The Big Big Blog: “The Gavel Blog”

The Fruit FlyNancy Pilosi, Speaker of the House had created her own blog called “The Gavel Blog” which she’s being quick to update and report. Today, her blogged pointed out the fantasy that the Republicans keep up their mantra that the Democrats don’t support our troops. Of course it’s a rediculous and pathetic accusation, but does Nancy take it laying down?

Republicans have accused Democrats of not supporting the troops. But two recent Pentagon reports demonstrate that our troops are currently paying the price for the Administration’s failure to provide them with proper equipment…

According to recent news reports, the Army lacks thousands of advanced armor kits for Humvees that could protect against roadside bombs, the cause of 70% of American casualties in Iraq. In addition, we understand that existing shortages of trucks and other crucial equipment such as jamming devices, radios and other gear will only be exacerbated by the troop surge. Lodging and logistical support is also reportedly in short supply for the newly deployed forces. We hope these reports are wrong, but we suspect they are not.

Good job! By noting that it’s the Bush Adminstration who insists on taking our children and throwing them into his Oil War without proper equipment, doesn’t that show how the Republicans are the ones who don’t support our troops?

Pilosi’s brilliant idea for getting the word out wasn’t in the air without taking one hit from a couple of Republican idiots who tried to accuse the Speaker of the House for copyrite infringement by a far right-wing group called “Republican Study Group”. Of course, they forgot to study their whining before going public about their whining.

Speaker Pelosi’s New Blog Violates C-SPAN Copyright/Trademark of House Proceedings
Will the Speaker bring the gavel down on “the Gavel Blog?”

As you may have heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a new blog entitled “The Gavel.” Though we applaud the Speaker’s effort to adapt to new technology, the blog violated copyright and trademark law on the very first day.

Not once, not twice, but 16 times?

As of noon today, the Speaker had posted at least 16 videos that are copyrighted
C-SPAN material from the House floor. The RSC spoke with C-SPAN today, who confirmed that these videos violate C-SPAN copyright and trademark of the House proceedings.

Using C-Span for partisan purposes?

In addition to using pirated material, Speaker Pelosi also has used the pirated C-SPAN footage for partisan purposes. The collection of C-SPAN footage used in her “first official blog” is an example and the other pirated C-SPAN trademarked material shows Democrat after Democrat offering their views of the non-binding Democrat resolution on theProwar Moran reinforcement and realignment of American troops in Iraq.

Did anybody ever explain to these people that, what’s considered “public domain” can not be copyrighted? House Speaker Pilosi links to YouTube – so how is it that YouTube isn’t copywrighting C-SPAN but Speaker Pilosi is?

In their defense, they retracted their statement allegedly after people began singing Smashmouth’s song “All Star” and doing the “Looser” sign on their forhead.

LoooserThe Republicans attacked Speaker Pilosi inaccuratly about her airplane request requirement and looked like complete fools when the dust had finally settled. Then they come up with this piece of tripe.

So what’s the final score? Pilosi = 0 Republican “Morans” = 2 It looks like the “Morans” are Looooosing!!!