Christian Family Values Kills Baby w/Baseball Bat

Yeah-  Gay folks shouldn’t adopt or parent a child, because Christianity is so much better.

Swinging bat kills baby at prayer service in Wheaton, Minn

It started with a dispute over a washer and dryer.

It ended with the death of a 14-month-old girl, hit in the head with a baseball bat during a prayer service.

The two men arrested in the Thursday night attack, as well as the dead girl’s family, were members of Thy Kingdom Come Church in Wheaton, in western Minnesota, site of the attack, the church’s pastor said.

Pastor Danny Barnes said he had given the washer and dryer to the girl’s father, Claude Hankins, but one of the men had felt the appliances should go to him.

Barnes was out of town at his son’s cross country meet when he got a phone call about the dispute, which he said took place between Hankins and one of the men at a thrift store between 4:30 and 5 p.m.

That’s right!  They killed the baby over a washer and dryer!  How honorable and proud these Christians must be.  I wonder how many anti-abortion radicals will be walking into church services at the Thy Kingdom Come church and assasinating these two men?  They’re so “pro-life”, aren’t they?!

Read the whole (disgusting) story here.