood. At that close range, McKendry’s body would have been simply ripped in half. The jury is still out on how many of those pint-sized performers on the stage will carry the trauma Adkisson caused on that bright Sunday morning.

From the stage, they (the children on the stage singing the “Good ship, Lollipop!”) saw a gunman pull a sawed-off shotgun out of a guitar case and fire three deadly blasts that covered their friends and relatives in blood before congregants wrestled him to the ground.


“You’ve got kids that were covered in blood. There were kids that watched their grandparents in a pool of blood and they were screaming and running down the hall in blood,” Jones said. “They saw so much.”

It was a terrorist act of course. The sheriff on the case stated that Adkisson simply hated liberals!

In a four-page letter police found in his small SUV in the church parking lot, Adkisson said he attacked the church because “he hated the liberal movement,” Police Chief Sterling Owen said.

Democratic Party ShootingAug 13, 2008Timothy Dale Johnson walked into the Arkansas Democratic National Convention headquarters in Little Rock and demanded to see Arkansas DNC Chair Bill Gwatney. He was refused passage, so he barged in anyway and shot and killed Gwatney a close range. Johnson, fired from his job at a local Target store, scrawled hate-graffitti on the men’s restroom wall – complaining about liberals.

Another Republican terrorist. He led the police on a chase and ended up losing his life from injuries received from the police during the chace.

Said R. Neal of the Knoxviews:

You know, after the Knoxville church shooting and now this, I am actually starting to worry a little. It could be that Democrats and other conservative movement opposition are going to have to start taking all the hateful remarks and veiled threats more seriously, especially if they are directed at individuals and especially if there is any specificity.

My thoughts exactly.

The religious conservatives share the same terrorist views as their political conservatives. While Tom Tancredo (R-CO) called for the bombing of Mecca to “shatter the Muslim center“, Reverend Rod Parsley, pastor of the 13,000 mega church in Columbus, OH has repeatedly called for the destruction of the Muslim faith.

Parsley says there is a war and he wants bigger war, as America can only “fulfill its divine purpose” by seeing to it that Islam, “this false religion, is destroyed.” Though he spells out no specific strategy, he writes things like, “We find now we have no choice. The time has come” to destroy “this anti-Christ religion,” inspired by demons who spoke to Allah.

You might say; “Okay, okay…! Fruit! Listen to me! The world is full of crazy people! Quit trying to be ‘Pink Floyd’ and comb through the audience screaming ‘Get him up against the wall!

And….!!!! (Take a deep breath!!!) …I would have to agree with you!!

When I was a little kid, I actually caught my older brother trying to count how many knuckles on one finger he could shove up his left nostril.
And I thought to myself at that time:

“Fruit! Throughout your life, you will always find people who are dumber than that Dipshit over there with his finger up his nose!”

Ladies and Gentleman: We have finally arrived.

Yesterday, Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told a group of fellow Republicans that the Republican Party, needed to “understand insurgency” in implementing efforts to offer alternatives.“.

They’re feeling rather impotent at this moment because of the fucking whopper of a financial crises that they begged our American dollar to endure….

It’s the American Taliban defined by the GOP:

“Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,” Sessions said during a meeting yesterday with Hotline editors. “And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying an example of how you go about [sic] is to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.”

Huh?! Are you interpreting the message the same way that I am? The Chair of the NRCC, Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) is admiring the Freaking Taliban?!?!

Wait! Wait! Wait!! Before you feel compelled to shove your finger up your nose and begin counting knuckles!

Sessions actually makes the threat:

“If they (Pilosi, Reid, Obama, Democrats) do not give us those options or opportunities then we will then become insurgency of a nature to where we do those things that are necessary to making sure the American public knows what we think the correct answer is,” Sessions said during the 60-minute interview. “So we either work together, or we’re going to find a way to get our message out.

padillaDoes anybody remember this kid named Jose Padilla? He’s this American punk with a big mouth. He got out of prison for some petty thing he had done.  Being a hothead, he began shooting his mouth off in the Chicago ghettos about making a dirty bomb and killing George W. Bush. It was like, he was washing dishes at some restaurant and he’d be saying:

“Yeah – I hate that M%@#$ President Boosh!  Maaannnn…If I could, I would put a cap in his ass…”

He was arrested, thrown into a SC military prison and held – without an attorney for three and a half years years.  As if the United States Constitution didn’t even exist.

So, is there anybody out there who thinks Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) deserves anything less than Padilla?  Please raise your hand. (Preferably the hand that isn’t already occupied with your olfactory.)

The GOP has fallen off their nut!! And what’s really strange…They actually sound, look like and act like – the very same Taliban that George W Bush declared war against seven years ago!

FruitFly 6

Asked to assess the political landscape for the midterms, Sessions suggested that the NRCC will back the best candidates in each district — as opposed to targeting support to specific contests, as the group has done previously. He noted that Democrats hold seats in 83 districts that President Bush won in 2000 or 2004, showing that the GOP has opportunities, despite the party’s losses in the last two cycles.

Sessions said he believes Republicans can take back the House.

“We believe our job is to aim to win the majority,” Sessions said. “I’ve never aimed to come in second place.”

Hopefully, Congressman Sessions isn’t aiming a 12-gauge #4 semi-automatic sawed-off shotgun at someobody’s grand-daughter.


Does anybody out there remember when US Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) spit on Paul Wellstone’s freshly dug grave and said these words:

To be very blunt and God watch over Paul’s soul, I am a 99 percent improvement over Paul Wellstone,” Coleman said in a front-page story published in Roll Call. “Just about on every issue.

Well, I seriously doubt that Paul Wellstone had a Sugar Daddy named Nasser Kazeminy. Kazeminy loves Norm. Like the GOP loves Governor Palin with $4,000 clothing allowances to make her look “pretty”; Kazeminy gives Norm Coleman big shopping sprees to buy him new suits at Neiman Marcus, flies the Coleman Clan to the Bahamas on his private jet and personally leaves little mints on the Colemans’ pillow every night.

(Please Note: I was going to say that Kazeminy personally lights the Colemans’ cigarettes immediately after their “whoopee time”, but I didn’t want to be too…Ummm “Obtuse”. This is a “family friendly” site for God’s Sakes..)

Now if you’re not quite sure what’s going on with this story, I can help. Nothing like a little help from a Fruit Fly when everybody else can’t tell you jack-shit.

Nasser Kazeminy is the CEO of mega-corp NJK Holdings in Houston. According to the Huffington Post, Kazeminy gave $1,300 to Norm Coleman in the first Quarter of 2007, and in the 4th Quarter, $10,000 to the Minnesota GOP.

Paul McKim is the CEO of a company called DMT, Deep Marine Technologies. Kazeminy is the controlling stockholder for DMT and feels it is his duty to give money to the Coleman’s paltry salary income as a US Senator by forcing McKim to send money to a Minneapolis based insurance company Hays Companies, Lauri Coleman’s (US Senator Norm Coleman’s wife) employer.

This is where McKim and Kazeminy get all “testeroni” with each other and McKim points out that he’s the CEO of DMT and that leaves Kazeminy out of the decision making process. Kazeminy thinks that as DMT’s controlling shareholder, that makes McKim his personal tool-job and threatens to have him fired if he doesn’t “help the poor destitute Coleman Clan”. This is where The Nation magazine comes in – They obtained the original lawsuit filed last Monday:

In March 2007, Kazeminy began ordering the payment of corporate funds to companies and individuals who tendered no goods or services to DMT for the states purpose of trying to financially assist United States Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota. In March 2007, Kazeminy telephoned B.J. Thomas, then DMT’s Chief Financial Officer. In that conversation, Kazeminy told Mr. Thomas that “US Senators don’t make [expletive deleted]” and that he was going to find a way to get money to Coleman and wanted to utilize DMT in the process…Kazeminy told Mr. McKim that he [Kazeminy] would make sure there was paperwork to make it appear as though the payments were made in connection with the legitimate transations, explaining further that Senator Coleman’s wife, Laurie, worked for the Hays Companies, an insurance broker in Minneapolis, and that the payments could be made to Hays for insurance. When Mr. McKim made further objections, Kazeminy repeatedly threatened to fire Mr. McKim, telling him “this is my company” and that he and Thomas had better follow his orders in paying Hays. Subsequently, Kazeminy caused Hays to produce a document entitled “Disclosure of Service Fees” which purported to legitimize the basis of the payments to be made to Hays by DMT.

According to the lawsuit, Laurie Coleman received three $25,000 payments under the alleged “invoice” called “Disclosure of Service Fees”.

…So, will we soon have another six years of Norm Coleman taking money from other Sugar Daddies until he looks just like Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens?! Oh…wait, that parallel has already been spotted. More on that in a minute.

The lawsuit goes on:

Kazeminy informed McKim and Thomas that Hays would funnel the money from DMT to Senator Coleman through the payment of compensation, to his wife, Laurie, and that there was nothing to worry about. Laurie Coleman never provided any type of services or products to DMT. Furthermore, at no time has Hays been licensed to broker insurance in the State of Texas.

Read the break-down of the entire lawsuit here, courtesy of the Minnesota Independent.

Harpers Magazine recently wrote that Kazeminy and Coleman are extremely close:

Coleman also has a close relationship with Minnesota businessman Nasser Kazeminy, a big donor to the G.O.P. and to Coleman. In 2005, the senator and his daughter jetted down to the Bahamas on a private plane owned by Kazeminy, a trip valued at $3,960. In 2004, he and his wife flew to Paris on Kazeminy’s plane, a $2,870 value.

Laurie Coleman is apparently the Little Darling at her work at Hays Companies in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, the senator’s own wife, Laurie Coleman, is employed by Minneapolis-based Hays Companies, according to his latest personal financial disclosure form. The Hays Companies offers clients advice on risk management, commercial insurance, and employee benefits. The firm’s executives, their spouses and employees provided Coleman with $20,700 in campaign contributions between 2002 and 2006.

It’s not clear why a risk management firm would require the services of Laurie Coleman, an aspiring actress and the inventor of the “Blo & Go,” a hands-free hair drying device (“The whole key to this is the suction,” she has explained of her product’s utility.) Coleman’s financial disclosure form doesn’t list his wife’s job description or salary. LeRoy Coleman, the senator’s spokesman, declined to elaborate; the firm did not reply to a request for comment.

Nice to see the Coleman’s have surrounded themselves with people who share in the true “American Family Values” crowd!

Kazeminy has been swimming in Minnesota politics for a long while. An old City Pages article from 2002 discusses Kazeminy’s involvement with Minnesota Republicans here.

Atypical for Coleman, he filed a Defemation lawsuit against Minnesota’s DFL Senator Al Franken. Such lawsuits are considered frivolous by the courts and are routinely thrown out. But, Norm Coleman files them as a diversion from the subject hoping enough people will feel sorry for him rather than see him as the weasel he really is: This lawsuit against Franken marks the fourth one Coleman has filed throughout his political career.
Screaming and hollering at Franken hasn’t taken grip because there’s nothing to see. Coleman decided to withdraw the defamation suit.

Now all of this information is what’s floating out there in MSM. Turn the page, Baby and catch up with this:

Yesterday, November 1st, 2008, a new lawsuit has been filed in Delaware against Coleman’s Kazeminy!!

A second lawsuit has been filed against Sen. Norm Coleman’s supporter Nasser Kazeminy, accusing him of using a Texas company to funnel secret cash to the senator’s wife, Laurie.

The Coleman campaign says both suits are part of an Al Franken-inspired smear campaign designed to destroy his reputation. The Franken camp says it has nothing to do with the litigation.

This second lawsuit simply adds Paul McKim in an additional suit against Kazeminy:

Both actions allege that Kazeminy told executives at Deep Marine that he wanted to provide financial assistance to the Colemans through an insurance consulting arrangement between Deep Marine and Hays Companies. But the second suit cites a “confidential source.” The lawsuit alleges “gross misuse” of corporate funds at Deep Marine by Kazeminy, who controls a majority share of stock.

The complaint contains a section of allegations related to “improper payments to Sen. Norman Coleman’s wife.” But in a new wrinkle, Deep Marine’s former CEO, McKim, is named as a co-defendant with Kazeminy and several other individuals who were in positions of authority at the company.

Instead of blaming Al Franken for this second lawsuit, Coleman’s campaign manager, Cullen Sheehan blames the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (of course!!) Coleman’s Clan whines:

Coleman’s campaign manager, Cullen Sheehan, said Friday night that the suits are “baseless and false claims … being used to influence the outcome of the election.”

Sheehan also said that the Star Tribune, by reporting on the lawsuits, “is actively participating in the destruction of the reputation of Sen. Coleman and his wife.”


You see, don’t you?! Republicans never take responsibility for their own misdeeds. It’s simply not in their DNA!

So, do you still think Norm Coleman has been “99% better than Paul Wellstone”?

Hey Brodkorb! You wanna stop whining about all of this “Seven-Degress of Separation” bullshit about Al Franken? You’re going to pull your freaking hair out trying to unravel “Thirty-Nine Degrees of Separation” once you’ve analyzed this second lawsuit! Actually, watching your tiny head explode while you’re on Fox News (again) trying to defend these disgusting Republicans, might be the fun and entertainment I’m actually looking forward to!

Stay tuned for more updates on this new Republican debacle. Together with Ted Stevens’ (R-AK) help, Norm Coleman will give us the filibuster-proof majority in the United States Senate!!

by Fruit F. Fly

Extra Amusement Credit:

Watch Norm Coleman run his ass-off trying to get away from the press. You just want to yell at him: “Hey Norm! What did Al Franken do to get you to spend all of that campaign donated money claiming he had something to do with it! If he did…Then what was it?!”

Watch Cullen Sheehan, Norm Coleman’s campaign manager bungle up a press briefing on the topic. It’s three and a half minutes of hilarity while Sheehan has his worst Bad-Hair Day ever saying over and over: “Uhhh…The Senator has reported he has ever received.

Laurie Coleman’s interviewin’ about her “Blo and Glo” invention can be heard here. It’s hysterical…truly. About as much fun as countin’ the number of times Sarah Palin can drop the letter “G” from every word ending in “ing”. …Goin’ strong, don’t cha know!

News Geeks are giggling at Mark Leon Goldberg’s latest in the UN Dispatch who’s ruefully wishing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan fly to Minneapolis and demand Norm Coleman’s resignation. The pun is based on GW Bush appointed John Bolton’s complaint who wished Norm Coleman did to Annan three years ago. Kofi Annan had to defend himself against Norm Coleman about money laundering schemes that included his own son. Laurie Coleman becomes the sacrificial lamb in version 2.0.

Update: I was critiqued (quite politely) by another blogger for spelling Kazeminy’s name incorrectly. I corrected the errors of my writings and I hope all is well in the world… Also in the Land of Oz, on the third moon of Endor as well in the micro bacterial terrain on the inside of my boxer shorts.

Sarah Palin “pals around” with Guilty Felon like US Sen. Ted Stevens


BURLINGAME, Calif. – Sarah Palin defended her claim that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” saying the Democratic presidential nominee’s association with a 1960s radical is an issue that is “fair to talk about.”

Hrm… Well, Alaska’s US Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) was found guilty on seven counts of giving false statements! So, does Sarah Palin plan on disavowing Senator Stevens actions?! She’s apparently very close friends with the Convict…
Quite a lot of photos between this Vice Presidential Candidate and this convicted felon, don’t you think?

The Dallas Morning News is musing around the idea that Governor Sarah Palin should ask for Ted Stevens’ resignation immediately – but she probably wont’. Here’s a “Love Fest” between the two;

They just can’t share enough love between themselves, can they?!

Senator Stevens endorsed Sarah Palin for her run for Governor!

In fact; Sarah Palin, while in St Paul, listed her position as “director” of Ted Stevens’ personal 527 PAC:

Palin’s name is listed on 2003 incorporation papers of the “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.,” a 527 group that could raise unlimited funds from corporate donors. The group was designed to serve as a political boot camp for Republican women in the state. She served as one of three directors until June 2005, when her name was replaced on state filings.

What were are all of those accusations against Barack Obama’s “associations” about again?! I forgot… Hrmmm..

While I’m typing, CNN has Sarah Palin’s public statement on the subject where she finished by saying she “Hoped Senator Stevens would do the right thing for the people of Alaska.” You mean like “Resign”?!?!

John McCain’s letter of advice to Ted Stevens

This week Senator Ted Stevens was indicted for accepting gifts from oil companies. It turns out John McCain gave him some advice on how to fight the charges. That correspondence has been leaked to the press.

It looks pretty legit to me!!

Secret Young Republicans training compound located!!

First photos are emerging from behind the enemy lines, where their nefarious indoctrination techniques corrupt the innocent minds of America’s youth and prepare them for a life committed to espousing Republican ideology that runs counter to their own self interests!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Democratic operatives that have risked their lives to bring us this first haunting photo:

Elephant Slide

Here we can obviously see a seemingly innocent piece of playground equipment that has been twisted by the right-wing propaganda masters into some sort of sick political metaphor…

Undercover operatives for the Democratic Party have told us that Republican parents force their unwilling children up the molded plastic stairs into the GOP’s “Indoctrination Machine.” These children remain inside for up to 48 hours until they are fully processed. The children, once they are completely transformed into a smelly mass of waste material, will eventually tumble down the chute behind the Indoctrination Machine fully prepared to carry-on the Neocon Agenda.

Said one Republican mother after her child was expelled from the Indoctrination Machine: “Oh, he’s still the little stinker he always was….” where she snickered and waddled away.FruitFly

UNICEF, Save the Children and Sally Struthers have begun nationwide media campaigns to save these poor little children before they’ve become indoctrinated into the little GOP shit’s that’s expected of each and every one of them. So please: If you can give anything, please give to Sally Struther’s Christian Children’s Fund. Because Jesus, and only Jesus could love these little Turds.

I found it on Bartcop Nation… So it must be true!

Another GOP Rat to Jump Ship

Rats sinking ShipKos has picked up a very short story from Louisville’s Courier- Journal that that Congressman Ron Lewis (KY-2nd CD) is stepping down. Lewis was another Republican that was swept into office during the GOP Hey Day’s of the ’90’s.

U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis, the Republican who was the first wave of the 1990s Republican Revolution, has withdrawn from his reelection campaign.

His chief of staff Dan London and State Sen. Brett Guthrie, of Bowling Green, have filed to replace him.

Guthrie said he heard rumors over the weekend that Lewis would pull out and prepared his filing papers just in case.

London, through a spokesman, said he would have a statement later.

More to come.

Wiki lists all of the Republicans in the US House of Representatives who are ditching ship due to Jack Abramoff scandals, taking bribes or simply realizing that screwing the American public wasn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be. Twenty-Eight of them so far, and I’m expecting more in the next two or three months. (If they wait too long, they won’t leave enough time for their fellow mooks to get a campaign together.)

In the US Senate, the GOP has 22 chairs to defend, which is just shy of 25% while the Dems have only 12. Of the GOP’s defense, five Republicans are retiring with a sixth chair (Roger Wicker R-MS) hotly disputed. (That chair was vacated by Trent Lott (R-MS) who ditched the Senate so he could be a scum-sucking lobbyist last month.) The seventh chair, “the wild-card” is Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) who is expected to either resign or be carted off to jail for taking bribes.Yin Yang

Stevens departure would make the perfect Yin for 25% in the US Senate to resign and the Yang for 25% with Lewis in the House.

FruitFlyA crappy war in Iraq, another crappy war in Afghanistan, a housing market crises, a broken Department of Justice, a crappy economy and a President of the United States who has the diction of a third grader… <sigh> It’s going to be a banner 2008 election for the Dems.